Friday, 2015-03-13

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programmerqtrying to use gpio through sysfs, but /sys/class/gpio doesn't exist (debian jessie). I'm sure I just need to install a kernel module to get it to populate. any idea what kernel module I should be trying?02:41
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programmerqdoing some digging... is the calamari module from here what I need?
programmerqerr, here?
programmerqI'm beginning to think that debian just may not be the absolute best choice here after all. it'd certainly be worth the effort to give another distro a try.03:49
programmerqno, calamari is a lure.03:54
bcranprogrammerq: you can see the available lures at
programmerqI'm not after a lure-- I just want to interact with the gpio pins directly using the sysfs method03:56
programmerqbut my debian install doesn't have /sys/class/gpio, which suggests that I don't have the right module loaded03:56
programmerqbut I'm drawing a blank on what module I might need03:56
programmerqah, the default debian kernel appears to have the sysfs interface disabled.03:59
programmerqsweet. I have hylafax running on my minnowmax alongside one of these:
programmerqsent these as a test:
programmerqnext step will be to get the half-inch modem on a board and essentially make my own "lure"04:37
programmerqwill also have an i2c breakout as well.04:38
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programmerqwow. the last time I really compiled a kernal was back in the days when single core desktops were fairly common. I figured the dual core minnowmax would take a comparable amount of time. I guess the kernel is just that much bigger these days.05:56
emeb_machow long?06:02
emeb_macIIRC it took me about 20min to do the 3.18 kernel the other day06:03
emeb_macand then subsequent compiles to tweak config settings were only a minute or so06:04
DonkeyHoteiare you guys compiling ON the minnowboard?06:06
emeb_macyeah. why not?06:06
DonkeyHoteibecause you don't have to?06:06
emeb_macbut it's easy06:06
DonkeyHoteieasier not to06:06
emeb_macwhat's easier?06:07
DonkeyHoteicompiling it on your regular computer06:07
emeb_maceh - can't think of how it would be easier06:08
emeb_macit might be a bit faster for the initial wait, but otherwise I'd bet that doing it on the mmax is easier.06:08
emeb_macdoing the kernel and module install is sure simple that way.06:09
DonkeyHoteiwhat distros are you guys running on it?06:10
emeb_macUbuntu 14.0406:10
emeb_macoff a 120GB SSD06:10
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HoloPedI installed Ubuntu on my MBM, does it install Grub as well ?13:38
HoloPedI can't seem to access it13:38
HoloPedI need to set Ubuntu to boot into terminal without starting X13:39
HoloPedany ideas how to do that ?13:39
HoloPedhow do I access the 'bootloader' ?13:40
HoloPedwarthog9, you around ?13:40
macmeckHoloPed: I think setting GRUB_CMD_LINE_LUNUX="text" in /etc/default/grub did the trick for me13:44
macmeckHoloPed: don't forget update-grub afterwards13:44
HoloPedthanks !13:46
HoloPedgoing to try that now13:46
macmeckHoloPed: funny typo... it's GRUB_CMD_LINE_LINUX of course13:50
HoloPedI liked LUNUX better13:50
HoloPedI'll recompile the kernal and replace all Linux with Lumux13:50
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programmerqemeb: grabbing the debian official config and tweaking it, it took much longer than 20 minutes. I went to bed after about an hour.15:22
HoloPedmacmeck, thanks, that worked15:24
HoloPeddo you know how to set a python script to run at startup ?15:24
emebprogrammerq: I first tried it with the Ubuntu official source - that did some weird stuff.15:24
emebI ended up getting my source from Doesn't have all the Ubuntu patches, but works fine so far.15:25
emebMain thing I wanted was to enable SPI and I2C on the LHE15:25
programmerqyeah, I started looking into getting sysfs gpio enabled.15:26
programmerqthey have that option off, and it can't be compiled as a module :/15:26
programmerqall I want gpio for is pretty much just a button and a light or two. :p15:27
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macmeckHoloPed: you can try adding it to /etc/rc.local15:50
macmeckHoloPed: this is rather basic linux stuff, not really minnowboard specific15:51
HoloPedoh I know15:52
HoloPedbut you guys are way more responsive than #ubuntu :)15:52
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tjuHi all! I want to remote control my minnowboard max with a IR receiver connected to the GPIO and running Windows 8.1 Pro embedded. Since I'm new to programming and developmentboards I not sure how to work around this. Is it necessary to do a lot of programming or is there already some software out there?18:37
tjuI have been looking at winLIRC, but it doesn't seem like has a input plugin for gpio connection18:39
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trip0has anyone tried to do a efi boot image on the max yet?18:44
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warthog9HoloPed: am now19:31
HoloPedhi :)19:51
* warthog9 waves from the protective bubble of his house19:52
warthog9HoloPed: you get your grub stuff figured out?19:53
HoloPedyes, thanks19:53
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warthog9cool :-)19:53
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programmerqanyone want to recommend a distro? I am hoping to find one that has sysfs interfaces already enabled in the kernel.19:59
programmerq(I'm interested in gpio and i2c)19:59
warthog9programmerq: fedora has gpio in kernel20:02
warthog9I don't know of a shipping distro that has everything working "out of the box"20:03
programmerqmaybe compiling my own deb kernel isn't the worst then. :)20:03
programmerqI want to steer clear of redhat distros20:03
programmerqfor better or worse20:03
warthog9if I can get through these slides, that are horribly late, my "plan" is to see if I can mod up the fedora kernel srpm in such a way as to generate the missing pieces as extra rpms20:03
warthog9all distros have their own madness :-)20:04
programmerqwell, I'm making a home server docker host20:04
programmerqand the redhat distros use the devicemapper graph driver20:04
programmerqwhich I'm not a fan of20:04
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givemefive911programmerq: what do you use instead auf?20:18
programmerqyeah, the aufs driver is default on most non-redhat distros.20:18
programmerqthat'l have to change at some point, of course.20:19
givemefive911Where are they headed now, overlayfs? btrfs?20:19
givemefive911what don't you like about device-mapper20:19
programmerqI just see more issues with it than I see with aufs.20:19
programmerqI would like to see one graph driver become de facto across all distros20:20
programmerqwhether that be devicemapper, or some other driver20:20
programmerqbtrfs or overlayfs20:20
programmerqmy hope is on overlayfs, since that is closest to the current aufs driver.20:20
givemefive911i'm not familier with that graph terminology, what does graph driver mean20:20
programmerqdunno how much you know about docker, but the backend where it stores images and layers and such is provided by the "graph driver"20:21
programmerqso storing all that stuff in devicemapper means you're using the devicemapper graph driver20:21
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givemefive911so the graph driver is docker's abstraction20:23
programmerqadding more and more abstractions too20:23
programmerqlogging, network, and volumes are being discussed actively.20:24
givemefive911programmerq: Some people seem to advocate only 1 process per container. others run a supervisor or even systemd inside. what's your take on that20:29
programmerqpersonally, I like the one process per container.20:29
programmerqbut it can be tricky following that when "dockerizing" older legacy applications20:29
programmerqso my take is it isn't a hard-and-fast rule20:30
programmerqbut when I'm designing a new system, I take the process-centric approach.20:30
programmerqone of the things I'm running on my minnowmax is going to by hylafax. as far as I can tell, nobody else has been crazy enough to dockerize that. :p20:31
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givemefive911does docker provide the tools to manage a group of processes as a logical unit20:33
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givemefive911well i should say a group of docker containers20:33
programmerqthere's docker-compose20:44
programmerqit was fig, but that company got acquired a while back. renamed to docker-compose20:44
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jbennet9Question to the channel: has anyone had success building a SystemRescueCD usb drive that will boot on the MinnowMax (32bit EFI) board? I am failing with every effort.21:24
warthog9jbennet9: I suspect mots of us are running a 64-bit uefi firmware :-/21:26
warthog9and 32-bit uefi is a fairly uncommon beast.  What problems are you running into?21:27
givemefive911jbennet9: Have you looked at another 32bit live CD. Maybe the fedora or ubuntu one will work and you can use that as a model.21:29
warthog9I don't think the fedora 32-bit cd works with uefi though, think that assumes a legacy bios which our UEFI doesn't have21:31
* warthog9 would suspect most 32-bit systems make the assumption of a legacy bios21:31
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jbennet9givemefive911: I do have a clonezilla live stick booting and I have been able to use that for imaging the mmc and such, and I, as of today, have the AGL PoC running on the board, but I was hoping to get a distro that I could configure for some in-house use.21:40
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jbennet9I have used several image tools, including Rufus, and have not been able to get the EFI boot loader to start.21:41
givemefive911I've never found tools like rufus or unetbootin to be particularly helpful : (21:42
jbennet9Yes, I agree.. I also went down the path of building from scratch, but gave that up for now.21:43
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captain118Is there a 3D or 2D pattern available for printing a case for the minnowboard?23:38
Inge-oooh. fun idea23:38
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captain118I was thinking of making one that I could use to rack mount several in one case23:40
captain118If there was one I could base my work on it would be easier.23:40
givemefive911captain118: check the elinux wiki23:42
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givemefive911although if u were to 'rackmount' several you would probably only need the rectangular dimensions of the standoffs23:42
givemefive911everything you would need is on the wiki though23:43
captain118ok thanks23:43
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