Wednesday, 2015-03-18

ka6soxhiya warthog900:00
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sysop2hi guys! I think I might be having a problem with my board.  no matter what I do it says  "Boot Failed. ubuntu" and then goes to the EFI shell after awhile.  I  tried booting it to a thumb drive  that had kubuntu on it and I know works on my laptop. but same error, disconnected all storage and still get  the same error.03:52
warthog9sysop2: what flavor of ubuntu are you trying to boot03:57
warthog9and have you done anything with the firmware?03:57
sysop2kubuntu. and no, it was working fine running kubuntu off the sata port and then I looked over x was crashed back to text mode so I rebooted and got the error03:58
sysop2and I still get the error with no media plugged in.03:59
sysop2I was about to try flashing the firmware to see Iif that would fix it.04:00
warthog9do you have fastboot turned on?04:00
sysop2note sure let me see.04:00
warthog9sysop2: this sounds slightly more like uefi has a pre-set boot option04:00
warthog9and it's not finding it and not booting04:01
warthog9do you end up at the shell?04:01
warthog9(uefi shell)04:01
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sysop2yes end up in the shell, but why would it break? its been working fine for months?  I had not been in the bios  since I set it up. its been my media box.04:01
sysop2all the boot options are disabled. fast boot included.04:03
sysop2I am sorry they are all enabled. I read it wrong.  I  press enter to disable them.04:04
sysop2I am disabling the security boot as well.04:05
sysop2not it was right the first time, the bios has some odd phrasing.04:05
warthog9(1) disable fastboot04:06
warthog9I haven't seen fastboot work "right" on the max yet04:06
warthog9so generally that's a good things to turn off04:06
warthog9when you get to the shell you should see something like....04:06
warthog9see that fs0 line?04:07
warthog9you should have an fs0 line somewhere04:07
warthog9on the screen04:07
sysop2I have seen that when I have the usb drive plugged in. otherewsie it says map failed.04:08
warthog9then the MAX isn't seeing your hard drive04:09
warthog9that fs0 indicates it's found a bootable filesystem04:09
sysop2but why wont it boot to the usb drive?04:09
warthog9when you plug it in?04:09
warthog9the boot order likely doesn't have it above the shell04:09
sysop2ok hold on. let me go play with the boot order brb. I wonder if the ssd went bad.04:10
sysop2I cant back into the bios. I turned on fast boot to try it out and now I no longer get the f2 to enter setup prompt04:12
warthog9ahhh the dreaded fastboot04:12
warthog9does it end up at the shell?04:12
warthog9type `exit`04:13
warthog9without the `'s04:13
sysop2you rock04:13
warthog9I just have a lot of knowledge stuck in my head04:13
warthog9it's also documented on if you ever need to find it again04:14
warthog9ohhh hmmm04:14
warthog9thought it was04:14
warthog9other page ;-)04:14
* warthog9 knows he documented it SOMEWHERE04:14
ka6soxuh huh ;)04:15
sysop2thats cool. but how do I boot the usb drive?04:15
sysop2thats right sorry04:15
sysop2boot order brb04:15
warthog9or at the shell04:15
sysop2it still said boot failed ubuntu04:16
sysop2how do I boot it from the shell?04:17
warthog9on the MaxBoot page above right after step 2 there's a list of instructions04:17
warthog9starts with fs0:04:18
* warthog9 quietly and impatiently compiles up a kernel with spidev in it so he can play with his new toy04:19
sysop2bootx64 is an unknown command.04:20
warthog9did you poke around on FS0:04:20
warthog9should be a directory FS0:\efi\<something>04:20
warthog9might not be bootx64, could be grubx6404:21
sysop2no hold on. sorry text it big and the pic shift it.04:21
sysop2it always helps to do the entire list of ins rather than skipping to the end, LOL04:21
sysop2I dont see an FS0: when I type that it says invalid map name.04:23
warthog9just the ssd or your usb stick too?04:23
sysop2ssd is unplugged and usb in inserted.04:24
sysop2is I meant04:24
warthog9try the following 2 commands04:24
warthog9connect -r04:24
warthog9map -r04:24
warthog9see if you get a mapping that has fs0 from that04:24
sysop2I get blk0  - blk304:25
sysop2no fs004:26
warthog9are you sure your usb stick has a bootable efi partition on it?04:26
sysop2no, I created it using unetbooting.04:26
sysop2I take that back04:27
sysop2this has a full installed copy of kubuntu on it.04:27
sysop2I have another one I created with unetbootin I can try.04:27
warthog9given what the firmware is doing I can only assume there's no efi partition on the boot media04:28
warthog9it sounds like it's finding a disk04:28
sysop2I went inot boot manger and choose it and the unetbootin one booted.04:28
sysop2so it cant see the hdd.. I will try it on anotehr machine.04:29
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sysop2I just put the drive in a  hdd reader and  linux sees nothing.04:36
ka6soxlooks like your sad died04:36
sysop2out of the blue!!!  lost a bunch of work.04:37
ka6soxthats what SSD's do04:38
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sysop2thanks for the help.04:46
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warthog9not much I can do when that happens04:47
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Guest14925is there an android howto for the minnowboard yet?04:51
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sysop2is there an android howto for the minnowboard yet?  sorry if you see this twice.04:55
sysop2I mean minnowboard max04:57
sysop2thaanks warthog9 !04:59
warthog9is slightly newer, but I could be wrong04:59
warthog9yup my link is slightly newer04:59
warthog9and you get a choice of 32-bit or 64-bit user space04:59
sysop264bit please!05:00
sysop2now just need to figure out to triple boot win81 linux and android l!05:00
sysop2probalby install win first, then linux and use grub to boot to android and windows.05:01
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sysop2I have done that with an aerlier version of android. so it should work in theory with l.05:01
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sysop2is it still true that the max only supports 32bit windows 8.111:38
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sysop2ok I am trying to update the firmware. I am at the EFI shell prompt. but it keeps saying the efi program is not reconized as an internal or external command.12:27
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sysop2nevermind it was my fault. didnt realize that when I when to the begginin of the line it overwrites instead of inserts.12:38
sysop2its updating the firmware right now.12:38
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warthog9sysop2: we have a 64-bit uefi, so out of the box we only support 64-bit Windows.  If you want 32-bit Windows you would actually have to switch to a 32-bit uefi on the board17:08
warthog9sysop2: if you are seeing 32-bit only, you might be reading old MinnowBoard v1 documentation17:08
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tripzeroprpplague, do you think it's possible to do control over hdmi with the max?17:10
tripzerolike, have the max turn on my TV?17:11
prpplaguetripzero: cec isn't fully supported on this revision of the minnowboard max17:14
prpplaguetripzero: it's something we are looking into17:14
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MinnowBoardGSoC0hi guys20:27
MinnowBoardGSoC0Anyone here for the GSoC project where you have to replace PXE with iPXE20:28
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warthog9MinnowBoardGSoC0: what can I answer for you?20:31
MinnowBoardGSoC0First of all : is it still available or is it "booked" by someone?20:34
warthog9student acceptance doesn't occur for quite a while20:36
warthog9and by GSoC policy we can't pre-announce or pre-pick students20:36
warthog9applications are open, anyone is free to put forward an application and proposal :-)20:36
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MinnowBoardGSoC0ok then :-)20:39
MinnowBoardGSoC0Can you give me any link to the current PXE script to look through it ?20:40
MinnowBoardGSoC0Because I would be very interested in working at this project due to the fact that this summer i had been involved in a similar one20:42
warthog9we don't currently have a pxe script20:43
warthog9the project is more focused on initially replacing the firmware driver20:43
warthog9there's a proprietary realtek driver in the firmware for our ethernet chipset, the intention is to pull it out and replace it entirely with iPXE and it's driver20:44
warthog9the secondary goal will be to allow for integration with Boot Boot, once that's back up20:44
MinnowBoardGSoC0What to you mean by Boot Boot?20:48
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warthog9Boot Boot is the resurrection of an internet bootable system previously known as BKO or boot.kernel.org20:49
warthog9sadly BKO isn't around and I haven't had enough time to get up and running (I've got a rather explicit deadline now though)20:50
MinnowBoardGSoC0can I be of any help in this matter?20:53
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ahollerbko was handy21:03
warthog9MinnowBoardGSoC0: in the bring-up for boot boot, not really21:08
warthog9other than pestering me ;-)21:08
warthog9with the iPXE stuff - I can always use help on that21:08
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warthog9aholler: yeah, someone asked me VERY nicely if I'd resurrect it21:09
ahollernicely with a deadline? sounds more like paid work21:11
warthog9deadline is because I might have submitted a talk to a conference about it *whistles*21:13
warthog9and said talk MIGHT have have been accepted21:13
MinnowBoardGSoC0@warthog9: where should I start then ? :-)21:15
MinnowBoardGSoC0I mean this might be a good oportunity for me to see if I have what it takes to finish the project21:16
warthog9MinnowBoardGSoC0: best plan, snag iPXE and get it built up and tested on a system you've got21:17
warthog9(no need to replace your firmware blob but getting it up and running on a usb stick for instance)21:17
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MinnowBoardGSoC0Does it count if I already did this last summer?21:21
warthog9worth doing again ;-)21:22
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MinnowBoardGSoC0I mean I worked at a project where I had to implement a system for creating a database of all the servers in a company and all their components MAC addresses and other stuff like that21:23
warthog9well it's worth re-creating a network booting environment locally21:24
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MinnowBoardGSoC0and each server when it booted had to go through an iPXE menu and it was then passed to a databased where a query was made to see if the system had been already put in the database or not... if not it booted in a linux that made a table of its components.. and then rebooted in to a prefered OS21:26
MinnowBoardGSoC0OK then... i'll start working at it :-)21:26
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sysop2warthog9, thanks, no I want 64bit.23:42
sysop2its so wierd though. when I get to the screen where it says "where do you want to install windows" its got nothing.  is there a sata driver I should load?23:43
sysop2I also put a thumb drive on the box and it doesnt see that either.23:44

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