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joshiOK, colleagues, thanks for advice, I'm on my way to bed - 04:02 already at my part of the world.00:03
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Aman_singh@warthog9: I need help , I am not able to interpret the information on wiki page for pin mux . basically I need linux gpio of pin being muxed and the linux gpio id of pin responsible for muxing and also need to specify arduino id .06:06
warthog9Aman_singh: there may be a miss-understanding on how the pin is muxed, right now there is no way to change the pin mux of a pin from the OS06:07
warthog9that has to be done from the firmware during boot06:07
warthog9you can't switch it on the fly06:07
warthog9Aman_singh: is that what you are having problems interpretting?06:09
Aman_singhI am not asking about changing , but I need to specify them for libraries support06:09
Aman_singhas variants of board06:09
warthog9Aman_singh: ok so you've seen the table for the LSE?06:10
warthog9what's confusing on that chart?06:10
Aman_singhwhich pin is muxed with with one06:10
warthog9So you see the name/description?06:11
warthog9for each pin06:11
Aman_singhname and description is ok but linux gpio is id also needed to specified , I guess06:11
warthog9that is the "primary" function of the pin06:12
warthog9you'll then note the pin column refers to the physical pin position06:12
warthog9and then the 2 GPIO columns specify the Linux GPIO number06:12
warthog9there's 2 columns for that because between 3.17 and 3.18 there was a change to the Linux kernel that changed the ordering of the pins by 25606:12
Aman_singhokay , I was not able to get it06:13
warthog9there likely needs to be a big line down the middle so it's more clear that it's split06:13
warthog9that table is intended to look like the LSE pinout06:14
warthog9 if you look at that06:14
warthog9you'll notice the LSE at the bottom06:14
warthog9and pins 1, and 26, are marked06:14
Aman_singhbut still I need to specify   which pin is controlling a particular lse pin06:16
warthog9that table gives you the mapping from Linux GPIO to physical pin...06:17
warthog9I guess my question is what are you expecting to find?06:17
warthog9since obviously it's not that table...06:18
Aman_singhdon't I need mapping from linux gpio to linux gpio?06:18
Aman_singhhave a look , it is for galileo06:19
warthog9what page?06:19
Aman_singhand 11 too06:20
Aman_singhtogether they are specifying the gpio to gpio mapping06:20
warthog9is your question more what Linux GPIO maps to an Arduino GPIO pin?06:21
warthog9not what Linux GPIO maps to a physical LSE pin?06:21
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Aman_singhI am clear about the significance of physical id ... does it mean more its position on board06:22
Aman_singhdamn *not clear06:22
Aman_singh*more than its position06:23
warthog9Aman_singh: look at the pins in
warthog9you see how there's 2 rows of 13 pins?06:23
warthog9and pin 1 is marked, as is pin 26?06:23
Aman_singhyes I see06:24
warthog9now mentally turn that picture 90deg clockwise so the ethernet is at the top06:24
Aman_singhI get it06:24
warthog9now look at the layout at
warthog9pin #1 in that table will align with pin 1 in the picture06:25
warthog9as will pin #2606:25
Aman_singhbut while working for libraries06:25
Aman_singhI need to specify gpio to gpio mapping06:25
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Aman_singhlike for galileo 50 is muxed with 4006:25
Aman_singhin pdf i gave06:26
warthog9all of the non-power pins on the MAX can be GPIO06:26
Aman_singhgpio pin 50 state will depend on gpio pin 4006:27
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warthog9Aman_singh: hang on06:27
warthog9their primary function however is listed in the description / name06:27
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warthog9so physical pin #5 on the max is either the SPI chip select line or Linux GPIO #220/47606:27
Aman_singhnow it's making sense  :)06:28
Aman_singhso what is the total no of gpio pins06:29
warthog9Aman_singh: there are up to 22 gpio pins available in the LSE06:30
ka6soxthey are all labled06:30
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Aman_singhsorry , not able to read , if you replied after query of total pins06:40
warthog9<Aman_singh> so what is the total no of gpio pins06:40
warthog9<warthog9> Aman_singh: there are up to 22 gpio pins available in the LSE06:40
warthog9<ka6sox> they are all labled06:40
Aman_singhintially , what I was looking for is similar one for MB_max
Aman_singhin last page06:43
Aman_singhBut I think , I can start now if got stuck , will be back here06:45
warthog9Aman_singh: if we aren't around, drop a query to the mailing list06:46
warthog9a lot of the mentors are heading to a conference this week06:47
* Wormo heads out tomorrow afternoon06:49
Aman_singh@warthog9: okay :)06:49
* ka6sox heads out tomorrow afternoon06:50
WormoYay, you're gonna be there for my talk monday then?06:50
ka6soxdepends on what time it is :)06:51
ka6sox(tee hee)06:51
ka6soxif its 0:dark:30 then maybe not06:51
Wormoare you implying I might not make it in time to do the talk :P06:51
* ka6sox whistles06:51
Wormoit's 11:30, we're good on that front06:51
Wormoif it were O'dark I'd just stay up for it06:52
ka6soxbut don't ask speedy to drive then…ask me.06:52
warthog9Wormo, ka6sox: remember to snag your tadpoles from the Intel booth ;-)06:52
ka6soxmmmm Tadpoles!06:52
WormoWill do06:52
warthog9buildable hardware ;-)06:53
Wormomade out of resisors and transisors?06:54
* ka6sox brings his soldering iron06:54
warthog9ka6sox: I'd laugh if you built one here ;-)06:54
* ka6sox is now *sure* he would build one there.06:54
* ka6sox fixes the short that baboo caused on a Borad and packs up the Soldering Kit06:55
warthog9ka6sox: I've got my cuttle w/ me btw for showing off06:55
ka6soxI'll see if I can find my SPI Video Cape06:55
ka6soxthat should be easy to make work.06:56
warthog9if you can find the right bits for it06:56
ka6soxits in 3.0.806:57
ka6soxor rather that 3.2 mess06:57
ka6soxokay fun times ahead07:01
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ka6soxWormo, get some sleep…don't want to see that Volvo on the side of the road ;)07:22
ka6soxyou can practice your slides later07:22
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Wormohm good advice, gnight..07:26
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aholleromg: "If you want to influence, learn from or recruit these maintainers and developers, Linux Foundation events are must-attend."10:15
dememorizedaholler: huh? I'm not sure I follow what's omg :P10:23
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ahollerI've just looked up what conference was meant and have seen this slogan which seems to be from linus on the lf-side10:30
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sysop_I have a very weird problem. text mode video corruption. when in kubuntu if I hit control alt f1 to get to the first VT it looks fine at first, but if you generate a few lines of text the display goes nuts, after 5-10 lins at most you will see the text flashing in the lower right corner of the screen? WTH? any ideas?16:17
sysop_its been doing it for awhile. even a bios upgrade didnt fix it.16:18
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warthog9sysop_: no idea16:25
warthog9sysop_: is it consistent enough you can snap a picture of the screen?16:26
sysop_hold on I will do a video and post it to youtube.16:26
warthog9sysop_: for the record I've not seen anything like that myself16:27
DonkeyHoteilast time i saw that on any machine at all it was due to electrical damage to the motherboard16:31
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