Tuesday, 2015-03-03

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gchaixbagl: I think warthog9 is currently on a plane02:08
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ka6soxgchaix, actually I think you can answer his questions too02:29
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Phibsare there any benchmarks up for the max ?07:02
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baglgchaix: Can you guide towards working on http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:GSoC2015 : Clean up / Fix EDK2 (Tianocore) GCC firmware build system ?07:57
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baglgchaix: warthog9 : waiting for u to get back online... :)11:54
metastableBHI :) Can I know if a  MinnowBoard MAX can be shipped to asia ? India in particular ?11:56
metastableBMouser Electronics does have an office at Bangalore . Can anyone please confirm the feasibility of a shipment ?11:58
dememorizedmetastableB: I think Tigal ships worldwide?12:01
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metastableBdememorized: Thanks :)12:02
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RzRwarthog9: hi15:30
RzRhttps://twitter.com/tomasz/status/572756769308581888/photo/1 I see minnowboard max15:31
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sambuddhabasu1hello everyone17:29
sambuddhabasu1i want to contribute, where to get started?17:29
edunhamsambuddhabasu1: for Google Summer of Code, or independently? and welcome :)17:30
bcransambuddhabasu1: what are you interested in - hardware, software, firmware or all?17:30
sambuddhabasu1edunham: for GSoC17:30
sambuddhabasu1bcran: I am interested mainly in software17:31
edunhamsambuddhabasu1: have you checked out the ideas on http://www.elinux.org/Minnowboard:GSoC2015 yet?17:32
sambuddhabasu1edunham: looking at it thanks :)17:33
sambuddhabasu1edunham: so to understand the projects properly, I would first want to know how minnowboard actually works, can you help me out with it?17:42
metastableBHello :) I was going through the Ideas page and these projects interested me a lot17:42
metastableBCreate WITCH on a Board17:42
metastableBImprove U-Boot EFI Support17:42
metastableBI would really like to work on the WITCH implementation on minnowboard17:43
metastableBBut I'm having trouble getting the right resources for the start .17:43
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edunhamsambuddhabasu1: I haven't actually done much Minnowboard development; I just hang out in here because it's a cool project. but you could help the project out by looking at the resources in http://www.minnowboard.org/getting-started/ and filing bugs if there's information that they miss :)17:44
metastableBIf its possible , can someone tell me what exactly is aimed by the project . Some simillar example like the eniac on a chip is welcome17:44
prpplaguemetastableB: all the base information for the WITCH project is at witch-e.org17:45
metastableBthanks prpplague :)17:45
prpplaguemetastableB: i'll be mentoring on that one should we accept it17:46
prpplaguemetastableB: feel free to ask questions here or in #retro-computing17:46
metastableBI dont own a minnowboard now . Will that be a factor ? All my preparations will be based on research and the precious projects I have done17:47
metastableBthank you . I sure will :) This is something that excites me a lot and i'm going to give it my all to make sure its a good proposal!17:47
prpplaguemetastableB: no, all participants will receive all required hardware17:48
metastableBprpplague: Thank you :)17:48
prpplaguemetastableB: in and out today, but ping me with questions17:49
metastableBI surely will . I am just trying to get a basic understanding of the aims of the project. What I gether as of now is that we want to implement an interface which will be used in teaching different aspects of architectural design with WITCH in the picture ?17:50
metastableBTeaching isnt the correct word , but I hope I was clear in what I wanted to say17:51
prpplaguemetastableB: yes that is correct17:51
prpplaguemetastableB: we already have a web based emulator that works, however the way it is implemented does not use the correct "math" methods17:52
prpplaguemetastableB: creating a more realistic implementation will pave the way to creating a physical replica using newer technology such as the 7400 stuff17:52
metastableBalmost simillar to how MIPS instrution set and SPIM interface is often used to teach and understand architectural aspects of a normal PC model17:52
baglgchaix: warthog9 : r u there ?17:54
metastableBprpplague: I haven't gone through the web interface yet. I apologize . I'll try to get a better understand of the current system and how we can improve.17:54
prpplaguemetastableB: no worries17:54
metastableBprpplague: Thanks for your cooperation :)17:54
prpplaguemetastableB: hehe i've been reverse engineering the WITCH for almost 5 years now, i dont expect you to come up to speed over night, hehe17:54
* prpplague wanders off for a conference call17:55
metastableBNeither do I  :D But I have some backgroud here so I might catch up soon ;)17:55
prpplaguebagl: warthog9 just got back from a couple days of holiday time, so i suspect he'll be swamped with meetings and emails for the day17:55
edunhambagl: if you have a question that someone else in the channel might be able to help you with, go ahead and ask :)17:57
baglprpplague: oh... i have been waiting for him to get online ...looks lyk another 24 hours i ll have to wait for him to get back to irc :p17:58
bagledunham: I was interested in working on http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:GSoC2015 : Clean up / Fix EDK2 (Tianocore) GCC firmware build system ?17:58
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bagli have prior experience with bash make files and build systems.....i needed some help for getting started with it...if someone could help me with that... :)17:59
edunhambagl: that's cool; if you have questions about getting started, others in the channel can probably help18:00
bagli was asked to wait for warthog9 or gchaix ... if anyone else can also help me it would be great :)18:01
edunhambagl: what help do you need right now?18:02
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bagli wanted to start contributing to minnow via this project and extend it for gsoc too ... it involves rewriting the build procedure to a cleaner bash scripts or a set of makes ... I dont know but how do i get started for he files or set the dev environment for the same.. :)18:06
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edunhambagl: I'd recommend getting familiar with the resources at http://www.minnowboard.org/getting-started/ first18:08
edunhambagl: if you find anything that's confusing in the guides and needs to be explained better, let the mailing list know (http://lists.elinux.org/mailman/listinfo/elinux-minnowboard)18:08
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bagledunham: t18:09
bagledunham: Thanks i ll dig into it :)18:09
*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! http://www.minnowboard.org | wiki http://www.elinux.org/MinnowBoard | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | GSoC: ACCEPTED! - have ideas, get them on the ideas page on the wiki"18:20
warthog9bagl: if you want to chat about syncdiff lets jump over to #syncdiff so we don't clutter the channel here18:21
warthog9bagl: assuming you want to talk about syncdiff (now that I'm back reading)18:22
baglwarthog9: i am still going through the minnow board docs so i am not familiar with syncdiff now....I was aiming for buils system Clean up right now and how to get hands on for the same... :)18:30
RzRwarthog9: hi did you see my post ?18:32
RzRhttps://twitter.com/tomasz/status/572756769308581888/photo/1 I see minnowboard max18:32
RzRI am not there18:32
RzRbut I'll have more details on this demo if you want18:32
warthog9bagl: cool, you'll want to dig into minnowboard in the general sense, and then probably snag a copy of Tianocore EDK2 and try building from there18:37
warthog9RzR: ok that's cool18:37
* warthog9 will have to get that up on G+18:37
RzRi dont use g+18:39
RzRshould I ?18:39
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warthog9RzR: up to you, I can always link to it from G+ without too much issue18:41
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baglwarthog9: Ok i ll look into Tianocode too den :) Thanks18:42
RzRit seems this is the place to be ...18:43
RzRbut something makes me think I should be out of it18:43
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tripzerohmm.. doesn't look like it's possible to use the jetsam lure AND the flotsam lure at the same time21:40
tripzeroprpplague: we need an edison lure!21:41
tripzeroor maybe a Galileo lure21:41
prpplaguetripzero: there will be a combined mPCIe+mSATA lure available21:41
smurrayprpplague: will the form-factor of that be the same as the prototype? (seem to recall it was larger than the mmax dimensions)21:43
prpplaguesmurray: several different ones are in development21:44
prpplaguesmurray: the last i heard was it would be the same size as the max21:45
tripzeroprpplague: need to start on the STN1170 OBD+CAN lure21:46
smurrayprpplague: cool, thanks21:46
prpplaguetripzero: yea21:46
prpplaguetripzero: we have it on the list21:46
tripzeroi might try to take a stab at the circuit schematic21:47
tripzeromake it into a lure AND a edison block21:47
tripzerobut I'm sure I'll need lots of help21:48
warthog9tripzero: I'm curious what the appeal of bolting an edison off the side of a minnow is21:51
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tripzerowarthog9: well... it sounds cool.  But there might be something to be able to offload tasks to a quark CPU and then put the minnow to sleep.22:04
warthog9I.E. treat the quark as a microcontroller22:05
warthog9there's some advantages there22:05
tripzeroi'm just thinking out loud.  I'm not sure I have a personal use-case for such a thing22:05
tripzerothe quark could run a very small RTOS22:06
tripzeromaybe even have access to all the IO on the Low speed expansion22:06
programmerqinteresting. I had a serial ttl adapter, and couldn't get any keyboard input in22:06
programmerqthought maybe the adapter was junk22:06
programmerqso I bought another one, same problem on my minnowmax.22:07
warthog9programmerq: you are getting output?22:07
programmerqthe efi shell and stuff, the grub output22:08
programmerqmy debian install doesn't seem to be able to send anything that my minicom can see on the other end.22:08
warthog9which adapter do you have?22:09
programmerqanother cheap one, unfortunately: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OT7LE8M/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=122:10
programmerqI destroyed the other one trying to get it to work.22:10
programmerqgot a little too carried away, and shorted some pins on its IC22:11
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programmerqI only have three pins connected at the moment: "RXI" on the adapter is connected to pin 5. "TXO" on the adapter is connected to pin 4, and "GND BLK" is connected to 122:12
programmerqtrying to follow: http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax#4-Wire_Serial_Console22:12
programmerqit is entirely possible that I am using minicom improperly22:14
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warthog9programmerq: only thing I can think of is that TX isn't in the right spot :-/22:30
programmerqI'll try the adapter with another board I have.22:36
warthog9something just seems off22:40
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