Sunday, 2015-04-05

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FrogFeetHey all. I'm on a MinnowMax. I'm trying to boot ArchLinux via USB media. The UEFI shell comes up, and I can then boot from the USB (FS0). The ArchLinux boot menu comes up after that.11:15
FrogFeetBut when I select the first option (boot Arch), the screen goes blank (serial connection via picocom) and nothing happens.11:15
FrogFeetHas anyone had experience booting ArchLinux on the Minnowboard Max? What should I be looking into?11:15
FrogFeetThank you muchly.11:16
tbrFrogFeet: do you happen to have the possibility to attach a screen via HDMI?11:19
tbrFrogFeet: if not, make sure, that the installer supports serial console AND actually uses it / passes it to the kernel11:19
FrogFeetNo, I don't have an HDMI monitor. I did some more googling and I do need to enable the message passing to serial.11:19
FrogFeetHa, I should have kept looking rather than asking. I'll try to configure GRUB as I need to or find a way to get a screen going. Thank you tbr.11:20
tbrI'd guess it's going to be /dev/ttyS0, but better check elinux wiki on the minnowmax11:21
FrogFeet@tbr: Sorted it. Just needed to add "console=ttyS0,115200n8" to the boot options. Thanks again.11:40
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