Monday, 2015-03-09

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emeb_macok - so having an embedded machine that can compile its own kernel in reasonable time is so like the future03:54
warthog9emeb_mac: WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!03:59
warthog9we have tea03:59
emeb_macTea! Why was I not informed of this earlier?04:00
warthog9emeb_mac: it was assumed that everyone knew about the tea04:00
* warthog9 is probably going to steep up some ontario ice wine tea in a little bit04:00
emeb_macsounds... interesting04:01
warthog9it's fantastic stuff04:02
warthog9a friend of mine and I have been known to clean the NM Tea Company out completely04:02
emeb_macso that's a tea that tastes like icewine?04:05
emeb_macbut doesn't actually have any ice or wine04:05
warthog9I'll admit I wouldn't know what icwine exactly tastes like04:06
warthog9but this is a flowery white tea04:06
warthog9little bit of a berry taste04:06
warthog9but it's a tea you can steep for a very long time and it still tastes pleasant04:07
emeb_macAh - in Albuquerque.04:08
emeb_macabout a 7hr drive from here04:09
warthog9yeah, I've taken to picking up 16-32oz of the ice wine tea, and as much green chiles as I can move04:09
warthog9emeb_mac: you in Denver?04:09
emeb_macwarthog9: Phoenix area04:09
warthog9yeah I'll be down in ABQ for their maker faire end of August04:10
warthog9and I think prpplague said he wanted to go too04:10
emeb_macusually visit Albuquerque about once/year04:10
emeb_machad a customer there last year so was going more often then.04:10
* warthog9 nods04:10
warthog9it's a lovely place, lived there for nearly 2 years04:11
emeb_macOh - nice.04:11
emeb_macUnfortunate that Breaking Bad made it seem so... seamy.04:11
warthog9well it has it's issues04:11
warthog9not nearly Breaking Bad levels04:11
emeb_maceverywhere does04:12
emeb_macso - building a kernel on Ubuntu 14.04 according to the wiki instructions04:14
warthog9ohhh my04:15
warthog9that page needs some serious help04:15
emeb_maconce it's done I need to figure out how to make Ubuntu use a custom kernel.04:15
emeb_macwhat's wrong with that?04:15
warthog9the big thing is the discussion / reasoning behind `make defconfig` vs. snagging your distro's existing kernel04:16
emeb_macI'm building from a download of 3.18.9 now04:17
emeb_macperhaps that's not wise?04:17
warthog9should work04:17
ka6soxyou could attempt to see if the 3.18 fragment will cleanly work in a 3.16 from Ubuntu04:17
warthog9I'd suggest instead of the `make defconfig`, assuming you want to keep it mostly Ubuntu, is snag the config file from your distro and copy that to .config then doing the merge04:17
warthog9you can usually find the config files for your distro in /boot/04:17
emeb_macmake oldconfig?04:17
warthog9on fedora for instance:04:18
warthog9[root@voot-cruiser tmp]# uname -r04:18
warthog9[root@voot-cruiser tmp]# ls /boot/config-3.18.7-100.fc20.x86_6404:18
warthog9[root@voot-cruiser tmp]#04:18
warthog9 /boot/config-3.18.7-100.fc20.x86_6404:18
emeb_macright - the config is in /boot for ubuntu too04:18
warthog9should be in there but obviously a line starting with / doesn't paste well ;-)04:18
emeb_maclooks like it's done compiling04:19
warthog9compile it on the MAX or compiling externally and copying over?04:19
emeb_maccompiled on the mmax04:19
emeb_mactook only 20min or so. not bad04:20
emeb_macnow need to figure out how to install04:20
warthog9make install04:20
warthog9and there's a make modinstall04:21
emeb_macsudo make install?04:21
warthog9make install04:21
warthog9make modules_install04:21
ka6soxwarthog9, does this build the external SPIDEV module?04:22
warthog9that should set everything up like grub04:22
warthog9ka6sox: spidev itself, or the board file?04:22
emeb_macseems to have done something.04:23
warthog9surprisingly no to the first04:23
emeb_macguess I should reboot and see what happens04:23
warthog9and no to the second since it's a board file and not in mainline04:23
* warthog9 will need to update that code snippet04:23
warthog9err s/code/config/04:24
emeb_macok - that worked04:28
emeb_macrunning 3.18.9 on my mmax now04:28
emeb_macso what's needed to get the spi and i2c stuff working?04:29
ka6soxI know there is a board file and some fragment04:32
warthog9you might need to add spidev to your kernel (obviously that will compile a lot faster now that you've got a compiled kernel)04:36
ka6soxdoes that compile as a module (the master?)04:37
warthog9spidev doesn't04:38
warthog9spidev is part of mainline04:38
emeb_macright - spidev isn't in there now04:39
warthog9the spidev you pointed to just gets you the board file that tells the kernel how to configure it04:39
emeb_macso just get in the top of the new kernel source and run make menuconfig, then navigate to enable spideve, save and rebuild.04:40
emeb_macthen make install and make modules_install as before.04:40
warthog9emeb_mac: up :-)04:42
warthog9emeb_mac: yup04:42
warthog9emeb_mac: should take like 5 minutes04:42
warthog9since you've got the tree mostly built04:42
ka6soxokay so that needs to be added to the kernel page?04:44
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warthog9ka6sox: yeah04:50
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emeb_macso did that as described, but still no spidev showing up in /dev04:52
emeb_macanything else I'm missing?04:52
emeb_mac(build time was < 1min)04:52
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warthog9emeb_mac: do you have i2cdev?04:54
emeb_macwarthog9: nope - not that either04:54
warthog9probably worth adding04:55
emeb_macok - lots of i2c buses showing up05:03
emeb_macno spidev tho05:03
ka6soxwarthog9, ^^05:04
* emeb_mac has not discovered the bus05:05
ka6soxthe Undiscovered Bus05:06
emeb_macinstalled i2c-tools05:09
emeb_maci2cdetect ran on bus 0 - didn't see anything05:09
emeb_macbut it ran, so that's a start05:09
emeb_macso I grabbed the low-speed spidev stuff and built05:13
emeb_macneed to try installing that05:13
emeb_macinsmod works but doesn't seem to make any difference in what shows up in /dev05:15
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ka6soxokay so i2c is working but not SPIDEV05:25
warthog9emeb_mac: did you compile the spidev board file pointed to earlier?05:33
emeb_macwarthog9: the low-speed spidev project on github?05:33
emeb_macyes - cloned it, got in the directory, ran make and then did an insmod on the .ko file it built05:34
warthog9emeb_mac: did you load load spidev before you loaded that?05:34
emeb_macwarthog9: no05:35
emeb_macbuild spidev not as a module05:35
warthog9you built it directly into the kernel?05:35
emeb_macyes - should it be <M> not <*>05:35
warthog9I have no idea if it being built in works or not05:35
warthog9we only tested it as a module05:35
warthog9I would suspect it needs to be a module05:35
emeb_macwarthog9: ok - I'll try that05:36
programmerqemeb_mac: wait, i2cdetect -y 0 is working for you? I get 'Error: Can't use SMBus Quick Write command on this bus' when I run that (debian though)05:36
emeb_macprogrammerq: i did sudo i2cdetect -q 005:37
emeb_macnot -y 005:37
programmerqyeah, I get the same error.05:38
emeb_machuh. well, worked here05:38
programmerqI read the man page for i2cdetect. there is -q and -r05:41
programmerqmine worked with -r05:41
* programmerq shrugs05:41
emeb_macwarthog9: rebuilt kernel w/ spidev as module05:44
emeb_macrebooted, did insmod lowspeed-spidev.ko05:45
emeb_macthen modprobe spidev05:45
emeb_macnow I see a spidev0.0 in /dev05:45
emeb_macbut lsmod suggests no connection between the two05:46
emeb_macdid I get the order right?05:46
warthog9lsmod doesn't exactly show the connection05:47
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warthog9because the boardfile doesn't actually open anything05:47
warthog9so there's no reference count05:47
warthog9all the board file does is define how / where the spi master is05:48
emeb_macwell, I guess the next thing to do is hang a scope on the pins and see if anything happens05:48
warthog9so that it can create the dev entries :-)05:48
emeb_mactest out the i2c too.05:49
emeb_macwarthog9: any idea what it takes to get the i2s port going?05:50
warthog9emeb_mac: haven't tried mainly because I haven't had a codec to chain off of it05:52
emeb_macwarthog9: I've got some of these sitting around:
emeb_maccould send you one to LICHEN onto the mmax if you think it would help05:54
warthog9that's cute05:55
warthog9I'll get back to you on that05:55
warthog9I'm supposed to be chatting with someone this week about audio codec stuff05:55
ka6soxokay so I learned 2 things here05:56
ka6sox1) the SPIDEV master needs to be a module05:56
ka6sox2) building the external module does work.05:57
emeb_macseems to05:57
ka6soxokay I'll add those things to the list05:57
emeb_macwarthog9: I'd be happy to participate in any i2s stuff you might want to try05:57
warthog9emeb_mac: :-)05:58
emeb_macI just remember what a nightmare it was trying to understand the alsa SoC stuff on beagle05:58
emeb_macso many layers of stuff stacked on top of each other, and I'm so clueless about kernel stuff.05:59
warthog9emeb_mac: it's ok, there's a lot of knowledge locked away in my head05:59
* tbr is also generally interested in i²s05:59
warthog9and I only have so much time to output it05:59
warthog9I think ka6sox said he was going to try and update the wiki with more of this06:00
emeb_macwell, if you can spew it out we can try to catch it.06:01
warthog9if not I'll try and get to it tomorrow/this week06:01
ka6soxyes, I"m working on it now06:01
warthog9emeb_mac: the easiest way is to try something, ask questions and either offer to update the wiki06:01
warthog9or berate me till I do it06:01
ka6soxI'm considering modding that kernel config fragment to include the new information06:01
ka6soxand then asking emeb to test06:02
warthog9ka6sox: that would likely be good06:02
warthog9make it a bit more one-stop shopping06:02
ka6soxokay I'll work it06:02
emeb_macka6sox: I'll test the new stuff I got going tomorrow06:03
emeb_macwarthog9: as far as i2s goes for me, the 1st thing is to just get a device visible06:04
ka6soxemeb_mac, can you send me your .config?06:04
emeb_macAFAICT that doesn't exist yet.06:04
ka6soxfor the 3.18 final you just did?06:04
emeb_macka6sox: sure06:04
ka6soxthat way I can extract the config bits for i2cdev and SPIDEV06:05
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emeb_macthe plague is back06:35
emeb_macinteresting audio stuff...07:09
emeb_macfirmware load for audio?07:09
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ka6soxthere is the firmware07:19
emeb_macone thing I notice looking at the low-speed expansion header...07:21
ka6soxthe sat-baytrail-pcm.c exists 3.15+07:21
emeb_macthere's not pin called out for mclk07:21
emeb_machmm... looking in menuconfig07:22
emeb_macfound it07:24
emeb_macunder intel asoc smart sount tech07:25
emeb_macbuilding again07:26
emeb_macthere were two different options targeting two different codecs07:26
emeb_macbuilt both as modules07:26
emeb_macrebooting - see if anything new shows up07:28
emeb_macwho let av500 in here?07:28
av500what is all this talk in this sleepy channel?07:28
av500can yall go elsewhere?07:28
* emeb_mac got a mmax a while back - trying to do evil things with it07:29
ka6soxlooks like you need to clone that entire repo:07:29
ka6soxgit clone
ka6soxand it seems to want to be in  /lib/firmware/intel07:31
emeb_macwell, modprobe pulled a bunch of stuff in07:31
emeb_macthat's something07:31
emeb_macno devices listed tho07:32
ka6soxdid it load the FW?07:32
emeb_macI don't have the fw yet07:32
emeb_macand no obvious error msgs in dmesg07:32
ka6soxav500, its just Audio Talk…you can go back to sleep.07:33
av500emeb_mac: is x86 allowed in modular?07:33
emeb_macav500: good question07:34
emeb_maclots of laptops in modular, so I'd guess yes07:34
emeb_macav500: but if we built a minnow into a module that might blow their minds07:34
emeb_macsomeone did build an rpi into a module07:34
emeb_macran Pd on it IIRC07:35
av500hw runs sw?07:35
av500crazy times07:36
emeb_macwell, zzzz time in the great southwest07:36
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Aman_singhprpplague: I had a look over galileo firmware and also the core wiring libraries07:44
Aman_singhprpplague: I was thinking that if we can do it like this
Aman_singhit can improve performance but the thing is that ^^ is for 8-bit controller and implementing it on intel atom is not going to be simple07:48
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Aman_singh I have some queries related to wiring project09:53
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Aman_singhprpplague: I have some queries related to wiring project12:38
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prpplagueAman_singh: i'll be responding to your email today with a bunch of details13:11
prpplagueAman_singh: but you can ask here13:11
prpplagueAman_singh: and as i get time i will answer13:11
Aman_singhI went through the galileo firmware and minnow_board firware too13:12
Aman_singhthere was a huge difference of python interpreter13:12
Aman_singhI also saw a file enquire.c minnowboard , which seems it like a compiler and I guess a  c framework has been already developed13:13
Aman_singhon which I have to work . am I right ?13:14
Aman_singhand for improving performance  I was thinking to directly use registers instead of methods ( small step ) , it may improve performance . But I was wondering will it be possible to do it like this >>
Aman_singhcertainly we cannot implement it for all functions . I had a doubt will be possible to code in this way edk2 firmware .13:22
Aman_singhprpplague : because on ground level it appear like we have sysfs file system for gpio's and accesing it using python interpretor.13:29
Aman_singhprpplague: please correct me if I am in wrong direction  :)13:30
prpplagueAman_singh: you are going in the right direction13:30
Aman_singhprpplague: (y) , now I need to figure out how I am going to work on that  c framework its methods and existing libraries13:32
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Aman_singhprpplague: so how minnowboard framework is different from galileo's ?13:35
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CraigGood morning to those in the west coast of Canada, and the US, afternoon to those further to the east, and night to those in the far east. :)14:43
CraigDo you guys know where I could get a wireless card for the minnowboard14:44
tbrany usb wifi device should do14:45
tbrand if you can lay hands on one of the lures, then you could also go minipci-e14:46
CraigNothing that can be plugged into the board though>? I want to keep this box self contained as a PFSense router, for small businesses14:46
CraigWhat do the lures look like?14:46
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craig__There that is better14:47
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craigDang my name is taken... :P14:49
tbrI think the only place that might have lures is technodisti.com14:51
tbrthat would be a jetsam lure, plus any mpcie wifi card, even comes with a mounting hole for an antenna by the looks of it14:54
craigThats awesome, thanks for that, exactly what I was looking for. :P And yes, sold out. :P14:55
tbryou can wait around and see if warthog9 or prpplague know anything about lure availability.14:56
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prpplaguetbr: mouser has stock of the calamari and prototype lure15:47
prpplaguetbr: there are some third parties doing lure dev and should start seeing them in the next 30 to 45 days15:48
tbrprpplague: he was looking for jetsam tho'15:48
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prpplaguetbr: yea, i expect to see alternatives available soon15:49
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warthog9tbr: should be able to snag jetsam from technodisti16:52
warthog999.9% sure that's in stock16:53
warthog9ohhhh no wait16:53
warthog9flotsam is in stock16:53
warthog9I don't know how many of the jetsam are around16:53
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ahollerav500: btw. what's going on with the Smart Plug? will it ever be available?18:56
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* bkero found a minnowboard sitting on his desk.21:09
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warthog9bkero: frightening!21:28
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bkeroI know21:30
bkeroIt's not even a MAX21:31
bkeroand it has a dead SD card21:31
warthog9even scarier!21:31
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* bkero casts 'sudo /home/bkero/bin/' on the Minnowboard.21:37
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