Thursday, 2015-03-19

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bcransysop2: are the drivers (sata/usb) partitioned using GPT? I think that under UEFI Windows requires GPT partitioning and not legacy-style MBR01:38
sysop2its a brand new drive.01:38
sysop2should I put it another machine and give it a gpt?01:39
bcranno, that _should_ work afaik01:39
bcransysop2: do you have a UEFI shell you can use to see if it's seen there?01:39
sysop2its does not show up in UEFI shell.01:39
sysop2I am about to try in my other machine.01:40
bcransysop2: if it's a spinning drive, do you hear it spinning?  Could it be a power issue?01:40
bcranhmm, ok :)01:42
bcranno idea what to try next then01:42
sysop2its a bad drive out of the box. sorry guys.01:43
sysop2its brand new and I just put it in my reader and I get nothing.01:43
sysop2I have one more ssd drive I am going to try it in the reader first and make sure it works then I am going to try it on the minowboard.01:45
sysop2you dont think the minnowboard could be killing them to do you?01:46
bcransysop2: the only suggestion I have is to make _sure_ you have enough power. Because brownouts can kill SSDs01:47
bcranand just because it's an SSD doesn't mean it's low-power. One I'm working with needs around 25W01:47
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ka6soxevening wormo04:48
WormoHowdy ka6sox04:48
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WormoI guess you saw my G+ that we narrowly escaped the evil metal plate on the new minnowmax?04:49
ka6soxsaw that04:53
ka6soxwhat are you going to put on your Max?04:53
ka6soxfinally something that has enough power to build its own distro. :)04:55
sysop2ok I have good and bad news. all those drives I thought were bad are not.  I had a cabling issue with my reader, but I still cant see the dirve on the max.  going to try another sata cable. brb04:57
ka6soxWormo, what are you going to put on the Max?04:58
Wormoka6sox, OE04:59
ka6soxSelf-Hosting :)04:59
ka6soxI should see if we have x86_64 Feeds for Angstrom05:00
Wormobut if calchan gets a student for gentoo on minnowboard project, I might help mentor that one05:00
Wormohe's an old hand at mentoring, good match for a newbie at mentoring like me05:01
ka6soxGood Plan05:01
ka6soxI ran Angstrom on my Single Core for a while...05:02
WormoI see your Project of Interest already has a victim, er student interested05:02
ka6sox(actually its still on there)05:02
Wormothx for giving the heads up that the next batch of dual was available05:02
ka6soxya, strike while the Iron's hot05:03
ka6soxstill quite a few days for CalChan to get a student.05:05
WormoHow many GSoC slots did minnowboard get?05:07
ka6soxI don't know!05:09
Wormoka6sox: going to make it to BoF next week?05:26
ka6soxwhat day and time?05:27
ka6soxand most likely05:27
WormoTuesday evening05:27
WormoELC schedule is down for a few minutes for maintenance... but I recall 6:3005:28
ka6soxokay so late dinner ;(05:36
Wormoyeah mine will prob be late, will have to go back to hotel & cook it05:36
Wormoyou can always buy something pre-made...05:37
ka6soxI'll probably try to meet up with some folks I don't normally get to see05:37
* warthog9 briefly wakes up05:43
Inge-minnowboard actually in stock some places?05:43
warthog9Inge-: thought I saw one earlier today05:43
warthog9check there where-to-buy05:43
* warthog9 should try to figure out if he can query the in stock counts for that page05:43
Wormohow many slots for GSoC projects?05:47
warthog9I've requested 405:47
warthog9but that's mostly based on # of mentors and projects05:47
WormoWhen does google do the final allocation?05:48
Wormoafter all student proposals are in?05:48
warthog9after apps close05:48
WormoI bet a lot of proposals come near the end05:50
Wormomotto of my class @ engineering school was "Solving the worlds problems... at midnight last night"05:51
warthog9sounds familiar05:51
WormoT-shirt slogan (I probably shoulda got one)05:51
Wormomidnight being optimistic of course05:51
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warthog9of course05:56
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warthog9ohhhh I might be in better shape than I thought for getting this pxeknife code up and out06:06
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sysop2warthog9, I think it was a bad cable. that was weird how a cable could just go bad sitting there.11:37
sysop2but it will wont see my new hdd.11:41
sysop2in windows at least. going to try linux.  is there a sata driver I need to load during install or something. I tried loading from the drivers I downloaded but I get nothing.11:42
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sysop2its windows.12:09
sysop2kubuntu will see the drive no problem. I am not sure why the old 60gb would not boot. but the new drive windows doesnt see at all.12:10
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sysop2hmm  now linux wont see the hdd.12:27
sysop2I am not sure whats going on. the drive works fine in my desktop via a usb reader. I was able to give it a gpt partition table and format a small ntfs partition. but when I hook it up the minnowboard I got it to see the drive once. but just tried again and it didnt.12:28
sysop2trying a reboot12:29
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sysop2rebooted and now it sees the drive.12:33
sysop2what is going on?12:33
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ahollerbelieve in magic ;)12:35
ahollerisn't rebooting the secret formular for all problems regarding windows? ;)12:36
sysop2so is there a sata controller driver for win8.1 that I need to load?12:41
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sysop2this guy had similar issues with 8.1 and his machine has the same sata controller. so I downloaded this file. unziped it and put in a directory on the thumbdrive I was booting window 8.1 install from. and rebooted the max. then when it got to the drive screen it showed the ssd, I did12:59
sysop2nt even have to manually load it. weird.12:59
sysop2so hopefully that will help anyone else trying to put normal windows 8.1 on a minnow board. use I know its not supported but I also could care less, I am concerned with being able to run my hardware.13:01
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sysop2all that was crap sorry. still having issues. sometimes it sees the hdd some times it doesnt.13:55
sysop2its back to not seeing the drive. I think there is hardware issue with the sata controller. sometimes the max sees the drive and sometimes it doesnt.  the only thing I have not replaced is the hdd power supply. it looks ok but I have a power tester somewhere I will test the power supply, but if its not that I dont know what else it could be.13:58
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sysop2time to work on network boot I guess.13:59
Aman_singhprpplague: ping14:06
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sysop2pong, does anyone know the max sd card size on the max?14:42
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warthog9sysop2: I've tried as big as a 32G, but I don't think a 128G would be a problem15:37
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AshutoshDasprpplague: Greetings.16:05
AshutoshDasprpplague: Hey16:05
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prpplagueAshutoshDas: hey16:06
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AshutoshDasprpplague: I have submitted the initial proposal of the project, may i get some feedback on that. And what may i improve in that.16:08
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prpplagueAshutoshDas: let me find out if i can provide feedback after the proposal has been submitted16:10
AshutoshDasprpplague: Okay.16:12
AshutoshDasprpplague: And the link to Galileo Arduino source code in Project idea page is broken. I have provided the link to source code of IDE 1.0.4(which is used with the latest Arduino IDE 1.6.0) in the talk page.16:16
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prpplagueAshutoshDas: yea i think they were changing the links16:17
prpplagueAshutoshDas: i'll look16:17
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prpplagueAshutoshDas: hmm link looks fine to me16:18
AshutoshDasprpplague: The link redirects to the Intel page. But in the intel page, link to download source doesn't work. It shows a 404 error page.16:23
* prpplague looks16:23
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AshutoshDasprpplague:       I got the source in this page. This link is working.16:25
prpplagueAshutoshDas: yea looking now16:25
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prpplagueAshutoshDas: right looks like they changed, please update the link on the project page16:26
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AshutoshDasprpplague: okay, I am on it.16:27
AshutoshDasprpplague: Updated the link.16:29
AshutoshDasprpplague: May i know your time zone please?16:30
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prpplagueAshutoshDas: CDT -050016:31
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AshutoshDasprpplague: thanks.16:32
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HoloPedWho is running an OS on a USB3.0 drive ?17:08
HoloPedI rebooted the board while there was another usb drive in, it tried to boot of that, failed17:09
HoloPednow it won't boot at all17:09
HoloPedI wonder if this an Ubuntu problem or a hardware problem17:09
prpplagueHoloPed: test frequently with usb3 thumb drive as primary os17:09
HoloPednow I get the Ubuntu loading screen, and its stuck there17:09
prpplagueHoloPed: sounds like the boot sequence stuff got changed in the uefi firmwware17:10
HoloPedhow do I get into the UEFI screens ?17:11
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cezar57@worthog9: hi ... are you online?17:22
warthog9cezar57: I am17:24
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cezar57i'm the one from yesterday interesred in the iPXE project17:26
warthog9ahhh :-)17:27
cezar57i flashed the iPXE on a usb and played a bit with it17:27
cezar57created a menu, booted a Centos over hhtp17:28
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warthog9ohhh how'd you do the centos over http?  Live image, or just installer?17:33
cezar57just installer17:33
warthog9ahh, that's pretty easy and straight forward17:34
warthog9good as a test though :-)17:34
cezar57yeah... the longest part was finding a usb17:34
warthog9cezar57: have you started working on an application for GSoC?17:34
cezar57not yet17:34
cezar57but i know that i should've17:35
warthog9hard deadline is the 27th17:35
meflinyou miss that by 1 min and there is now recovery17:35
* warthog9 nods17:35
warthog9better to have something in, even if it's bad, than not to have anything in17:36
warthog9bad we can fix, nothing we can't17:36
meflinyou can always edit it untill the dealine17:36
cezar57yeah... i know that..17:37
tushraj@warthog9 : hi, Where should I share my first GSoC application draft for the suggestions ?17:37
meflinin melange17:38
cezar57i was thinking if you could give some piece of advice on how to write it17:38
meflinthere is a template17:38
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cezar57i'll start working on it and maybe I will submit a first version in this weekend17:54
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warthog9tushraj: I'd put it right into melange directly18:00
warthog9it has a system for comments18:00
warthog9and it makes it easy for all the mentors to see it18:00
warthog9cezar57: awesome :)18:01
tushraj@warthog9 : Thanks, Ill put my first application draft in two days.18:04
warthog9tushraj: I'll keep an eye out for it18:05
warthog9I've got a conference next week, so if you need me, getting something in sooner is better18:06
calculusprpplague: umm... something unexpected/surprising came up, I have a business trip to Florida next Mon/Tue and I still want to make it to the showcase on Tue18:06
calculusso maybe we will see other or not18:06
prpplaguecalculus: no worries, biz comes first18:07
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ahollerhah, cisco got desperate and will now send routers to dummy addresses. what a broken society humanity has become ...18:55
ahollersmuggling routers will become the main working field of responsible administrators ;)18:56
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calculusprpplague: yeah, doing my booking now, it looks like I am coming back Wednesday23:44
calculusprpplague: how late are you staying Wednesday?23:44
prpplaguecalculus: i'm good23:48
prpplaguecalculus: see you then!23:49
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calculusprpplague: goodie23:53
sysop2has anyone else's sata port die on them?23:53
sysop2died I mean23:54
sysop2because I am 99% sure mine did, the only thing I have not checked the power supply. but can find my power checker.23:54
sysop2going to install windows 8.1 to sata mounted on usb reader.23:55
calculusdid you remove the metal tab on the high speed connector?23:55
sysop2I looked there wasnt one.23:56
sysop2it should be in the middle easy to see right? I never had one thankfully.23:56
calculusone the edge,
sysop2but this is pretty much the only hardware problem I have had.23:57
calculusI don't know if that would cause SATA problems or not, just a thought I had23:57
sysop2yea nothing like that on my connector.23:57
sysop2the only other weird thing was I had one with all zeros for the mac address, but that was easily fixed.23:58
sysop2just thought of how to test the power, this usb hdd bay is also esata,  it has its own power supply, if it cant see it with it plugged in like that it has to be bad sata.23:59

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