Sunday, 2015-03-29

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freqdoes the max recognize 128GB sd cards?16:26
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tushrajfreq : yes  , max supports 128gb micro sd cards. the controller is one of the latest IP versions can support a wide range of SD card series.16:45
freqtushraj: thank you.16:53
tushrajDonkeyHotei : you can see its technical features here -
calculushmm.. the tadpole lure schematic names pin 25 as spio_s5_2, is spio something new?16:54
prpplaguecalculus: no, that's the same as before, or should be16:56
* prpplague double checks16:56
prpplaguehmm, i don't believe the uSD slot on the max supports SDIO16:57
prpplaguenot sure how that got into the notes16:57
* prpplague makes a note to double check16:57
calculusno, not sdio, spio16:58
calculusor should it be gpio16:58
prpplaguecalculus: yea typo16:59
prpplaguecalculus: just realized that16:59
calculusprpplague: :)16:59
prpplaguecalculus: i'll update the schematic16:59
prpplaguecalculus: DonkeyHotei was asking about sdio on uSD16:59
calculushmm... doesn't look like there is an ADC on the low speed expansion pins17:00
bcranfreq: it supports those cards, but iirc there's an errata that prevents the fastest data transfer rate17:00
freqhow about the new firmware17:01
freqis that installable via linux?17:01
freqor does that need to be put on a usb stick17:01
bcrananyone know if new firmware allows the DDR50 rate to be used?17:01
prpplaguecalculus: yea no adc on the LSE17:03
prpplaguecalculus: you'd need to use something via spi or i2c17:04
prpplaguefreq: you'd need to use the uefi based flash tool, or something like flashrom via the the SPI Flash header17:04
prpplaguebcran: i don't think that is supported, but i can check17:04
calculusprpplague: thanks for confirming, I see there is an spi based adc in calamari lure17:05
prpplaguecalculus: yea17:05
freqprpplague: that's above my understanding at the moment. i will figure it out17:06
prpplaguefreq: i am not sure i understand your statement17:07
prpplaguefreq: the uefi flash tool procedure has good documentation and is very easy to use17:07
freqwell, i just need to do research before i get to that. i just needed to know if i dd'd a copy of my current setup that it would work on the current firmware that comes with the board.17:07
freqthe 128GB sd card was not recognized last time i tried. i needed to overwrite it with 0's17:08
freqit came with some firmware i think17:08
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bcranprpplague: thanks. the issue is described quite well in
prpplaguebcran: ahh thanks for the reference17:11
freqthis has been the most well documented board and most friendly community i've seen.17:12
freqi have tested the raspi, cubie, radxa, beagle and arduino17:12
freqyou guys are always here for us.17:12
freqI thank you.17:12
prpplaguefreq: hehe that is our goal17:15
prpplaguefreq: learn what we can from the mistakes of other boards, combine it with what intel does best, and try to keep a friendly and helpful community around it17:15
freqi'm also getting a banana pi router17:16
freqthat's an awesome thing that intel is allowing this to be so opensource17:16
freqit showcases that proprietary anything makes the tech world challenged.17:17
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prpplaguecalculus: files on the wiki have been updated to fix the spelling issue17:23
bcranI've been wondering - does anyone know if there's any other similarly open source product that has an external PCIe x4 or higher interface?17:25
bcranthe x1 interface on the MNWMAX is the only limitation I've hit17:26
prpplaguebcran: sorry not open source17:28
prpplaguebcran: there are plenty of E3800 series boards out there that have higher pcie lane counts, but they are generally speaking closed hardware17:29
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bcranprpplague: yup, that's what I thought. nm, I can split the UEFI code I'm working on into units so I don't need to attach the card I'm developing against17:30
bcranalso got a nice FPGA dev board that's x1 so I *can* connect it via the jetsam17:31
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calculusprpplague: awesome, thanks for the quick update17:38
* calculus should start playing with FPGAs again, I think I have an LX25 and an LX9 around17:40
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bcrancalculus: are those Lattice cards?17:46
prpplaguecalculus: yea, i just started working with the papilio board17:48
prpplaguecalculus: got a project i can't do without some fpga stuff17:48
wormoI've got a friend/coworker who likes papilio, brought one to our company demo booth last year17:58
calculusbcran: no spartan 6s17:59
prpplaguewormo: it's an incredible board17:59
calculusbcran, prpplague: one is the papilio duo17:59
prpplaguewormo: i've met the designers a few times17:59
wormoreally, how cool17:59
prpplaguewormo: it's certainly one of the boards that will do in history as an influential one17:59
calculusprpplague: I have an idea of what that project is, perhaps it starts with a W18:02
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prpplaguecalculus: hehe, well... it is not specifically for that but i am using the time to experiment with some stuff for the WITCH-E18:10
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bcranWhere should I report bugs I find in the BIOS screens? Directly into the bug tracker, here, edk2-devel or the minnowboard ML?21:00
bcrane.g. delete a boot option, select 'Change Boot Order' and I get 'Question value mismatch with Option value! Press ENTER to continue"21:01
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prpplaguebcran: probably the best to track a specific issue with the minnowboard firmware is to report it on the bugzilla at
prpplaguebcran: there are specific entries for minnowboard max firmware issues21:07
wormoprpplague: starting to look at that FPGA re-engineering project you pointed to, sounds awesome!!
prpplaguewormo: right the one discussed on hackaday21:10
* prpplague assumes wormo is following him on G+21:10
bcranprpplague: thanks. It's great to see there _is_ a bugtracker - I keep wondering how many edk2 bugs get forgotten about since the only way of tracking them is on the ML :)21:10
wormowormo = S. Lockwood-Childs21:11
prpplaguewormo: OH21:11
prpplaguewormo: noted!21:11
* prpplague has a ton of work to do this evening, but instead finds himself drinking coffee and tinkering with FPGA simulations21:12
wormomy other half does more of the VHDL than me, but I'm thinking of a FPGA version for some software I wrote for a client...21:13
wormowould be so nice to have a cheap platform & also open source tool instead of ISE/Vivado21:14
* wormo stayed up till 3am doing USB driver analysis, but sunday is day off21:15
prpplaguewormo: ahhh21:16
wormonot that I had to stay up till 3am from deadlines, but I was having too much fun & it didn't feel "late" because 2am PST was not atypical bedtime21:17
prpplaguewormo: i understand all too well21:19
prpplaguewormo: btw, it certainly was good to see you again at ELC21:19
wormoELC was great, I hope it never gets scheduled too close with SCALE again because I want to make a new habit of attending both21:20
wormo(I thought ka6sox was crazy for going to both on years when they were less than a week apart)21:21
prpplaguewormo: yea and fodem just before scale21:22
wormoI hope you & warthog9 & mdp keep coming to SCALE too21:23
wormowe should get a bigger room for embedded track next year21:23
prpplaguewormo: yea i think scale should be on our agenda for next year21:24
wormoI think you'll have to come, because Justin will probably have a fully working WICH-E to demo by then21:31
prpplaguewormo: the emulator is pretty functional already21:49
prpplaguewormo: the folks at the TNMOC use it often as a reference21:49
prpplaguewormo: we just have a few more items to tweak21:49
wormoand then ready for the next contest?21:49
prpplaguewormo: yea, next contest we'll have some hardware as well21:50
prpplaguewormo: you can give it a go if you find some free time, hehe21:50
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