Thursday, 2015-04-23

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warthog9AshutoshDas__: *waves*03:10
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joshi_siI have questions regarding minnowboard max, anyone who can help me, please contact me in private chat?07:32
dememorizedjoshi_si: Usually, just ask the question here in public and someone might answer them :) It's nighttime in USA though, so it's not very certain :(07:38
joshi_siDoes anyone know, if is it possible to buy minnowboard max in Europe (maybe UK)?07:48
dememorizedjoshi_si: Last time I talked with warthog9 about it, he mentioned that importing from an US store is probably the best alternative right now iirc07:52
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joshi_sidememorized: thanks08:46
calculuswarthog9: ok, updated to firmware 0.79, reinstalled 14.04 to microsd and let the installer do the partitioning, and now it boots straight into ubuntu08:55
calculusmy one disappointment so far on 0.79 (from 0.71) is that the initial screen with a memcheck and progress bar on the bottom is not running at native res on my display, but it worked in 0.7108:56
calculusoh and the documentation for updating the firmware could do with some updating08:57
calculusthe first step that says type FSx where x is the parition number needs to be FSx: (include the colon)08:57
calculusnext steps for me is spi and gpio on the lse (and update to 3.18)08:58
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xkonnieither i fail at google or its not listed. does the minnowboard max support 64gb sdhc cards?10:01
xkonnisdxc even...10:02
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warthog9calculus: yay for 0.79 fixing the issue, the memcheck I'm unsure on - what monitor do you have so I can go see if I can track it down, documentation: Yes, and we know it.  I need to talk with our doc writer to try and clean it up / make it better21:15
warthog9xkonni: it should21:15
warthog9xkonni: I've got a 128G card sitting at home to confirm that though.  One thing to keep in mind that SDXC implies a FAT64 filesystem by default, which may or may not work (but if you are flashing Linux I am reasonably sure that should jut work)21:16
warthog9joshi_si: right now we don't have a distributor over in Europe, and the one we had (Tigal) seems to have gone out of business suddenly21:16
warthog9(I don't have any info on Tigal beyond what can be Googled as we've heard nothing)21:17
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calculuswarthog9: it is a lapdock, 1366x768 or so22:31
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warthog9Calchan: hmmmm might just be an odd size then22:44
warthog9err calculus --^22:44
calculusfirmware 0.71 looked fine on it :)22:45
calculusnice and native res22:45
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* Calchan slaps warthog9 around a bit with a miscompletion23:28

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