Sunday, 2015-04-12

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wmatfreq: yes, it does01:05
freqwmat: what firmware?01:08
wmatfreq: not sure, but I'd suspect any. This question came up on the mailing list a while ago.01:34
freqokay. ty, i have tried it but it didn't work for me. i will try the jessie netinstall instead of wheezy because it has uefi support01:40
wmatwhat firmware are you using?01:40
freqthe stock one. not sure01:42
wmatshould work then, I think01:46
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warthog9wmat: give  holler if it doesn't work, it'll give me an excuse to buy some 128G sd cards for testing ;-)04:43
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freqwarthog9: it didn't work twice11:41
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warthog9freq what card?13:36
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warthog9is Ashutosh Das around?15:14
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prpplagueAshutoshDas: hey there15:40
prpplagueAshutoshDas: you alive?15:40
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AshutoshDasprpplague: Yes, i was little busy with a different project in my college.15:44
prpplagueAshutoshDas: please join #minnowboard-gsoc15:45
AshutoshDasprpplague: My interview is scheduled to be after 1 hr and 15 minutes.15:45
* ka6sox wonders if he did the conversion wrong...15:45
prpplagueAshutoshDas: sounds like a timing error, as we were expecting you 45 minutes ago15:45
AshutoshDasprpplague: It was mentioned in the mail, 10:30 IST.15:49
Aman_singhwarthog: are you there ?16:35
Aman_singhMy interview was sechduled for now16:36
meflinwe are running behind stand by16:36
Aman_singhit's okay, I saw there was some confusion . Let me know , whenever its my turn16:38
meflinlots of TZ confusions16:39
warthog9Aman_singh: will do :-)16:40
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meflinAman_singh: starting soon making tea17:05
Aman_singhI am ready (y)17:06
meflin join #minnowboard-gsoc and be patient brewing takes time17:06
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