Thursday, 2015-03-12

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tripzeroprpplague, ping02:26
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tripzeroprpplague, nvm02:48
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: at scale, i mentioned i remembered you from irc but not what channels, and we speculated it was #ubuntu-arm, which is still likely, but in #ubuntu-arm you were likely already familiar to me from #ltsp02:54
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HoloPedIs there a battery backed up clock for the MBM ?14:12
prpplagueHoloPed: the footprint is on the board, but it doesn't ship with it populated14:14
prpplagueHoloPed: you can purchase the coin cell holder and solder it in14:14
sjoerdThere was a note somewhere about a resistor or two missing for that? (although it wasn't clear to me which revisions that was on)14:15
prpplaguesjoerd: that was only on the first 1000 units14:16
prpplaguesjoerd: after that, everything was populated with the exception of the coin cell holder14:16
sjoerdAh cool14:16
* sjoerd can't remember where he read that, probably on the elinux page somewhere, it just wasn't very clear in that area14:17
HoloPedthanks guys14:17
HoloPedI will look into it14:17
HoloPedthe wiki needs updating ?14:20
HoloPedhow do I know if I have a missing resistor?14:21
HoloPedWe bought in the first batch that was released14:21
prpplagueHoloPed: just check to see if it is populated14:21
prpplagueHoloPed: "The RTC may not function correctly (when a battery is added) because resistor R278 (back side of the board) may be missing. Adding a 1K or 2K resistorshould resolve this."14:22
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freqcinnamon runs super smooth on max15:39
* trip0 requires spi magic15:42
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trip0is there supposed to be a /dev/ node for spi?15:44
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trip0how much current can the max put out of the 5V line?15:58
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trip0programmerq: ?16:01
trip0err, prpplague16:01
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prpplaguetrip0: for the LSE it's 1A16:08
prpplaguetrip0: for the J2 connector it's 1.5A16:09
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trip01A should be enough...16:16
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prpplagueok folks! if you get a new minnowboard max, make sure to remove the manufacturing plate from the high speed expansion connector BEFORE powering on the board!!!!!!16:27
Abhishek__wow, why aren't they made of plastic?16:30
Abhishek__(they - the manufacturing plate on the HSE connector)16:31
emebprpplague: too late16:31
emebI've already been running mine for hours w/ the plate on.16:32
emebI assume that shorts some pins and hilarity ensues?16:32
prpplagueemeb: yea16:32
prpplagueAbhishek__: usually it's a thin metal plate16:32
Abhishek__On some of the connectors I've seen, they usually have a plastic PnP plate16:33
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Abhishek__The first time I saw a metal plate being used as suc16:34
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emebprpplague: so if my mmax still works is it safe to assume it's OK or are there latent / hidden failures involved?16:34
prpplagueemeb: should be safe16:36
emebwhew - thx16:36
trip0prpplague: knows the secrets of the SPI?16:37
emebI got SPI working the other day16:38
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Aman_singhprpplague: thanks for posting those links at wiki page , It was like a reminder for me that you are forgetting processing (firmata ) library and not thinking about how are you going to compile and execute your examples (that makefile part )16:41
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warthog9for everyone in here: if you have a board, *PLEASE* make sure the plate over the HSE has been removed18:03
dkeavcausing problems?18:10
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freqwarthog9, what is the HSE18:32
DonkeyHoteihigh speed expansion connector18:33
* sjoerd happy that apparently nothing exploded while running his boards with that on for the past few weeks18:34
freqis that the rectangularly shaped white connector on the underside of the board?18:35
freqoh. mine is still on, i don't use it18:36
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freqI took mine off :)18:39
freqare there lures that use the HSE now?18:39
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bcranfreq: yes, there are several - e.g. there's a mPCIe lure that's rather useful19:04
freqso, change up GPU?19:05
bcranfreq: GPU? It's for Wifi cards etc.19:06
freqbut it's pcue19:06
bcranit's a PCIe x1 port19:06
freqso, msata?19:06
bcranfreq: no, mini pcie. There's a separate msata lure19:07
bcranso yeah - if you mean a lure for msata :(19:07
freqah. i have a 128gb sd card on the way anyway19:07
bcranyeah - and the Minnowboard has onboard SATA ports anyway19:07
freqhas anyone made a laptop with one yet?19:12
bcranwith a what?19:13
freqa minnow19:13
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programmerqoh crap, my plate is still on19:26
programmerqI figured it was to protect the connector, so I left it on.19:26
freqsame here programmerq19:40
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warthog9glad to see at least some boards haven't gone boom with that on20:26
freqif they arent touching the connections, how could it go boom20:32
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programmerqyeah, it didn't look like mine touched any connections.23:12
programmerqI did power the board off to pull it off just in case it touched at an angle.23:12
* warthog9 nods23:15
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