Saturday, 2015-03-14

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emebwonder if I can compile & program my STM32 from my minnowboard...00:21
warthog9emeb: should00:24
emebJust need to set up gcc-arm-embedded & openocd00:24
warthog9captain118: there's a 3d printable case00:24
emebwarthog9: any word on I2S / Audio stuff?00:25
warthog9captain118: if you wanted to use that as a starting point, and of course the gerbers, board files, and cad are around if you wanted to extract the dimensions from that00:25
warthog9emeb: the current answer is I've been laid up for 2 days with strep and haven't had time to circle back on that00:25
emebwarthog9: that's a good excuse. :)00:25
warthog9emeb: an initial discussion has been had but not quite the right people all at once00:26
warthog9emeb: I do TRY to have good excuses00:26
emebwarthog9: prpplague mentioned that he'd been poking at it00:26
warthog9getting there, nothing definitive though00:26
warthog9the audio thing has been coming up all week though, so you aren't alone00:26
emebwarthog9: he also noted that the LFE I2S port doesn't have a master clock line, so that's going to affect the population of possible codecs.00:27
warthog9emeb: yeah00:27
warthog9that's getting fixed in the a4, but that's going through all kinds of things right now00:27
emebwarthog9: not a big deal for me though - I want to send I2S to an FPGA in any case and the MCLK can be regenerated there.00:28
warthog9yeah I'm surprised that usb audio doesn't work for more people, but there's been a lot of push this week to get an i2s based codec off the board00:29
warthog9emeb: you are obviously doing something very different if you are feeding things into an fpga though00:29
emebwarthog9: I doubt it's that USB doesn't work.00:30
warthog9dunno, I'm using a usb audio port in several places without issue00:30
warthog9but if people are used to USB from other embedded arenas, I could understand their reluctance00:31
warthog9come to think of it, lots of people ragging on USB in the general sense this week too00:31
emebI'd bet it's more like "Hey there's this port here - let's make it do something!"00:32
prpplagueemeb: i have a couple of breakout boards for some audio codecs to test00:33
prpplagueemeb: but i've been completely buried00:33
emebprpplague: gotta prioritize00:33
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emebMain thing I'd like to see is just what kernel stuff is needed to start getting raw data out of it.00:36
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ezeanybody online?01:47
emebjust us chickens01:51
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emeblol - mmax is now an STM32 development system.01:54
emeb(or most any other kind of embedded ARM for that matter)01:55
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ezehi, I read about a haskell project for GSoC and I thought I should ask here some questions02:07
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warthog9of course the students pop in while I'm out picking up antibiotics (and probiotics)02:24
emeb_macwhat's haskell have to do with minnow?02:25
warthog9emeb_mac: not directly but -
warthog9short answer is haskell bindings to i2c / smbuss / pmbus02:28
warthog9Michael Jones was interested in mentoring for it, and cleaning up the driver for i2c/smbus for the MAX02:29
warthog9kinda like how I'm hiding syncdiff(erent) under MinnowBoard02:30
warthog9not exactly related02:30
emeb_macseems directly relevant02:30
warthog9but I really didn't want to run two GSoC orgs02:30
emeb_macas in HARDWARE!!!111!1!!eleventy!one02:30
warthog9my general thoughts on us as a GSoC org mostly boil down to enabling, if we are enabling things to work or work better on the MAX, great02:31
warthog9if it's infrastructure related and we may want/need it, great02:31
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* warthog9 makes meflin appear02:32
emeb_macneat trick02:34
warthog9meflin's usually my backup GSoC admin02:35
warthog9and he's got MinnowBoard's so I figured he should be in here, even if he's off for the evening (I'm sure he'll throw something at me in the morning)02:36
emeb_macso yeah - mmax works fine for doing stm32 stuff. :)02:37
warthog9I would have been kinda surprised if it hadn't honestly ;-)02:38
emeb_macinstalled gcc-arm-embedded (there's an Ubuntu pkg) and openocd and it "just worked"02:38
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givemefive911emeb_mac:  what were you expecting to have to do :o02:44
emeb_macgivemefive911: nothing more than that. it's just hilarious because the STM32 boards are about the same size as the mmax02:45
givemefive911x86_64 SoC :D02:45
emeb_macyeah - whodathunkit02:46
freqit's damn near a desktop02:51
freq4gb of ram would make it untouchable02:52
freqbut that's where swap comes in02:52
freqi use it daily and it's on 24/7 because it don't use any power02:52
freqrunning debian sid w/ cinnamon wm02:53
freqCPU~Dual core Intel Atom E3825 (-MCP-) speed/max~533/1333 MHz Kernel~3.16.0-4-amd64 x86_64 Up~4:05 Mem~1064.3/1918.9MB HDD~3000.6GB(6.7% used) Procs~174 Client~HexChat 2.10.1 inxi~2.2.1802:53
givemefive911freq: there's always the asus chromebox. it takes sodimms. mine had 16gb at one point02:53
givemefive911coreboot firmware02:54
freqyeah, but seriously.. look at how small these boards are and they run on 5v02:55
freqit's just amazing to me. i love dev boards. i have one in every flavor that i know of lol02:56
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cmptrCPU~Quad core ARMv7 rev 5 (v7l) (-MCP-) speed~900 MHz Kernel~3.18.7-v7+ armv7l Up~1:08 Mem~102.9/863.6MB HDD~NA(-) Procs~116 Client~Irssi 0.8.17 inxi~2.2.1902:56
freqthat's my raspi^02:56
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freqmy cubieboard, radxa and beagle are not accessible atm02:57
givemefive911freq: find me an aarch64 dev board :d03:06
givemefive911that's not $50003:06
givemefive911and has ethernet*03:06
emeb_mache makes a valid point03:09
freqi wish one of these cheap boards had two ethernet ports that supported 100 mbps03:21
freqperfect router for ipfire03:21
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givemefive911*no crypto accel03:33
givemefive911There's  a cheaper 2GB one here:
givemefive911they are supposedly working on a kabini board but I'm not sure on the eta.03:35
givemefive911But I prefer to just run my firewalls through qemu-kvm and passthrough a NIC with iommu03:36
givemefive911I wish the minnow was that formfactor tbh.  2x pcie and 1xmsata with a RTC and a watchdog. Those features would be a $100+ lure on the minnow.03:38
givemefive911on yea and triple gig PHY03:38
freqi have slow dsl so my $7 usb nic would work03:39
freqbut i don't want to stop using my minnow to make it a router03:39
freqsort of too bad that my raspi stopped acting normal w/ ipfire after updates03:40
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calculusgivemefive911: look up 96boards for arm6407:50
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tbrwell, so far the boards and situation are a bit underwhelming08:08
tbrthey explicitly designed out ethernet "because consumers don't use that"08:08
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aholler_but they use dev-boards?08:49
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ahollerconsumers are using usb3 ;)08:51
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Aman_singhprpplague: you around13:35
Aman_singhprpplague: It will be veru helpful if you can provide a template for preparing proposal :)13:36
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lokeshw24Hi guys! I was looking at
lokeshw24I'm interested in project - Clean up / Fix EDK2 (Tianocore) GCC firmware build system17:03
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meflinthere is even a channel for that :)17:05
lokeshw24meflin: you mean separate IRC channel for gsoc? Can you pls give me the channel-name?17:07
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meflinlokeshw24: the mentors are probably away but if you hang out they will wake up sooner or later17:16
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lokeshw24meflin: Sure. Thanks! BTW, what is the "active" time to be online on IRC?17:18
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ezehi, is there a gsoc mentor here?22:43
meflinperhaps if you have a specific quetion22:43
ezeI am witting an email to introduce myself and ask about a project22:44
meflincheck the topic for about22:44
meflinyou might also consider yourself introduced ;)22:45
ezethanks, I don't know if I understood what you said before22:46
eze(well, I think I didn't :P)22:46
meflinthe channel topic has links to info22:46
ezeoh, yes22:46
ezeI read the projects, I wanted to ask about one in particular22:46
ezeHaskell SMBus/2FPMBus Module22:47
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ezeand I thought that maybe I should ask here before sending the email22:47
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ezesorry, the correct tittle is "Haskell SMBus/PMBus Module"22:48
warthog9eze: I'm not the primary mentor, but is there anything I can answer for you?22:48
ezewell, I wanted to ask if I would be a suitable candidate or if the project would be too much for me22:50
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ezeas I realise I would have to study quite much to understand the project22:51
meflinwhy wouldnb't you be?22:51
ezeas I am not expeienced with the subjects related, I thought that I should ask first. Some projects are not suitable for people that take them from scratch22:53
warthog9eze: have you programmed in haskell before?22:54
ezeyes, I am familiar with both Haskell and C22:54
ezeI never used FFI but I was reading about it22:54
warthog9if you've got a good background in Haskell, and a general understanding of C you'll probably be in good shape22:56
warthog9I'd drop an e-mail to the MinnowBoard mailing list introducing yourself22:56
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warthog9might be worth explaining your background there, and Michael might have some more specific questions22:56
warthog9and applications open on Monday22:56
ezethe think that I am not familiar with are the "words" I2C/SMBus/PMBus, and minnowboard in general. The languages and ubuntu framework don't worry me that much22:59
ezeI will send my email22:59
warthog9eze: have you ever played with a low speed bus from Linux?22:59
warthog9serial, parallel, spi, i2c?23:00
ezeno, I haven't23:00
warthog9have you played around in the Linux kernel before?23:00
eze(that is what I am not familiar with)23:00
warthog9compiled it, read some of the source?23:00
ezeno, neither23:00
ezenever worked at that low level23:01
ezeI have OS concepts23:01
warthog9ever worked on anything that would generally be considered embedded?23:01
ezeno, sorry23:02
ezeno experience, my eye was caught by the languages related to the project23:02
warthog9worth sending the e-mail and applying anyway :-)23:02
warthog9part of GSoC is intended to be a learning experience.  You might want to look into compiling the Linux kernel, and I'd suggest doing some reading on I2C23:03
warthog9(there's a section in the kernel that deals with i2c and some Linux documentation for it too that would be worth reading)23:03
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ezethanks, I will take a look. I am trying to avoid getting into something that could be too much for me and end up hurting an organization project23:07
ezeI think I will first read a little bit more before sending my email23:07
ezethank you very much for your time23:08
warthog9eze: no problem23:08
warthog9we are around here, when we can be23:08
warthog9but obviously real life happens, so if you can't find us here, stick around and we'll respond when we are back, or post something on the mailing list :-)23:09
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