Thursday, 2015-04-30

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freqwarthog9: how bout that 128?01:55
warthog9freq: works02:22
warthog9at least from yocto booted from usb3, it recognized and was able to read the entire drive02:22
wmatka6sox: I'm installing Debian to an mSATA drive on the Silverjaw and will be ducumenting it.02:48
ka6soxokay, I'll try Ubuntu then02:49
wmatka6sox: how about Fedora ;)02:50
ka6soxI know NOTHING of Fedora02:51
wmatah, OK02:51
warthog9it *SHOULD* be identical to doing a sata install02:51
warthog9seeing as msata exposes itself as sata02:51
ka6soxI see it more as a kernel and driver support issue based upon the distro02:52
wmatwarthog9: i'm concerned more about the distro install #exactsteps02:53
wmatnot worried about the drive detection02:53
ka6soxokay I'll try te exising directions02:55
ka6soxsee if they actually owrk02:55
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ka6soxis 0.79 the latest firmware?04:37
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ka6soxokay 40 minutes later I've got a shell prompt :)05:23
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Oglarunhello @ all06:41
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Oglaruni have no i2s device have anyone an idea to fix this07:34
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warthog9Oglarun: can you be more specific?07:41
Oglarunah warthog9 : yes i run linux on the minnowboard and must have a i2s soundcard device07:42
Oglarunand i have no idea to do this07:43
Oglaruni have build a new kernel 3.18.6 with the snd-soc-sst modul for baytrail07:44
Oglarunand have it load07:44
Oglarunwitch info you want ?07:45
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warthog9Oglarun: do you have an i2s audio device hooked up to the i2s port? If so which one?07:58
Oglarunno i have not07:58
warthog9which one are you planning on using?07:59
Oglaruni plan a dsp direct08:00
warthog9Oglarun: well you still need a codec between the i2s and the actual audio...08:00
Oglaruna codec ?08:01
warthog9basically i2s just gets you digital pcm out, to convert that to anything useful you still need to pass it through a codec and convert it to analog08:03
Oglarunyes this is wat i want pcm digital out to the dsp08:04
Oglarunbut over witch interface i sent the stream08:05
warthog9Oglarun: well if you've got it setup right there should be 2 (though possibly up to 5) audio interfaces08:07
warthog9one is hdmi, the others refer to various pieces relating to the 3x i2s and I think a couple of other interfaces that come off the IP block (though obviously not all of those are pinned out)08:08
Oglarunand this is my problem i have no interfaces and i found no information for the setup08:08
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warthog9Oglarun: right now, you may only be the second individual to try bringing up audio via the i2s08:10
warthog9Oglarun: if you can detail your setup up on the mailing list, I can dig into it tomorrow08:10
warthog9and I can track down the other folks who have an audio codec on the i2s line08:10
Oglarunok i work on that ...08:11
Oglarunnice ...08:11
warthog9ok it's after 1am, sleep for me08:11
Oglarunhave a good night08:16
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tbrOglarun: if you don't have a codec connected to the I2S interfaces, then the drivers might just do nothing. you need to hook up the actual hardware to it and you might need to write a board file08:59
av500tbr: really?09:05
av500simple I2S out would not need anything hooked up to work, no?09:05
tbrav500: who knows what the driver expects09:06
tbror if the pins are muxed09:07
Oglaruntbr: have you a link for documentation on that ?09:14
tbrI pointed you to the example board files on github before...09:14
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calculusprpplague, warthog9: here is the tadpole lure in action, (I don't have twitter, g+, or facebook)11:21
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freqwarthog9: glad to hear that it's the debian installer and not the bios of the max14:06
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wmatwarthog9: please take a look at
wmatwarthog9: if you could provide an answer or poke the right person, that'd be awesome14:17
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Oglaruntbr: ok thanks17:24
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warthog9freq: yeah18:30
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warthog9calculus: mind if I reshare that out onto the social medias? (it brought me a smile at the least)18:31
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calculuswarthog9: should be fine19:00
calculusthat would be my entry into :)19:02
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calculusglad I could put a smile on your face19:02
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samcoHey guys,  I couldnt find specs about the MinnowMax SD reader anywhere.I bought a speedy microSD (Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s r/w) to max out MinnowMax's SD reader.19:21
samcoTest results: seq 24MB/s read 21 MB/s write, UBER disappointed19:22
samcoAnyone want to share my frustration?19:22
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samcoConsidering my old laptop went for 84/72!!19:22
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prpplaguesamco: the uSD card slot on the max is not a reader19:27
prpplaguesamco: it is tied directly to the SoC19:27
prpplaguesamco: while you can boot and run from the uSD interface, it is not the best media to use for running an OS from19:27
prpplaguesamco: most people use either the USB3 interface with a thumb driver, or a sata device via the onboard sata connector, or via the High Speed Expansion with something like the silverjaw lure19:28
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prpplaguesamco: you can discuss the uSD stuff over in the channel19:42
aholler├╝ber the channel ;)19:42
ahollersorry, but whenever I read uber I miss something ;)19:43
prpplaguesamco: yea, it looks like only debian8 has been tested -
prpplaguesamco: i haven't seen for 7 around19:45
prpplaguesamco: most likely that is due to the kernel version19:45
samcoyea I guess19:45
prpplaguesamco: there is a minimum kernel version required in order to get full support for the max19:45
prpplaguesamco: iirc it's 3.1419:45
samcoWell, then for the record, uSD speeds on the Minnowboard Max are ~20 MB r/w19:47
prpplaguesamco: how were you performing the test?19:47
prpplaguesamco: did you test with hdparm?19:47
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samcoprpplague: I also confirmed with Crystaldiskmark on W819:48
samcoprpplague: same results overall19:49
prpplaguesamco: yea like i said, the uSD is more for storage than really used for a desktop style distribution19:50
prpplaguesamco: i'll make a note to run some tests the week to see if that is consistent with the documentation19:51
samcoprpplague: Thank you, let me know your findings19:51
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tripz0booo USPS!20:40
tripz0says silverjaw delivery today... but the package isn't even in the state!20:40
tripz0wanted to get this max video player setup on my tv before the family came over for the weekend.  :|20:42
tripz0meanwhile, UPS is delivering another one of my packages a day earlier than expected.20:44
prpplaguetripz0: the USP / USPS  , the extra S is for Slow20:46
* tripz0 discovers "MiP20:46
prpplaguetripz0: hehe20:46
tripz0MiP looks kinda smallish for the Max20:46
tripz0is there a bigger version?20:46
tripz0you can configure bioloid into different configurations.  that's cool20:52
prpplaguetripz0: i kind of like the johnny-5 style track based bots than the biped ones20:53
tripz0biped is hard...20:53
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tripz0I wanted to do a quad/hexiped with my kids20:53
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tripz0convincing The Accountant to let me have that one has been challenging20:57
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ka6soxwhat is the deadline for the little Lure?22:15
freqCPU~Dual core Intel Atom E3825 (-MCP-) speed/max~533/1333 MHz Kernel~4.0.0-towo.1-siduction-amd64 x86_64 Up~1 day Mem~707.9/1915.3MB HDD~3024.5GB(10.2% used) Procs~-1 Client~Irssi 0.8.17 inxi~2.2.1922:22
freqLinux hal 4.0.0-towo.1-siduction-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT siduction 4.0-1 (2015-04-13) x86_64 GNU/Linux22:22
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Inge-hmm. still no availability23:04
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ka6soxInge-, several days ago many folks had them...23:45
ka6soxI saw 20 at Mouser 3 days I do know they are coming into stock23:45

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