Monday, 2015-04-27

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calculushmm... looks like my kernel config is missing the mmc driver03:41
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warthog9freq: linuxfest northwest kicked my arse, but it's in my bag and i'm taking it to work tomorrow08:11
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trip0good morning15:18
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prpplaguetrip0: morning15:22
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freqwarthog9: just seeing your response now. looking forward to hearing about your testing. :)17:45
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* trip0 requires silverjaw!18:14
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warthog9trip0: you can order one :-P18:25
* calculus hates ubuntu18:26
calculusit is so dumb18:26
calculusso I enabled serial, and for some reason it enters an interactive boot where I need to press f to fix errors18:27
calculuspressing f through the serial term is no good18:27
trip0warthog9: i can, but I can't get USPS to ship faster!!!18:27
ka6soxcalculus: it thinks it knows better than you18:27
calculusI go and plug in a keyboard so I can press f and that works18:27
calculusso much for being headless18:28
trip0if only I could just download the lure spec into my replicator18:28
ka6soxcalculus: what device are you booting from?18:30
calculuska6sox: microsd18:30
calculusI booted off a usb image, went through the installer to install it to microsd, and now I am trying to upgrade to 3.1818:31
ka6soxthe 3.18 is "custom" kernel?18:32
ka6soxwith things that you need for the Minnow?18:32
calculusnope, vanilla from kernel.org18:32
calculuswith hopefully spi and gpio support18:32
ka6soxthe userspace is 14.10?18:33
ka6soxthanks, I've purchased a Silverjaw and am ordering up an mSATA now…just deciding what to put on it.18:34
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cezar57_hi guys19:05
ka6soxHi cezar5719:06
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cezar57_wasn't anyone accepted to GSoC?19:09
cezar57_i see that the company dows'n appear with any project on the accepted projects list19:09
meflinthe process is running it will take some time19:10
cezar57_is it any chance for those that weren't accepted to recieve a feedback?19:11
meflineven better you can keep on working with us19:11
Aman_singhokay! I guess no one got selected for wiring project .19:14
Aman_singhis it that ?19:14
cezar57_i was looking on the gsoc 2014 page :))19:15
cezar57_I was asking for a feedback to conclude this part. as for working with the org I was aware of that :-)19:17
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warthog9trip0: tell them to use rockets19:28
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*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | GSoC: Student e-mails for acceptance / rejection are going out now, no idea on ETA"19:40
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cezar57warthog9: hi! If we weren't accepted to GSoC but still want to work within the company what should we do ?19:56
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meflinyou are welcome to work with us20:01
meflinwhat are you after? there are no other payed internships20:03
cezar57It's not about paid internships. In my country there still are payed Internships :-)20:04
meflinwell no moneys but your work is welcome20:05
cezar57but this isn't what i was looking for20:05
meflinwhat are you looking for?20:05
cezar57I mean you can earn money in a lot of different ways ...20:06
cezar57I'm looking for knowledge and pleasure :-)20:06
cezar57I want to learn things(or improove skills ) while doing something that i like20:07
ka6soxokay so you still want to work on the PXE stuff even if you aren't part of GSoC?20:07
ka6soxSounds Good.20:09
ka6soxdo you have a Minnow Max?20:09
cezar57Not yet.20:10
cezar57I was looking for a store that ships in europe20:10
ka6soxalways fun20:11
Aman_singhI will love to work on my wiring project , can I ?20:14
ka6soxcezar57, mouser says they ship to .eu and have 20 in stock20:15
cezar57I see that avnet also has a section for europe20:15
cezar57I'll see what i manage to do :-) thanks20:16
ka6soxAman_singh, you are always free to work on open source projects20:17
Aman_singhso, now I need to get a max.20:17
ka6soxI don't know who ships to India20:19
cezar57also mouser20:22
ka6soxcezar57, I just saw that Mouser had 2020:22
cezar57but it's enough... you don't need more than one20:24
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trip0"Tin Can Tools has sent you a package"20:33
* trip0 does the happy dance20:34
* ka6sox joins the happy dance20:35
ka6soxnow we see if the mSATA gets here before the Lure20:36
ka6soxI'm betting mSATA20:46
* ka6sox wonders if: is designed to work with something like this:
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prpplagueka6sox: yes it is23:53
* ka6sox pushes the order button for the second time today23:55
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freqyou bought two?23:59
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