Wednesday, 2015-03-04

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tushraj_Hello Everyone, I want to contribute minnowboard through GSOC, i have an interest in Cleaning up the GCC firmware buid system. Can you give me some more detail about this?06:06
trip0hi tushraj_06:08
trip0warthog9, might be able to tell you more.  But he might be sleeping right now :P06:08
warthog9I could be on fire too06:09
warthog9but I'm awake and vaguely coherent06:09
trip0warthog9, do you recall what license the max board schematics and circuit stuff is?06:10
warthog9tushraj_: it's pretty straight forward, the build scripts are written in bash, and they need to be cleaned up06:10
warthog9trip0: cc-by-sa 3.006:10
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tushraj_thanks warthog9,  It says that it have number of issues, so can you direct me to the link of the issues/bugs ?06:22
warthog9I don't have an explicit list06:22
warthog9mostly user experience06:22
warthog9well start with the fact that the script is sourced into the current shell instead of launching inside itself06:23
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MinnowBoardGSoC8I am a first yearite i want to contribute to this project13:34
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bcranseems some edk2 maintainers aren't happy with the MNW2 build process either :/ "PS This project is a big mess. They should have just checked in a branch of the edk2 that had all their stuff and pointed you at a single pull. All the other Packages in the TOT of the edk2 have to compile with the TOT, some how this one is special? it is only going to get worse if every package maintainer starts making up b14:03
bcranizarre rules to match their internal closed source project  process (branch early, branch often, never merge with TOT, when possible distribute ZIP files of code, don’t use internal what you ship to customers) and try to call it open source.14:03
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KISHANhello sir15:33
KISHANi am a first yearite willing to contribute15:33
KISHANi have a quite good grip over c15:34
KISHANcan you please guide me15:34
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programmerqso, if I connect the txd and rxd pins on the serial connection together, I should be able to open minicom with local echo off, and get back what I type, right?15:57
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tbrprogrammerq: yes17:19
programmerqk. that's what I thought.17:20
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programmerqah, I had flow control set to on in minicom17:32
programmerqif it's off it works.17:32
* programmerq thought he had it off before.17:32
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ahollerjust screen avoids having to fiddle with terminal-settings18:21
ahollerscreen /dev/ttyS0 115200 # ctrl-a shift-k to quit18:21
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warthog9dkeav: morning19:20
dkeavhow goes it19:20
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warthog9it goes19:20
warthog9staring at the like 6 things that need doing19:21
warthog9and debating lunch19:21
dkeavthat settles it, move lunch to number 1 and be productive and sated19:24
warthog9this does seem like the correct choice19:24
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Faustus_PhDHi! Sorry for disturbing the IRC. I have a few questions regarding the WITCH project for GSoC. 1. How detailed should the simulation be? Should the software simulate it down to flip-flops/registers, using a software oscilator (eg. loop, counter...), or to the level of transistors, including the pulse generator unit? 2. What OS should it be written for? (Debian?) 3.Does the project include23:39
Faustus_PhDbuilding a GUI for the simulator (so the user can go through the program clock by clock and examine the values of FFs and buses), or the I/O is supposed to be only rudimentary?23:39
warthog9Faustus_PhD: those are questions for prpplague23:57

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