Thursday, 2015-03-05

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Adrian_LeverkuhnThanks, warthog. I don't want to be rude and PM him without permission. I have posted my question on the mailing list. Ih ope he will see it. Thanks again.00:21
warthog9he's probably got his head in something right now, I'm sure he'll respond tonight00:21
warthog9he's pretty excited about the with-e stuff :-)00:21
warthog9Adrian_Leverkuhn: heads up you posted to the list without signing up, so I signed you up00:39
warthog9(under the assumption you'd like to see any responses to your post ;-) )00:39
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Adrian_LeverkuhnThanks again warthog :)00:49
warthog9I try00:49
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* warthog9 looks suspicious01:09
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warthog9I think I'm cought up on e-mail01:09
yuanbinHi!I would like to attend GSoC2015 as a student for organization of minnowboard.I am insterested in the project of U-Boot EFI Support!How can I start?Any emulator can run Linux for minnowboard?01:15
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warthog9yuanbin: there is not an explicit emulator for the MAX, however your best place to start would be getting an emulator up and booting using u-boot, and you may want to chat with the mentor directly01:30
* prpplague returns from working on anything desktop01:31
yuanbinOk!I am now using qemu+uboot to run Linux for arm platform!Later I will try to use it for X86 platform01:33
warthog9yuanbin: that's a good place to start01:33
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programmerqI finally have my serial converter working on the minnowmax in the grub menu at least. I can't seem to get my debian install to do anything with the serial port though.04:11
programmerqI started some agettys on ttyS0-4, but I never get any output04:12
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warthog9programmerq: that's odd as it tends to just work for me on Fedora04:55
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programmerqI'll have to try some other distros. I got some faster microsd cards, so I have more media I can swap around now too.05:08
Bryansteinprogrammerq, just debootstrap Debian to the disk perhaps05:28
programmerqBryanstein: I already have a debian install05:30
Bryansteinprogrammerq, oh sorry I misread what you were saying05:30
programmerqah, no worries.05:30
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Inge-Good morning06:24
Inge-has anyone done any ethernet throughput tests on the minnowboard MAX?06:24
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Inge-found it.
Inge-so the built-in ethernet is on an PCIe bus, not on a usb2 bus at least :)06:27
dkeavwait what is the eth chipset again06:29
Inge-no idea. but people are claiming 900+ mbps using iperf06:31
Inge-and someone claims 820mbps with a usb3 ethernet card as well06:32
Inge-I need to replace an rPi router now that my internet connection is too much for it to handle06:32
dkeavwhat are you using for software?06:34
dkeavcause for the money...might i suggest a ubiquiti er-lite 306:35
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Inge-dkeav: cool. I am currently running raspbian on an rPi, using vlans, running dhcp, haproxy, tiny web servers and running redundant with a "spare" rPi that takes over the ip and routing if the primary one goes down.07:22
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mohab1220hi guys12:09
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MinnowBoardGSoC3I am an aspirant of GSoC 2015 and would like to contribute to this project on Improve U-Boot EFI Support...Please help me to get started....13:15
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bcrandkeav: you're right - it's a 1Gb RealTek chip on the MNWMAX13:47
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*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | GSoC: ACCEPTED! - have ideas, get them on the ideas page on the wiki -"19:29
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MinnowBoardGSoC3Hi! everyone21:51
MinnowBoardGSoC3I am a student want to participate in GSOC-2015 under minnowBoard . Can anyone guide me ?21:52
gchaixMinnowBoardGSoC3: a suggestion - use your usual online handle instead of an anonymous nick with our project name.21:52
MinnowBoardGSoC3Okay !21:53
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gchaixAs for your interest in the project, your best bet for U-Boot is to talk to sjg, as Simon is the mentor for that project21:56
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warthog9welcome back aman_singh21:56
Aman_singhthanks :)21:57
Aman_singhI went through the ideas page21:57
* gchaix disappears into a meeting ... back soon21:58
Aman_singhand found project for extending wiring/processing libraries suitable for me21:59
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Aman_singhI satisfies all the requirements and would like to work on it . right now getting familiar with minnowboard frimware22:03
Aman_singhany suggestions ?22:03
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Inge-I'd love to get a Minnowboard max -but 12-20 weeks delivery ...22:21
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rZrInge-, maybe you could find faster delivery in grey market  ;)22:33
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smurrayInge-: there seem to be 5 in stock at atm22:47
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rZrsmurray, i would not trust them22:55
warthog9is mouser down to 5?23:07
Inge-I am in Europe.23:07
smurrayrZr: I've not had issues with mouser for the few things I've ordered from them, but I've only ordered from them a handful of times23:09
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rZrI am not telling they're crooks, but I suspect that the online stocks report might not be as accurate as we could think23:12
rZrsome online shops are "faking" this to put pressure on buyers ...23:13
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programmerqI have an i2c device that I can't get detected with i2cdetect on the minnowmax.23:47
programmerqthe device works on 3.3v. I have it connected on the low-speed headers to pin 2 for gnd and 4 for +3.3v. scl is on pin 13 and sda is on pin 15.23:48
programmerqi2cdetect -y [0-8] doesn't show anything different with the device plugged vs not.23:49
programmerqwhat should I do to troubleshoot?23:49
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programmerqthough, with i2cdetect -y 0 and i2cdetect -y 1, I get "Error: Can't use SMBus Quick Write command on this bus"23:49
programmerqbut the other 7 give output.23:49
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