Sunday, 2015-03-08

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emebTried again with a fresh copy of 14.04, this time using an hdmi display & kbd instead of the serial console. Seemed to work OK this time.02:02
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ka6soxemeb, upgrade the kernel if its 3.1302:50
ka6soxto at least 3.1402:51
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emeblooks like ubuntu 14.04 is putting in kernel 3.1602:59
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calculuslooking at my max board I see Kingston memory chips, but the schematic lists micron parts06:19
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warthog9calculus: should be micron06:19
warthog9could be a compatible part substitution06:19
calculuskingston d2516ec48xgg806:26
tbrwarthog9: kingston on mine too, and that's a fairly early board (but with green sticker) that I got during ELCE/yocto06:27
DonkeyHotei[Fri 2015-03-06 07:55:39 PM PST]  <DonkeyHotei> i'd expect openwrt would work out of the box for that06:37
DonkeyHotei[Fri 2015-03-06 07:56:52 PM PST]  * tushraj (7ab18a3f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #minnowboard06:37
DonkeyHotei[Fri 2015-03-06 07:57:06 PM PST]  <warthog9> DonkeyHotei: I'm not saying the support would be hard :-)06:37
DonkeyHotei[Fri 2015-03-06 07:57:22 PM PST]  <warthog9> I think from my perspective I'd just love to see it as a primary target06:37
DonkeyHotei[Fri 2015-03-06 07:58:23 PM PST]  <DonkeyHotei> what exactly would make it different from say, alix or soekris?06:37
warthog9tbr: could just be a parts substitution, I can check with the manufacturer though06:45
warthog9tbr, calculus: prpplague might know too06:45
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warthog9DonkeyHotei: don't know, I haven't looked at their stuff in a VERY long time06:45
DonkeyHoteithen what did you even mean by primary target?06:46
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warthog9DonkeyHotei: in my head, just being able to download an image and run easily, ala what you'd expect from something like an wndr3[78]0006:48
warthog9(or whatever is the current favorite in the community, I personally gave up and have since migrated to unifi gear myself)06:48
DonkeyHoteii think you actually can already06:48
DonkeyHoteiwndr3800 is still easiest i think06:49
DonkeyHoteibut there are x86 images06:50
DonkeyHoteitry one06:50
warthog9I'll give it a shot this week06:51
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dkeavHEY HEY07:29
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AshutoshDasprpplague: Hey.16:13
prpplagueAshutoshDas: hey16:50
AshutoshDasprpplague: I made a small list of things which we have to change.16:51
prpplagueAshutoshDas: so... start a wiki page on elinux.org16:52
prpplagueAshutoshDas: create the list there and add info for each item as to why it needs to be changed and what will be gained from the change16:53
AshutoshDasprpplague: Okay.16:54
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AmanHello ,17:04
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prpplagueAman_singh: greetings17:05
prpplagueAman_singh: just reading over your email post17:06
Aman_singhthanks a lot , I need suggestions17:06
prpplagueAman_singh: are you familiar with arduino programming environment?17:09
Aman_singhyes , I am17:09
prpplagueAman_singh: ok, so what most people know as the arduino programming envirnment is actually the wiring and process environment17:10
prpplagueAman_singh: the 2013 beagle GSoC had a project to port this environment as a library under linux17:11
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prpplagueAman_singh: the intel galileo used that as a basis for their custom wiring/process17:11
prpplagueAman_singh: what we want to do is build on what is working for the galileo, and port it to work properly for the minnowboard max17:12
prpplagueAman_singh: in addition, there are many aspects of the code that has performance issues17:12
prpplagueAman_singh: these need to be identified and examined to see what can be optomized17:12
ka6soxwhat setting in the kernel config needs to be tweaked to get a Ubuntu Kernel to use i2c?17:12
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givemefive912ka6sox: have you seen this
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Aman_singhokay , I am getting your point . I will try my best in code for performance , i was going through available libraries and avr wiring framework17:14
ka6soxgivemefive912, is that somehow linked to the Distro Page?17:15
prpplagueAman_singh: download the galileo ide17:15
prpplagueAman_singh: start having a look at that17:15
givemefive912ka6sox: no it's linked to the minnow kernel page17:15
prpplagueAman_singh: since that is where the project will start from17:15
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ka6soxgivemefive912, okay let me see how I can get this linked to the Distro Page so folks understand they need to rebuild the kernel (at least for Ubuntu)17:20
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ka6soxgivemefive912, thanks for the pointer18:22
ka6soxadded something to the distro page18:22
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Inge-can the minnowboard run a hypervisor and a vm?20:58
dememorizedInge-: Yes, Minnowboard Max has support for VT-x21:04
dememorizedInge-: (however, it doesn't have that much memory, so you won't run many VMs on it)21:16
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warthog9dememorized: just buy lots of fast disk and swap a lot ;-)23:16
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