Monday, 2015-04-20

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RzRhi do you about intel nuc 's SCI/SMI GPIO14:26
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freqtoday i might test a fresh netinstall on a 128gb tf card16:01
freqi've been running debian on my minnowmax since i received it16:06
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calculusI had problems installing ubuntu 14.04 to microsd this weekend, I made a live usb, it booted (only if the keyboard wasn't plugged in at boot), then went through the partiioning and install, and towards the end something broke when linux-image-3.13 was getting installed16:47
calculusthe installation halted, there was a popup, and it tried continuing, but without a kernel installed the image didn't boot16:48
warthog9freq: I got the 128G card16:52
warthog9freq: but I'm already out and away from it :-/16:52
warthog9calculus: do you know what the pop-up was?16:53
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freqwarthog9: soon16:57
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calculuswarthog9: a big warning about how it couldn't install linux-image with a continue or cancel button17:03
calculusit was quite wordy/verbose17:04
prpplaguei did an ubuntu 14.04 install to usb thumbdrive and to a msata over the weekend17:05
prpplagueneither had an issue17:05
* prpplague makes a note to test with a usd card17:05
calculusdid you click update with internet connection at the beginning?17:05
calculusI tried twice, once with install ubuntu selected from grub and try ubuntu and then clicking on the installer17:06
calculusboth times I said to update from the internet17:06
prpplagueahh, no17:06
prpplaguei always do the updates afterwards17:06
calculusI am going to try again without the button clicked, but I left the board at home17:06
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freqi need to modify my case to allow passive cooling. i have the aluminum blue full case17:07
freqAdapter: Virtual device17:07
freqtemp1:        +26.8°C  (crit = +90.0°C)17:07
freqAdapter: ISA adapter17:07
freqCore 0:       +67.0°C  (high = +110.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)17:07
freqCore 2:       +69.0°C  (high = +110.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)17:07
calculusI assembled a tadpole lure this weekend17:07
freqpretty decent temps. calculus what does that lure do17:08
calculusthe led was a little tight for my rusty soldering skills17:08
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calculusfreq: small protoboard area and an rgb led, it makes the low speed pins available17:14
prpplaguecalculus: lovely!17:16
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freqthis is the coolest board ever made17:44
freqi forget how i installed linux on this17:49
freqprpplague: did you use usb or put the image on the sd card  that it was going to be installed on?17:49
prpplaguefreq: installation image was on a usb thumb drive17:50
freqhmm. is it possible to just use the sd card17:50
prpplaguefreq: i doubt it is possible to install to the same device that the install is running from17:50
prpplaguefreq: i've always used two media17:51
prpplaguefreq: i.e. thumb->thumb17:51
prpplaguefreq: thumb->usd17:51
prpplaguefreq: thumb->msata17:51
freqweird. i somehow remember doing it from sd card lol17:51
freqi know, i've never done that any other time17:51
freqi've tricked myself!17:51
prpplaguefreq: well there were some arm based ubuntu installs that worked that17:52
prpplaguefreq: like the one for pandaboard17:52
prpplaguefreq: but iirc, the x86 builds aren't done that way17:52
freqi remember what thumb drive i used now.17:53
freqi'm gonna run that 128gb test17:53
freqis that you17:55
freqif so, you have a TON of views :)17:56
* prpplague has been on G+ a long time17:56
freqfollowing you :) i made a new username on G+17:57
* freq puts iso on thumb drive18:11
* freq moves entire home folder to backup drive18:13
freqdat usb 3.0 tho18:13
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freq18% 20gb18:18
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trip0prpplague: is at skamania?18:24
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prpplaguetrip0: ??18:25
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trip0prpplague: that prolly means no :P.  I'm assuming you are back in TX?18:33
prpplaguetrip0: yea18:34
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cezar57Hi everyone :-)18:42
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freqits freq testing 128 gb19:07
freqpartitioner failed twice19:08
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prpplaguefreq: interesting19:13
prpplaguefreq: what kind of error?19:13
freqi will try again19:15
freqformatting stops at 33%19:16
freqif this fails i will write zeros to the drive19:16
freqit is a brand new card19:17
freqjammed at 33%19:31
prpplaguefreq: very odd indeed19:31
freqi don't even, prpplague19:31
freqgoing to just zero it19:32
prpplaguefreq: i'll runs some tests in the next day or so19:32
freqok :)19:32
freqso glad you are here, along with warthog19:33
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freqlet's send smells across the internet21:28
* meflin farts in freq general direction21:29
freqa bird can not carry a coconut!21:30
meflinlets not invent smell-o-vision ;)21:30
freqthat would be just awful21:31
meflinyes it would21:31
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freqlet me just place my smell replicator behind the monitor where no one will see it and download farts.sml21:31
meflinmy farts are named flours.sml ;)21:32
freqhey! that's not so bad. cooking with flours!21:32
meflinthink about email spam and imagine smell spam21:33
meflinI might have to go puke21:33
freqDONT CLICK!21:33
meflintho I have been bombarded with hot Russian babes ...21:33
freqsmells like taint21:34
meflinfor some reason I'm even getting online add's21:34
freqi'd fire up that adblock21:34
meflin<-- old non-rich married21:34
meflinaddblock doesn't seem to block HTML-521:35
freq28/dating/dirt poor21:35
meflingive up .. be at home with yourself .. trust me it will work21:35
freqlol she's here too21:35
* meflin waves at she21:35
freqseems to be working.21:35
freqok, i should say she's at work21:35
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