Tuesday, 2015-04-28

ka6soxfreq, no, I'm getting the spacer00:02
ka6soxI need it00:02
warthog9that's a decent price on the spacers00:06
freqi have mine in an aluminum enclosure with a hole in the bottom for ventilation00:07
freqruns at 29C00:07
warthog9freq: http://www.tincantools.com/MinowBoard_Max_Add-ons/mPCIe-Half-Size-Extender-Bracket.html00:08
freqoh. i get my wifi over ethernet if i need it00:09
freqgoes through my openwrt router :p00:09
freqthough, whatever lure allows pci would be nice for msata00:10
warthog9freq: keep in mind that mSATA != mPCI-E00:10
warthog9don't think there's a lure available that a single port does both00:10
warthog9freq: that's why there's the flotsam and jetsam00:11
freqsd card should do00:11
warthog9depends on what you are up to00:12
warthog9and I of course haven't had any time to muck with the 128G yet today00:12
freqlol i wish it would just work. i want to move over and make my root parition larger00:13
freqeven a direct DD did not allow booting00:13
freqif=64GB SD of=128GB SD *fail*00:13
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Oglarunhello @ all07:31
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Oglarunwarthog9: the i2s and the example from github ... i dont understand how to use it ... have you an other one07:41
warthog9i2s or i2c?07:44
warthog9I didn't think we had any example code up for audio...07:46
Oglaruni only must aktivate the interface not more07:47
warthog9to be honest I'm not sure how to activate the i2s lines07:48
Oglarunme too07:48
warthog9I can try and look it up tomorrow07:48
Oglarunok nice07:49
warthog9but it's nearly 1am here, and you caught me just as I was about to crash07:49
Oglarunok sorry07:49
Oglaruni am in germany07:49
warthog9no worries :-)07:49
warthog9Oglarun: can you drop me an e-mail to make sure I don't forget07:49
warthog9or well at least have an additional reminder07:50
warthog9and with that I'm going to go crawl into bed07:51
Oglarunyes good night07:51
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john___hello. I'm here to get advice on the order perspective. I have ordered my board through Allied Electronics (alliedelec.com) on March 12 and so far they're claiming minnowboard is not even giving them a shipping date so they can give an estimate to me. Has the ordering process for any of you been like this?13:00
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* trip0 will be silverjawing on Thursday17:35
trip0unless USPS is lame and doesn't deliver when they say they will17:35
freqwhat is silverjawing17:37
trip0freq: it's a lure17:46
trip0msata and mpci-e17:46
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john___guess minnowboard is known to have issues on delivery dates18:22
john___i hope I get mine someday...18:23
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hmmwhatsthisdoSo, am I correct in understanding that the Minnowboard is essentially unavailable?20:03
hmmwhatsthisdoit seems like every online vendor says they're out of stock20:04
georgemhmmwhatsthisdo, from what I've gathered they sell out pretty quickly once they're in stock.20:06
georgema couple weeks ago I remember someone mentioning they were in stock somewhere20:07
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hmmwhatsthisdothat's frustrating20:10
hmmwhatsthisdoespecially because it seems like it's the only SBC that supports x86 Windows and USB3.020:14
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warthog9hmmwhatsthisdo: yeah, quick glance - everyone is out of stock right now21:34
warthog9but boards are getting made, and shipped to disti's weekly21:34
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