Wednesday, 2015-04-15

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Nelson_Has anyone ever use MinnowBoard MAX to run through HCK?03:38
Nelson_I run through it always fail at DF-Sleep and PNP (disable and enable) with IO Before and After03:39
warthog9what's HCK?03:39
Nelson_DF-Sleep with IO During03:40
DonkeyHoteiwhat the hck03:40
Nelson_DF-Concurrent Hardware and Operating System (CHAOS) test03:40
Nelson_HCK = hardware certification kit03:41
Nelson_from Microsoft03:41
warthog9Nelson_: I assume your on the latest firmware (0.78 currently) ?03:41
Nelson_where to check the firmware version?03:42
warthog9and do you have any pointers to to what those tests actually do?03:42
warthog9Nelson_: in the firmware, or the running system?03:42
Nelson_where to check the firmware version?03:43
Nelson_i install 64-bit Windows 8.1 into the board03:43
warthog9Nelson_: from the uefi firmware (requireing a reboot), or from windows?03:43
warthog9Nelson_: I'm asking where your at so I can tell you how to check the firmware03:43
Nelson_am now into the Windows already03:44
warthog9second, need to boot up a VM to double check where that string is03:44
warthog9Nelson_: you'll have to bear with us slightly, few of us run windows regularly03:45
warthog9Nelson_: from a command prompt you should be able to run:03:47
warthog9wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion03:47
warthog9there's a decoder ring for the string that it should spit out03:48
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warthog9Nelson_: any luck?03:52
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Nelson_mine is version 007305:53
Nelson_how to upgrade the firmware to 0078?05:53
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warthog9Nelson_: the official instructions can be found in
warthog9(there's a pdf)06:00
tbrwarthog9: did that magic performance boost firmware make it out yet?06:03
Nelson_with 0078 HCK can be tested successfully?06:12
DonkeyHoteiwe will know that once you tell us06:12
Nelson_updated successfully06:14
Nelson_i try HCK now06:14
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Nelson_HCK still fail after firmware is updated to 007808:02
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holoplothi all! is there someone knowing aboit I2C?09:17
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xkonniwarthog9: any news from the west coast?10:37
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xkonnitrying to use the mraa project to write to gpios, the readme mentions the low_speed_spidev kernel module, which is not available on 14.04 with 3.16... and it doesnt work for me, if i export a gpio manually it gets a bit further but still doesnt change the gpio-value14:11
xkonniso: is it because i'm missing that module? or do i need a newer kernel in general? or did i just miss some vital step?14:11
xkonnimanually doing things via sysfs works fine14:11
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warthog9xkonni: if your kernel doesn't have gpio support (and we've heard that Ubuntu doesn't) it won't work without getting a module compiled14:17
xkonnigpio via sysfs is fine14:18
warthog9xkonni: then that likely means you have gpio support, are you talking gpio or spidev?14:18
xkonnii want to use gpios with the mraa-lib14:18
warthog9are you going to use spi?14:19
xkonnitells me about that module, which isnt there. i'm downloading ubuntu kernel source now to check the config14:19
xkonniyes, later14:19
xkonninot yet14:19
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xkonnii just connected a multimeter to the gpio and wanted to change it in c-code... for now14:20
warthog9can you `grep CONFIG_SPI` on your kernel config?14:20
xkonnistill downloading source... not using ubuntu on my host (arch...) and there's no /proc/config or something similar14:21
warthog9I also point out that mraa claims "SPI (not supported)"14:21
warthog9(though the docs seem a little conflicted on that)14:22
xkonnisudo ./blink-io 25 works fine14:24
xkonniarr... should have been obvious14:24
xkonnithanks ;)14:24
warthog9sometimes just talking through it is all you need :-)14:25
warthog9happens to me all the time14:25
xkonnihehe yes14:25
xkonnibtw, did you get a reply from technodisti?14:26
warthog9I have been told by technodisti that everything has been resolved, if you haven't heard from them I need to go back and see what's going on14:28
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xkonni says no... i wrote them and didnt get a reply yet14:31
warthog9xkonni: you ordered one right?14:31
xkonnino... i want to14:31
warthog9ahhhh different issue then14:31
xkonniwe need at least two of those. if technodisti won't produce more, we'll have to do it ourselves ;)14:32
warthog9I've been traveling so it's been hard to get them on the right phone call yet14:34
warthog9xkonni: what's your time frame you need them in14:34
xkonnineed... like some weeks14:35
xkonniwant, soon ;)14:35
warthog9xkonni: if I couldn't get them till may 1, is that a problem?14:36
xkonnino, beginning of may is perfect14:36
xkonnisounds awesome!14:37
warthog9don't thank me yet ;-)14:37
warthog9konni: I've got a pre-existing meeting with the people behind technodisti tomorrow, let me try and bring it up with them then14:41
xkonnisweet ;)14:43
sjoerdspeaking of technodisti, anyone aware of a supplier with actual stock? Need to order a bunch for a project soonish but every supplier seems backlogged quite a bit (at least according to their webuis)14:43
warthog9sjoerd: one of the disti's has them in stock right now14:46
warthog9or at least their site claims it14:46
sjoerdah netgate claims to atm, thanks14:48
warthog9bbiab need to go catch up with the hackathon I'm ignoring while I work on something ;-)14:49
xkonnihehe, good luck!14:49
warthog9trying to help get mailman 3.0 out this week so that I can eventually move the minnow lists over to it14:49
warthog9basically mailing lists and/or "forums" as a single entity14:50
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tbrwarthog9: go! go! go! I also want mm3+hyperkitty for lists.xiph.org15:36
tbrwarthog9: is there some good resource how I'd map pins on a 4.0 kernel? I have a device driver that uses SPI plus some additional pins. I figured out how to do that with device-tree, but as max is acpi-land...15:38
prpplaguetbr: for gpios and such we have them mapped out on the wiki page15:39
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tbrprpplague: yes, that I found. I guess I'm missing how I tell to the at86rf230.ko 'hey, use this spi and those pins over there'15:39
prpplaguetbr: ahh15:40
tbrdt looks like this:
tbrfor a BBB15:40
prpplaguetbr: unless you want to hack around on the UEFI, the easiest way to do it is setup a board file15:41
tbrok, that term I've heard before.15:41
tbris there anything I need to be aware of if I use a gpio for incoming interrupt on the max?15:42
prpplaguetbr: nothing specific that i am aware of15:45
tbrthanks for confirming15:45
* tbr notices that dvhart mentioned some ACPI board file mumbo jumbo replacement on the ML. Too bad he isn't here to ask about the status15:46
tbrah, no that was the old minnow15:47
* tbr should read dates15:47
prpplaguetbr: yea, SSDT15:48
prpplaguetbr: that's basically the equivalent of panto's DT overlays15:49
tbrwas guessing so15:49
prpplaguetbr: it's moving along, but not really ready for prime time15:49
prpplaguetbr: i just sent dvhart an email to check on the status of it15:49
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DonkeyHoteixkonni: config is in /boot18:15
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xkonniDonkeyHotei: ah right... been a long time since i actually wanted to look at it, except on android devices...18:43
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