Monday, 2015-04-06

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karlitoshello, could someone please help me with my Minnowboard Max ? I am unable to get it running13:07
karlitosis connected just the power and LCD monitor, but nothing is shown on the display13:07
karlitosthe LED 1 is glowing, the LED 2 lights just for a fraction of second after I push the power plug and then it is not gloqing anymore13:09
karlitosafter power-on, the minnowboard draws about 0.4 Amp but after 1-2 seconds no current is drawn at all - at least my power supply does not show any current13:10
karlitosthe serial console shows only >>>SecStartup13:11
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Aman_singhkarlitos: check your supply rating >>
Aman_singhkarlitos: 2.5 A is recommended but it still works with 2 A supply and if are using with usb plugged in it is better to have 5V , 2.5 A supply13:27
karlitoswell, the power plug is hooked on a laboratory swittching power supply which should provide enough power13:28
karlitosI set the current limit to 5A13:29
Aman_singhkarlitos: the type of error you are getting  and console showing >>>SecStartup is common and in most of cases if was because rating of their adapter , I will advice you check it once again13:34
karlitosok thanks I try another plug13:36
tbralso if there is too much voltage drop on the cable it will not work13:43
tbrI'd take a multimeter or scope and check13:43
tbre.g. you might need to adjust up to let's say 5.1V for it to reach the right voltage at the board13:44
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karlitosAman-singh: lets say you made my easter very happy :-D13:55
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karlitosI was affraid the board is damaged, but it was the plug, probably the cables were too thin13:55
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karlitosthanks man !13:56
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HoloPedhey all14:51
HoloPedHas anyone added a buzzer to the MBM ?14:51
HoloPedI want to play tones14:51
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cezar57Hi everyone20:21
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cezar57@warthog9: hows it going?20:39
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