Sunday, 2015-03-15

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ahmed89_hello .. I want to know my PSU wattage , But I can't find on the sticker , I didn't find anything when i googled for my psu model , all I can see on the sticker is : model No:FUP-100 || 2500p || made in china 2012 || weird table contains information about volts and amps but nothing about the wattage06:40
tbrPower is Voltage times Current06:45
emeb_macPower corrupts06:46
tbrand absolute power corrupts absolutely06:46
emeb_macso Volts x Amps = corruption?06:46
tbrdoes that mean politicians are electrically operated?06:47
ahmed89_but there not only one number for volt and amps06:47
ahmed89_there is +3.3v06:48
emeb_macthe table is max for each output06:48
emeb_macdunno if that supports max on all at once06:48
tbrso this isn't a minnowboard supply then, is it?06:48
tbrdoes it specify max input current?06:48
ahmed89_there is +3.3v and under it there 52A | and there is +12v1 under it 55A | +12v2 under it 55A |06:49
ahmed89_I don't see the word max in the table06:50
ahmed89_sorry for english i don't know how to discibe it , I will post a foto06:51
tbrdoes it have a VA rating next to the input voltage?06:52
ahmed89_wait a sec06:56
tbrso the input is 230V and a maxiumum of 4A06:58
tbrthat's a theoretical maximum of 920W input power06:58
ahmed89_so the wattage is 92006:58
ahmed89_aha thank you tbr06:59
tbrthere is no such word as "wattage", please strike that from your vocabulary, thanks06:59
ahmed89_mmmmm I see on google english speaker say "how to know my psu wattage"06:59
tbrbut the 920W is pretty much irrelevant anyway07:00
tbrthe relevant numbers are the maximum output currents on each rail07:01
ahmed89_no it's very imported if i want to have a good cpu and graphic card07:01
tbrno, it's total bullshit07:01
ahmed89_* it's very important07:01
tbrif the power distribution on the rails is insufficient from what you'll use than even a 2000W PSU wouldn't work07:02
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* warthog9 checks in before crashing for the night07:03
* tbr smiles and waves07:04
warthog9trying to figure out the optimal power supply for a desktop?07:05
tbrsounds like it, yeah07:05
* warthog9 suggests a small nuclear power plant for those gaming graphics cards07:05
warthog9and I say that as someone starting to ponder upgrading his nvidia 5500gtx07:06
warthog9I need to clean my office so bad07:10
warthog9I can't even find my usb3 sdcard reader right now07:10
ahmed89_can you tell me whice psu is better ? this or
warthog9there it is07:12
warthog9ahmed89_: odd place to be asking in an embedded channel ;-)07:12
warthog9ahmed89_: I don't recognize the brand on either07:13
warthog9hard to give you a really good answer07:13
warthog9and it'll depend on what you are doing with your system, for instance the 5V output is wildly different on the two07:14
ahmed89_I'm trying to sell one of theme , and keep the best one to me.07:14
warthog9"best" in this case is a bit subjective07:14
ahmed89_<warthog9> thanks07:15
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ahollerthat discussion about psu's reminds me that I don't like that 96boards(.org) are needing 8-12v. I'm very happy with just 5v.09:12
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ahollerjust in case someone thinks about a minnow which wants more than 5v ;)09:19
koenaholler: I bought a usb->9v thingy to power my 96borad09:40
koenthat 8-18v requirement is *$(*$(@*$( annoying09:41
ahollerjust what I've thought when I've read it09:41
koenthe only thing 96borad has over the minnow is size09:41
koenI like ethernet, serial and usb309:41
aholleryes, with usb3 they even could get rid of ethernet09:42
ahollerand sata. but ok, having ethernet and sata on board is less hassle than fiddling with external adapters09:45
ahollerbut multiple usb3 connectors would also make it possible to use more than 1 sata and 1 ethernet which is limit which most small boards still have09:46
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ahollerthe 5 gbit/s of usb 3.0 should be enough for most consumer needs, even for a nas with two network and two disks, assuming it works as promised ;)09:59
ahollerbut looking at the all bugs even with usb 2, that would make me wonder ;)10:00
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Aman_singhprpplague: are you there ?12:34
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sjoerdheh, does recent minnowboard firmware start the rtc at end of january this year after a poweroff17:42
meflinthat would be intersting :)17:42
sjoerdwell that seems to be what happens thusfar17:43
meflinbad bat on the clock?17:43
sjoerduhm, the minnowboard doesn't have a battery17:44
meflinah well mine are not here yet ;)17:44
meflinyou would think epic ....17:44
sjoerdso yeah the time being odd at boot isn't surprising17:44
sjoerdthe specific time set is annoying though as e2fsck thins it's a sane time and thus bombs out by syaing the superblock mount is in the fugure17:45
sjoerdfun \o/17:45
meflinif there is no bat on the clock tho .. you have to find a start date17:45
meflinyou can set the clock first ... this is a tricky bit tho .. no good answers ( bats help )17:46
sjoerdsure, it's more susrpsing as my other board with the factory firmware has the start date in ~200117:48
sjoerdwhich makes things like e2fsck assuming your rtc is bad17:49
meflinyou know what epic is right?17:50
sjoerdIf you mean the epoch then yes17:50
meflinodd set of facts e2fsck is wrong in this case17:51
sjoerdI don't see why it's wrong17:52
sjoerdOverreacting potentially17:52
meflinstart time is never assured17:53
meflinsome of my comps fall back when the bat failed to 197517:53
sjoerdif the time is before 2010 e2fsck assumes the rtc is bad17:53
meflinif 2015 is wrong is it more correct?17:53
mefline2 is wrong because it doesn't know the real time17:54
sjoerdIt's a heuristic, and the heuristic fails in this case that's all17:54
sjoerdi didn't come here to argue about e2 :)17:54
meflinI didn't come here to argue at all  ;)17:55
meflinminnows are weird .. but the but falls at e217:55
sjoerdi don't really think it does17:55
sjoerdneither that hte minnowboard firmware is doing something wrong17:56
meflinok why?17:56
sjoerdthis is one of those lovely grey areas17:56
meflinfor a start date?17:56
sjoerdBecause a heuristic saying that if hte hw clock is set to something more recent then 2010 means the clock time is valid is not unreasonable17:56
meflin1970 is resonable IMO17:57
meflinthere are rare reasons to do it17:57
sjoerdto do what17:58
meflinto runn the clock wrong17:58
meflinthat is how I found all my Y2K's .. by running the clock off wrong17:58
sjoerdI'm happy you did17:59
sjoerdHoweve rthat's not relevant now17:59
meflinassumptions mater17:59
sjoerdor in this case at least17:59
meflinit always maters17:59
mefline2k assumes something that is very very wrong18:00
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meflinI do not think I will convince you so I am happy to agreee to disagree18:00
sjoerdI'm not even sure what you're tring to convince me of and why it's useful so :)18:01
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emebpro tip - don't try to install liboctave-dev from ubuntu 14.04 on a minnowmax18:10
emebcompletely borks the x11 setup18:10
MinnowBoardGSoC6Is minnowboard now Yocto Compatible?18:10
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meflinMinnowBoardGSoC6: wait a week to ask that question18:14
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MinnowBoardGSoC6Ok.. I gather that it is being processed to .. thanks.. I will ask later..18:20
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meflinit is not a techniclal issue to answer18:21
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prpplaguejust fyi, for future reference, minnowboard max was yocto compatible from day one of the release of max18:27
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warthog9sjoerd: dunno on the clock, that would be new if true20:52
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sjoerdwarthog9: It's version MNW2MAX1.X64.0077.R01.150129124722:25
sjoerdhmm, odd that that version happens to have 15-01-29 which is the date the hw clock seems to start at when resetting the power22:27
sjoerdwarthog9: if i'ts not the firmware i don't know what the difference between the boards would be22:27
sjoerdnot a big issue, just surprsing with suprising effects22:28
prpplaguesjoerd: yes, the default for the firmware is to set the date to the date of the firmware build and release22:29
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warthog9I'm not sure I'd call that "normal" to default to the firmware build date, but I can at least see the logic23:35
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tbron a device without separate battery backed RTC we used to save the timestamp on shutdown and set it on startup +30s. ugly but mostly worked for that purpose.23:38
tbrwe also used ntpdate on wifi up23:38
warthog9yeah, getting ntp up sooner is always the best answer for clocks23:40
warthog9I'm actually looking at how hard it would be to get one of my old hiking GPSes hooked up to the home server to get me a stratum 0 clock23:41
givemefive911warthog9: Does it have a serial interface23:43
givemefive911Garpin 16/17 series are only about a hundred bucks and they can do PPS and are user flasheable.  My stratum 0 is +-2us on a Garmin 16.23:45
givemefive911If you can only get NMEA strings over USB you're pretty limited. but if it has PPS you can do a little better23:46
warthog9givemefive911: dunno, haven't looked at the project hard yet23:50
givemefive911warthog9: well the gpsd website is a pretty good resource if you get around to it23:51
warthog9givemefive911: true23:52
warthog9looky that, the gps in question is sitting on my desk23:53

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