Tuesday, 2015-03-10

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Inge-is production ramping up to meet demand?09:43
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ahollerhmm, rowhammer or "we want ECC" ;)09:57
av500aholler: no idea10:02
ahollerav500: :(10:02
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Aman_singhprpplague: need help14:32
prpplagueAman_singh: what do you need help with?14:47
Aman_singhI would like to start by coding some of framework librarires14:48
prpplagueswitching machines brb14:48
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Aman_singhbut for that I need to know about hardware , from where should I start14:49
prpplagueAman_singh: yep14:49
prpplagueAman_singh: start with the wiki page for the max14:49
prpplagueAman_singh: it has info on the low speed expansion header14:49
prpplagueAman_singh: there are also some test scripts for the calamari lure that you look at for reference14:50
prpplagueAman_singh: most likely you'll use a calamari lure as the base for your testing and development14:50
Aman_singhI have to , otherwise there is no meaning of all this14:51
prpplagueAman_singh: i do not understand your statemenet14:51
Aman_singhIf I haven't tested my libraries than there is no meaning of writing them14:52
prpplagueAman_singh: correct, like i said, the calamari is what you would use to test the libraries14:53
Aman_singhI will start preparing my purposal14:53
Aman_singhif I am not wrong ,I have to create all this file >>  https://github.com/WiringProject/Wiring/tree/master/framework/cores/AVR8Bit14:54
Aman_singhincluding all function for corresponding galileo framework14:55
prpplagueAman_singh: no, most of the framework for the galileo is what you want to use directly14:55
prpplagueAman_singh: no need to recreate all of it14:56
prpplagueAman_singh: but yes that is the type of stuff you'll be working on14:56
Aman_singhOkay , so can you help me get the difference betweem galileo and MB_max14:56
prpplagueAman_singh: both the galileo and mb_max use intel architecture, x8614:57
prpplagueAman_singh: both run linux14:57
prpplagueAman_singh: but they have different expansion hardware14:57
prpplagueAman_singh: what you will need to do is take galileo framework, and make the changes to match the correct hardware for the minnowboard max14:58
Aman_singhokay , for that I will wikki's page14:58
Aman_singhand datasheet if required14:59
Aman_singhand in galileo I saw libraries were for avr and sam both14:59
Aman_singhdo we need to do it here too ?15:00
prpplagueAman_singh: i am not sure i understand your statement about the avr and sam15:00
Aman_singhIn galileo each of these files were different for avr and sam15:01
Aman_singheven I am not clear why we need it ?15:02
Aman_singhif you can give me some link for galileo's repo , I can point it out more clearly15:03
Aman_singhin galileo's libraries suppose we take spi .. it has two different spi class .c and .h for avr and sam processor15:07
warthog9Inge-: production is ramping, unfortunately it is a lot more involved and cumbersome to ramp something than most people realize15:08
Aman_singhactually 3 libraries are there . one in galileo/aurdino1.5.3/hardware/arduino/X86/libraries and two are in galileo/arduino1.5.3/libraries/ each has two versions for avr and sam15:15
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Aman_singhprpplague: so my question was do I need for avr and sam versions too ?15:17
Aman_singh*need to write15:18
Aman_singhprpplague: I have downloaded galileo's package from here >> https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23171/Intel-Galileo-software-package15:21
Aman_singhthat linux32bit version .15:21
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Inge-warthog9: I don't doubt that in the least :) I ended up getting an rPi v2 for now .. 20+ weeks delivery was a bit much15:23
Aman_singhprpplague: did I make sense ?15:28
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prpplagueAman_singh: sorry back from conference call15:36
prpplagueAman_singh: for the minnowboard max , WE don't need them15:36
prpplagueAman_singh: but, we keep them in there to make sure the ide works on everything15:37
prpplagueAman_singh: someone may decide to run the IDE on max, but program an avr15:37
Aman_singhokay , so do we need to modify them15:37
prpplagueAman_singh: no15:37
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prpplagueAman_singh: the avr and sam, don't need to be touched15:37
Aman_singhone more thing , the biggest problem of all .15:38
Aman_singhright now I don't have MB_max15:38
prpplagueAman_singh: if you are accepted, you will receive all hardware you need for the project, including a minnowboard max and accessories15:39
Aman_singhokay , so right now I can only write code carefully15:40
Aman_singhso my purposal going to include  framework core part ( those analog , trace etc) in a sequence and libraries for eprom , spi , servo etc15:41
Aman_singhthis is compulsory part and if time permits we can do more :)15:43
Aman_singhprpplague: did I left anything ?15:43
prpplagueAman_singh: that sounds about right15:44
prpplagueAman_singh: feel free to write it up and post it for review15:44
Aman_singhi was about too :) hoping I will get to contribute my part to MB_max15:45
Aman_singhprpplague: thanks and will you like me some assignment , so that I can feel more confident about the stuff .15:47
Aman_singhI aslo saw that BB's 2013 userspace project ,If not wrong  you were the mentor15:49
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Aman_singhprpplague: okay I will ping you if I need help and  thanks a lot  :)16:04
prpplagueAman_singh: yes indeed i was the mentor for that one as well16:05
prpplagueAman_singh: just start reading up on wiring and process16:05
prpplagueAman_singh: if you have access to an arduino, try setting it up and making some basic programs16:05
Aman_singhhave started reading and even now I am working with aurdino for an university event .16:07
prpplagueAman_singh: great!16:08
Aman_singhprpplague: But I found that project was marked incompleted , what were the mistakes made that time which I should avoid ?16:09
prpplagueAman_singh: where did you see it marked as incomplete?16:09
Aman_singhon GSoC's page16:09
Aman_singheven its github repo doesn't seems like complete , it's on your account16:10
Aman_singhwas It completed ?16:10
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prpplagueAman_singh: the project completed all the major goals and was considered a compete success16:13
prpplagueAman_singh: so much so, Intel used the core for the galileo16:13
Aman_singhawesome !! (y)16:13
Aman_singhhere it is marked incomplete .16:14
Aman_singhanyways we need concentrate on this one now .16:15
prpplagueAman_singh: where do you see it marked incomplete?16:16
* prpplague looks16:16
Aman_singhIf you click on code's like at bottom16:16
prpplagueAman_singh: that's just a dead link16:17
prpplagueAman_singh: looks like the file has been removed16:17
Aman_singhokay  .16:17
prpplaguei'll follow up on that16:17
Aman_singhso it is time for me start working ,  thanks :)16:19
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mcsavageHi, I'm considering the minnowboard as a domestic file server an I wonder how's the average transfer rate via the ethernet port? I'm aware it's a Gigabit Ethernet but I got a Cubietruck before, which also has a Gigabit Ethernet chip in it, but it talks to the SoC via USB 2 which restricts the bandwidth a lot and I wanted to avoid making the same mistake before :)16:47
mcsavageCould someone give their opinion?16:48
warthog9mcsavage: it's an ethernet nic that's got jumbo frame support and is directly connected to the SoC via PCI-E16:51
warthog9I've been able to sustain 980mbps without much trouble, but you should take any performance numbers I say with a rather large grain of salt16:51
mcsavageyes... I'm wouldn't be interested on "what it could achieve" but rather on what is the typical performance16:52
warthog9mcsavage: that's going to depend greatly on your specific workload16:53
warthog9there is nothing limiting the gbe nic from pushing it's full potential16:53
warthog9but obviously you need something to fill that pipe with16:53
warthog9if the data you want to fill that link with is coming from a usb2 thumb drive, for instance, you won't be able to fill it16:54
mcsavagetake the following scenario then: cpu idle, and a scp to another computer. If it reaches speeds of 30MB/s average I'm happy. Reliably though (no packet drops, etc)16:54
mcsavageOh, I see.. filling the pipe from an SSD via sata port16:55
warthog9shouldn't have any problem16:55
warthog9sata port comes straight off the SoC, and it's a SATA2 port16:55
mcsavagehave you tried anything like that?16:56
mcsavagethat even remotely resembled the given scenario16:56
warthog9I've put it together like that, but I've never done any performance testing on it16:56
prpplaguemcsavage: some third party testing results of the ethernet performance - http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax_Iperf_log16:57
mcsavagethanks prpplague16:58
mcsavage@warthog9 ... and have you noticed any performance issue?16:58
*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! http://www.minnowboard.org | wiki http://www.elinux.org/MinnowBoard | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | GSoC: ACCEPTED! - have ideas, get them on the ideas page on the wiki - http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:GSoC2015"16:58
warthog9mcsavage: I haven't seen very many performance issues16:59
warthog9it's not an i7 or a xeon, but for an embedded board I haven't run into any issues, and I've got robots and quad copters with the board on/in it17:00
mcsavagethanks for your help!17:00
mcsavageI realize that. I currently use a raspberry pi as network gateway :)17:01
mcsavagegot a meeting. Thanks for the help, again17:01
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hashsterHi. I'd like to contribute to minnowboard to the project : wiring libraries to minnowboard17:05
hashsterCan you please guide me.. to how can I begin?17:06
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warthog9hashster: have you pulled the wiring libraries down and taken a look at them yet?17:07
prpplaguehashster: begin looking at the 2013 gsoc beagle project for porting wiring/process to linux17:07
prpplaguehashster: then look at the custom arduino IDE created for the galileo17:07
prpplaguehashster: the galileo code will be the base for porting to the minnowboard max17:08
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warthog9bad 'net connection I guess17:11
*** hashster <hashster!0e8bc403@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #minnowboard17:11
hashsterNo. I haven't pulled the libraries yet. What should I do after doing so?17:12
hashsterOk. I'll take a look at the Beagle project17:12
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prpplaguehashster: then look at the custom arduino IDE created for the galileo17:26
hashsterprpplague : Wait, when I search minnowboard on github I get around 14 repos. Which one should I fork?17:34
prpplaguehashster: the one to fork is the custom arduino IDE for galileo17:35
prpplaguehashster: which you can download directly from the intel sight17:35
prpplaguehashster: http://arduino.cc/en/ArduinoCertified/IntelGalileo17:36
prpplaguehashster: https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-2222617:36
hashsterprpplague : Would I've to buy the Intel Gelileo?17:39
hashsterprpplague : when actually doing the project?17:39
prpplaguehashster: no17:40
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prpplaguehashster: if you are accepted, all hardware including a minnowboard max will be provided17:40
hashsterprpplague : Cool!17:40
rZrhi, who play with edison here ?17:40
warthog9rZr: considering you are in the minnowboard channel likely not many ;-)17:50
warthog9I've played with one briefly though17:50
rZrso I did , but since galileo was mentionned I thought about the latest baby of intel hackers boards17:51
rZrwarthog9: have you seen my FOSDEM friends porting nemomobile to max ?17:52
warthog9I hadn't, but that's awesome :-)17:52
rZrit started in the tizen oshw fosdem talk and finally ended here : https://twitter.com/vgrade/status/57069718828580864017:53
rZrwait a minute17:54
rZrthis is not max17:54
tbrwarthog9: you reshared my nemo posts, so you saw them ;)17:55
rZrtbr: hi17:55
warthog9tbr: so many things going on it's hard to keep track of it all17:55
rZrhttps://twitter.com/RzrFreeFr/status/572868974083366918 you can RT that one if you dont read it :)17:56
rZrtbr: are you hacking on rpi2 too ?17:57
rZrlocusf shared nice info17:57
tbrI am awaiting some gallileo(2?) and edison from Ash/Intel, but don't have my hopes up17:58
rZri dont have gallileo neither17:58
tbrthey were promised to me in january *cough*17:58
rZrash from tizenexperts ?17:58
rZrI applied to that microsoft gallileo program17:59
rZrbut never got any answer17:59
rZranyway i have enough board to hack on17:59
rZrmax is enough for most of my needs17:59
rZrprpplague: warthog9: btw do you remember about the max bricker club on early firmwares ?18:00
rZrit was decreased by one member18:00
rZrthere was also a French guy who came home un sunday morning , and I reflashed it now it's working again after a 6month break18:01
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tbrrZr: yes, that ash.18:04
rZrShould I call him ash from Linuxmobilenews instead :)18:05
rZrtbr: were u at mwc ? I am wondering if the shown jolla tablet was the actual product of just a "random" platform to show the OS like n950 for SFOS v0 ?18:06
tbrrZr: no, I don't have money to waste on such things18:07
tbrrZr: it looks like the real thing and given the timeline, I'd hope it is, they don't have much time before shipping it18:08
rZrsame here...18:08
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hashsterprpplague : Ok. So, after getting the galileo lib. what to do?18:22
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prpplaguehashster: you tell me! hehe18:28
prpplaguehashster: figure out what is different between the galileo and max18:29
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hashsterprpplague : max?18:32
prpplaguehashster: minnowboard max18:32
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*** tellendil <tellendil!~tellendil@> has joined #minnowboard18:39
tellendilhey ! Little question to linux folks : how do you connect with serial to your minnowboard? I tried screen but it gives an unusable screen18:48
prpplaguetellendil: i normally use minicom18:48
tellendilprpplague, it works well with minnowboard ? you can access the bios without a problem ?18:48
prpplaguetellendil: some screens are formated for a ms windows type environment as the UEFI shell and menus were really targeted there18:49
prpplaguetellendil: you have to set the screen resolution properly to 120x25 iirc for reasonable functionality in the bios setup menus18:49
prpplaguetellendil: i usually use a usb keyboard and a hdmi display for the bios screens18:50
hashsterprpplague : Can you please tell me what you meant by max?18:53
prpplaguehashster: max == minnowboard max18:53
prpplaguehashster: http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax18:53
prpplaguehashster: that is what the project is based on18:54
hashsterprpplague : so, for the project.. are we gonna replicate some of the galileo libs?18:55
prpplaguehashster: start with the galileo libs and make the necessary changes/modifications so that they work on minnowboard max18:55
prpplaguehashster: then address some perfomance issues that are seen on galileo18:55
hashsterprpplague : But I don't have either of the boards.. So, how can I test it?18:56
prpplaguehashster: if you are accepted to the program, you will receive all necessary hardware and accessories18:56
hashsterprpplague : No, but you said right now.. to make modifications s.t. it works on max. So, w/o the board, how can I try it out?18:58
prpplaguehashster: you don't need the hardware "right now" to study the code18:58
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prpplaguehashster: one of the things you will find in the tech business is you might have real hardware to work on for some time18:59
prpplaguemdp: isn't that right?18:59
prpplaguehashster: so you need to be able to read datasheets, plan and understand where you want to go with a project before you get real hardware18:59
hashsterprpplague : hehe... Ok. will do..18:59
prpplaguehashster: and at this stage THAT is what you will be judged on for acceptance to the project18:59
tellendilprpplague, sad thing is my hdmi output does not work on my minnow :(19:00
prpplaguetellendil: minnow or minnowmax?19:05
tellendilprpplague, minnowmax19:05
prpplaguetellendil: oh?19:06
prpplaguetellendil: hardware issue or just doesn't like your display?19:06
tellendilprpplague, yup, A2 revision... bad batch :P19:06
tellendilprpplague, missing something in the spec19:06
prpplaguetellendil: right the level shifting19:06
prpplaguetellendil: though we've found that a lot of displays will work if you get a good cable, usually the small short adapters create a problem19:07
tellendilprpplague, yup, and I tried a powered thing which did not work either :/19:07
rZrcould a bad device destroy an HDMI monitor ?19:07
rZrbecause I was hacking using a portable one and it does not work properly now ...19:08
rZrI thought input would be protected19:08
tbrrZr: https://plus.google.com/u/0/111101795166699165422/posts/5NDfRh9SKEz19:09
rZrtbr,  http://kukuruku.co/hub/diy/usb-killer19:09
rZryea I saw that on HN19:10
prpplaguerZr: a lot of the cheap display devices use an un-writeprotected EDID eeprom19:11
prpplaguerZr: which means that i2c garbage noise can potentially corrupt the contents19:11
prpplaguerZr: i've seen this happen often19:11
rZrbut would this be destructive ?19:15
tbrrZr: it would mean that your board wouldn't get the information how to drive the display. it's not destructive but annoying19:16
prpplaguerZr: not destructive per se, but it would prevent operations until you reprogram the edid19:16
tbrrZr: it could be restored if you'd have old logs with the eeprom still in order19:16
rZri am talking about the monitor not the computer19:17
tbryes, so are we19:17
prpplaguerZr: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_display_identification_data19:17
rZri am unsure it's possible to reflash EDID without unscrewing19:18
tbryes, that's how it would break in the first place19:18
prpplaguerZr: the edid is connected via a i2c interface19:18
prpplaguerZr: via the HDMI cable19:18
rZranyway it happend to manage to display something before turning to back hole of universe19:18
tbrprpplague: enlighten my ignorance, those don't have a pin that you can put on ground to write-protect?19:19
rZrreally sounds nice I could try to fix this19:19
prpplaguetbr: "those" ?19:19
tbrprpplague: the cheap i²c eeprom chips19:19
* rZr still have SDTV home ;)19:19
prpplaguetbr: they are just stock eeproms19:19
prpplaguetbr: just depends on the variation19:20
prpplaguetbr: that's why the default i2c address on an eeprom is 0x5019:20
prpplaguetbr: as that address is spec'd out for edid19:20
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hashsterprpplague : I'll get back to you tomorrow.19:21
prpplaguehashster: i posted a message to the mailing list19:21
prpplaguehashster: feel free to respond there19:21
prpplaguehashster: so everyone can share the answers19:21
*** AshutoshDas <AshutoshDas!6f5dccfe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #minnowboard19:21
hashsterok. thanks a lot :)19:22
rZrprpplague,  thx for the hints  I am unsure I'll find the free time to try but I noted it19:23
prpplaguerZr: no worries19:23
prpplaguerZr: i am actually digging into some of it right now for another display19:23
rZrprpplague, this is the screen model : GL116FHD_CT  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP_L-ZJXOuA19:24
rZrprpplague, max is smoking :)19:25
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prpplaguerZr: hehe i hope you mean it is a nice design, and not that you let the magic smoke out19:26
prpplaguerZr: hehe19:27
prpplaguerZr: got a link to where you purchased the display?19:27
mdpprpplague: yes, that's forever been the case. Luckily we no longer have to deal with only having overpriced reference boards before custom hw arrives.19:27
prpplaguemdp: hehe19:28
rZrprpplague, not really it was given hand to hand to hand to me19:28
prpplaguerZr: google didn't turn up anything19:28
prpplaguerZr: i'll dig around19:29
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