Wednesday, 2015-04-01

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tripzeroprogrammerq, cancel the meetings!00:22
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programmerqtripzero: okay04:11
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xkonnihey, i just got 2 minnowboards and can't get them to even show the uefi screen... am i missing something?12:55
xkonni(max, and i did remove the metal plate before trying)12:56
tbrxkonni: do any leds light up?12:58
xkonnitbr: yes, the one next to the switch12:58
xkonnii also read about hdmi issues, tried 2 screens, both dont show anything13:00
xkonnicould run around and try some more, just wanted to make sure i'm not missing something obvious ;)13:00
tbrxkonni: are those recent boards?13:00
xkonnitbr: yes, arrived yesterday13:00
tbrfor me D1 and D2 lights up, right next to SW113:01
tbryou are using a sufficiently powerful 5V psu?13:01
xkonnishould be okay. but i'll try another one13:02
xkonnid1 lights up, stays on, d2 blinks, then stays off13:02
tbr - suggests it might be the PSU13:03
xkonnithanks a lot ;)13:05
xkonniat which point does the serial console come up?13:06
tbrdon't remember but you should see output within seconds13:08
tbractually more like half a second, then a pause, then EFI-shell13:09
xkonniokay, will just try it13:09
tbrno handshakes13:09
xkonnibefore uefi shell, thats what i was interested in13:09
tbrfor a second you see some message like ">>>SecStartup" and ">>>MemoryInit"13:10
xkonnicolleague took the serial adapters home... no serial for me today13:33
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bcranxkonni: the serial console comes up immediately: if you're using a debug BIOS it spews output for about 10 seconds before the video output initializes14:34
bcranxkonni: do you know what spec power adapters you're using?14:35
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xkonnibcran: first i had 5v, 700mA, now i use 5v, 1.5A15:09
xkonnibcran: will check the serial console tomorrow15:09
georgemI think you need at least 2A15:20
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xkonniprpplague: yea... i know, now ;)15:57
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xkonnijust grabbed the first power supply i found, after most guides for the minnowboard told me there would be one in the package and there was not ^^15:58
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bcranxkonni: yup, you need _at_least_ 2A, preferrably 2.5A16:08
bcranit's getting to the point where we need some sort of auto-answer :D16:09
xkonnihehe i see...16:10
bcranI tried using a variable voltage adapter at first, got it to around 5V 1.7A but finally realized I just needed to order and wait for a 5V/2.5A one!16:11
tbrif you don't use usb and limit yourself, then even 1A might be nough, but I'd strongly suggest to stay on the more powerful side16:11
tbrsee the calculation on the linked wiki page earlier16:11
xkonniwell we got some lab gear here... i'll search for better ones tomorrow. installing ubuntu worked fine with 1.3A16:12
bcrantbr: I'd suggest it's much easier just to say that 5V/2.5A is a hard minimum for the majority of users16:12
xkonnilike adding a hdd16:12
tbrbcran: sure, but for people who actually understand something about EE, it's nice to know that the board won't necessarily go up in flames if the PSU has <2.516:13
bcrantbr: yup, definitely!16:13
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prpplaguexkonni: what guide did you see where it said there was a power supply included?16:33
prpplaguexkonni: because that needs to be corrected16:33
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tripzerooh hai22:02
* warthog9 waves at trip0 22:04
prpplaguetripzero: hey22:05
prpplaguetripzero: did you need something yesterday22:05
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