Tuesday, 2015-03-17

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warthog9well that's an afternoon of wiki editing00:33
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programmerqwarthog9: ohh! which pages specifically?01:49
programmerqI think I figured it out.01:52
programmerqgood to know about the HD on the same power supply. too bad about CEC. I was considering getting another max for openelec, but CEC was on the wishlist for a new openelec solution.01:54
programmerqI haven't had any brownouts so far on my 3A 5v supply. I figured that the 450ma power reqs of the drive fit nicely in the "other peripherals" in "500mA (USB2) + 900mA (USB3) + 500mA (core) + 500mA (other peripherals) = 2400mA"01:56
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bcranwarthog9: thanks for moving the PCIe info over to the Lures page - much better there than on the main page :)02:23
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warthog9programmerq: I've been through several of them04:43
warthog9programmerq: and good to hear on the 3A supply04:44
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warthog9bcran: yeah, I'll have to probably footnote that as more lures that make use of mPCI-E come out, but figured it was kinda in the wrong spot and wouldn't get quite the notice it needed04:44
programmerqI had been wondering about the mpcie stuff, actually. I thought maybe there was opportunity to add more usb3 ports through the mpci-e interface.04:45
programmerqthere isn't really a whole lot out there on that front04:45
programmerqnothing that matches the pricing of a humble usb3 hub, anyway.04:46
warthog9thought I had a couple of usb3 mpci-e cards at work04:47
warthog9programmerq: and remember a separate root port means another 5gbps of bandwidth04:48
warthog9as opposed to a hub which means you are sharing that 5gbps of bandwidth04:48
programmerqyeah, maybe I didn't search for quite the right thing then.04:49
warthog9also we can apparently thank the usb consortium for retroactively declaring USB 3.0 to be USB 3.1 Gen 104:49
warthog9programmerq: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681512412304:50
programmerqyup, I see a few like that. I'm curious if there are any that have the ability to add a total of four ports instead of only two.04:50
programmerqoh, that one even comes with generic panel mount usb ports04:51
warthog9getting 4 ports is unlikely04:51
warthog9the math sucks04:51
warthog94 x usb 3.0 root ports = 20gbps of bandwidth04:51
programmerqI am more concerned about port count rather than getting full speed from all of them.04:51
warthog9a gen2 pci-e lane gets you about 4gbps of bandwidth04:52
warthog9(assuming I'm doing my math right)04:52
programmerqwow, the lure plus cost of the mpcie usb3 interface is pretty pricey.04:52
programmerqfor what I need, a humble amazonbasics hub would fit my needs.04:53
programmerqit's still neat that you can expand the max like that though.04:53
programmerqstill bummed about no cec though. :(04:53
warthog9programmerq: it's not impossible04:54
warthog9and if you were really steady with a soldering iron you could pull the line to a gpio to twiddle04:54
programmerqthat's true04:54
warthog9programmerq: the cec makes it to, and through (we are reasonably sure) the hdmi control level shifter04:54
warthog9it just doesn't have a path from there to the cpu04:54
warthog9tap the right line and gpio it, and you *SHOULD* be able to muck with it04:55
programmerqis there a spot for the cpu to receive it? (I may not be *that* handy with a soldering iron, but I'm curious)04:55
programmerqI still need to do my writeup on being the first to get steamos working on a minnowmax.04:55
warthog9even if there is a spot to receive it, it's a BGA so no easy way to get at the pad04:55
programmerqah, understood.04:55
warthog9programmerq: you saw that Randy got streaming working, right?04:56
programmerqno, I did mine a couple weeks ago though.04:56
programmerqstreaming seemed to work04:56
warthog9yeah Randy got streaming working with vaapi and posted a video to youtube04:56
warthog9I believe his comment was "it all just worked"04:57
programmerqwas it streaming on steamos? or another distro?04:57
warthog9ubuntu I think04:57
programmerqI had to swap kernels since steamos is using an older one.04:57
warthog9he ran into something weird with steamos and gave up on it04:57
programmerqother than that, I had little to no issue.04:58
programmerqI even had it working with my wireless 360 controller dongle.04:58
programmerqI even played super hexagon right on the max04:58
programmerqthat was weird though04:58
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programmerqI'm tempted to bring it to my next lan party, set up my main rig in a corner, and tell people I am playing everything directly on the max04:59
programmerqbut that probably isn't going to happen-- I hope to put it in its final home, which will be a home server for me.05:00
programmerqbut it's been a heck of a fun toy for sure.05:00
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HoloPedso the plate of death13:02
HoloPedI had it13:02
HoloPedon both my boards13:02
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warthog9HoloPed: boards ok?16:35
HoloPedI think so16:36
warthog9or did it get shorted?16:36
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Aman_singhwarthog9: reviews about my proposal ? :)16:52
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warthog9Aman_singh: you put in the application for u-boot right?17:47
Aman_singhwarthog9: no  ,for xtending core libraries for wiring17:48
Aman_singhI haven't submitted , I gave you a link here17:49
warthog9Aman_singh: sorry, brain slightly full and I haven't quite gotten nicks to projects straight in my head17:52
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warthog9Aman_singh: it's ok, I'd go ahead and pull up our app template from melange and start filling it in17:55
warthog9you might need to flush out the time line a little bit17:55
Aman_singhhahaha (y)17:56
Aman_singhwarthog9: I haven't published any of my work anywhere , basically I have worked on basic projects  till now  and my additional work section is empty17:57
warthog9just note that17:58
warthog9so we know :-)17:58
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Aman_singhI was thinking , I should make something within next few days , I know I can17:58
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Aman_singhor  should I work on variants file , where my project is going to start ?18:00
Aman_singhwarthog9: I am confident about both tasks , please suggest me what should I do ?18:02
warthog9do what interests you more :-)18:02
warthog9that's usually a good way to go18:02
Aman_singhokay , gonna use two arduino with all my stuff to create something interesting and then start working with variants because it is only reading wiki page and editing galileo's file18:05
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tushraj @warthog9:  Hey , I was setting up the  shell environment for EDKII and after the computing the command : 'export EDK_TOOLS_PATH=$HOME/src/edk2/BaseTool' . I'm getting the following error:fish: Unknown command “export".20:06
tushrajWhat can be the reason for that ?20:06
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tushrajNever mind, i resolved that error20:15
warthog9tushraj: what shell are you using?20:20
warthog9tushraj: oops, yay for resolving things :-)20:21
tushraj@warthog9: I''m working on my proposal now on 'Clean up / Fix EDK2 (Tianocore) GCC firmware build system' as I found some abnormalities like the script should be edit directly while overiding default values.20:23
warthog9yeah the cleanups aren't hard, there's just a lot of niggling bits to do and test20:24
warthog9I think the stretch goals for the clean up project will likely be to work on getting iPXE setup as the firmware network driver too20:25
warthog9as that's relatively high on my "want" list20:25
tushrajokay, Ill try to work on that too.20:26
warthog9that should actually be pretty fun if we get that far :-)20:28
tushrajyeah as a novice, under your guidance, I think we can achieve that : - )20:30
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MinnowBoardGSoC5Hello, I am Konstantin Stoyanov. I will participate in GSOC 2015. Last two years I am working on casino project which involves working with perl. I am interest to work21:04
MinnowBoardGSoC5SyncDiff(erent) - SSH Transport. Can you give me a direction to start with it?21:05
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warthog9ergh he just logged off23:33
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ka6soxI just got here23:42
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* warthog9 waves at ka6sox 23:58

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