Monday, 2015-03-30

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kriezHello, can anyone help me with some boot troubleshooting? I received my minnowboard max today but only the power led turns on. There is no hdmi output and the only uart output I get is >>>>SecStartup.14:20
prpplaguekriez: what are the specifications of the power supply you are using?14:22
kriez5v 2a14:23
prpplaguekriez: that should be enough, but normally it is recommended to start with a 2.5A supply14:24
prpplaguekriez: the secstartup indicates that the firmware is being read and the system is attempting to start up14:25
prpplaguekriez: what devices do you have plugged in? i.e. do you have a usb keyboard, usb mouse, or usb thumbdrive connected?14:25
kriezI tried different combinations, with/withouth keyboard, with/without usb thumbdrive, with/withouth microsd14:27
bcranbtw the only output I saw when I was using an underpowered PSU was the >>>>>SecStartup line14:27
prpplaguebcran: ahh thanks for the additional info14:28
kriezso maybe my first step should be to get another power supply?14:28
prpplaguekriez: i would suggest trying a bigger rated power supply first14:28
kriezok thank you14:28
prpplaguekriez: if a larger rated supply does not work, then you would need to contact rma@minnowboard.org14:29
prpplaguekriez: but i suspect that your power supply probably says it is 2A but isn't14:29
kriezthank you for your help, I will try that14:30
prpplaguekriez: glad to help when we can14:30
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ka6soxprpplague, in the wiki:
prpplagueka6sox: yea14:33
ka6soxI'd like to mod the line that says :14:33
ka6soxThe Minnowboard Max uses a 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel 5V power plug (+/- .25V or 4.75 - 5.25V), and if bundled will ship with a 2.5A power supply.14:33
prpplagueka6sox: to say what?14:33
ka6soxto say Recommended minimum 2.5A power supply14:33
prpplaguethat should be ok14:34
ka6soxmany folks have 2.0A supplies (from other projects)14:34
ka6soxbut they really aren't sufficient14:34
ka6soxprpplague, have all the PS listed there been tested with the Max?14:35
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prpplagueka6sox: yea14:35
prpplagueka6sox: but the 2A ones were without USB3 devices14:36
ka6soxthen we should note that...14:36
* ka6sox looks14:36
georgemI was hoping I could find an off the shelf power solution that had a sata power connector for 2.5 inch sata and a 5v barrel connector for the max. Think I'm just going to end up buying a cheap mini itx case with a built in PSU.14:37
ka6soxokay the rest now matches14:38
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prpplaguegeorgem: i'll link you you stuff in a few14:41
prpplaguegeorgem: conference call14:41
georgemprpplague: cool, thanks14:44
Aman_singhprpplague: I  need some information14:48
prpplagueAman_singh: ok14:49
prpplaguegeorgem: that is the sata cable i recommend14:49
georgemprpplague: cool, thanks14:49
prpplaguegeorgem: you can buy a 4-pin molex y cable14:49
prpplaguegeorgem: cut one side14:50
Aman_singhIs max has fast_gpio pins like galileo ?14:50
Aman_singhI can't find them14:50
prpplagueAman_singh: the fast_gpio stuff is something specifically implemented for galileo, we won't be implmenenting it for max14:51
prpplaguegeorgem: most of the regular "pc shops" carry the same types of cables14:51
prpplaguegeorgem: so you should be able to find it locally14:51
Aman_singhok and Exp_gpio's , where are they on the board ?14:52
prpplagueAman_singh: you can check the wiki page for the low speed expansion header pinout14:52
prpplagueAman_singh: the default configurations are listed there14:53
Aman_singhI want to know about HSE pin14:54
prpplagueAman_singh: the HSE is also listed there, but we won't be using those pins14:54
Aman_singhgreat !14:54
Aman_singhso description of only LSE gpios ,2pwm and no analog14:55
prpplagueAman_singh: correct14:56
prpplagueAman_singh: for the gsoc project you will be using the calamari lure14:56
prpplagueAman_singh: please look at that for reference14:56
Aman_singhokay , and it's on me to which arduino pin (2 out of 6 ) , I map our pwm pins14:57
prpplagueAman_singh: yea, but the best thing to do is see which ones the arudino shields use more often14:58
Aman_singhokay , will take care of it . I was thinking to have few changes in pindescription structure of galileo14:59
Aman_singh will take care that they don't create problem , I have checked necessary files , can I ?15:02
prpplagueAman_singh: what is the question?15:04
Aman_singhcan I change the pindescription structure used in galileo according to our need ?15:05
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Aman_singhokay and to conform , is there any pin muxing between gpios , like we have in galileo ?15:07
AshutoshDasAman_singh: As per my knowledge, yes.15:14
Aman_singhcan you give example ?15:15
prpplagueAman_singh: yes there are pin muxing, however....15:15
prpplagueAman_singh: for the beginning of the project, we are assuming there is no pinmuxing and that the pins are statically assigned15:16
prpplagueAman_singh: the default pin configuration for the calamari is what we will start with15:16
Aman_singhthanks :)15:17
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georgemI don't have an Allegro viewer... Are the mmax stand off holes M3?16:01
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georgemnm, figured it out16:14
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