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Inge-ka6sox: cool!00:44
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warthog9I'm doing up a custom fedora kernel build right now, specifically enabling spi and iio stuff02:18
warthog9if you are interested in testing, give me a shout02:18
* warthog9 goes to eat dinner while this compiles02:19
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freqfedora? really?03:25
freqhow about dat debian03:26
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programmerqthat reminds me, I still need to compile my custom debian kernel for the minnowmax.05:13
programmerqI've been busy doing other projects.05:13
ka6soxprogrammerq, which version of debian are you using?05:16
programmerqbut it doesn't have an option for using gpio in the sysfs interface turned on.05:28
programmerqI don't remember the name of the option, but you can't set it to m, so it requires a recompile.05:29
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AshutoshDasprpplague Hello. In GSOC, I had submitted proposal for "Extend Wiring/Process libraries to Minnowboard Max". Perhaps there was no slot available for this project. Is it still possible for me to complete this project under minnowboard?14:59
aley_assetI've observed some errors in the schematics for the IDP JTAG Lure. What's the best way to report them?15:01
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tripz0gah, USPS still doesn't have an update for the sliverjaw15:05
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prpplaguealey_asset: best to report it to the manufacturer15:20
prpplagueAshutoshDas: not as part of gsoc15:21
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aley_asset@prpplague: thanks for your reply. I'll try that (reporting IDP JTAG Lure errors to the manufacturer = CircuitCo per the wiki) ...15:42
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AshutoshDasprpplague Ya I am aware of that.15:46
AshutoshDasprpplague : I was asking about doing it directly under minnowboard.15:47
prpplagueAshutoshDas: i don't understand that statement15:48
AshutoshDasprpplague : I want to complete that project. But hardware is not available in India. So is it possible to get a minnowboard from the org to complete this project?15:50
prpplagueAshutoshDas: ahh15:51
prpplagueAshutoshDas: i can discuss it with warthog9 and get back to you15:51
AshutoshDasprpplague : Thank you.15:52
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aley_assetJust following up, having no direct contact with CircuitCo, I used their Contact Us form to advise that I have observed errors in the IDP JTAG Lure schematics. The web response to the form submission was underwhelming: Your message has been received. We will contact you in a few days.17:44
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aley_asset There was an automated email response that was a little more encouraging: This message is a confirmation that your information has been successfully submitted and will be processed as soon as possible.17:45
aley_assetSo, I'll be patient, but in the meantime, if there's anyone from CircuitCo listening in here or if anyone can give me a direct contact at CircuitCo, please let me know. Thanks!17:47
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warthog9aley_asset: sadly, to the best of my knowledge, no one from CircuitCo hangs out on IRC18:19
calculussome who used to be at CircuitCo hangs out on IRC :P18:28
aley_asset@warthog9: does anyone from CircuitCo monitor the mailing list? From the Archive, it seems that danders used to do so, but I believe he is with Intel now??18:28
calculusyeah, danders was said someone18:29
aley_asset@calculus: who might be that someone? :-)18:29
calculushe is the prpplague18:29
aley_asset@calculus: sorry - we crossed wires ...18:30
calculusaley_asset: no problem18:30
aley_asset@calculus: OK. great. prpplague. That's the answer to what was my next question :-)18:31
aley_asset@prpplague: do you have any suggestions as to how best to contact CircuitCo for reporting of errors in the IDP JTAG Lure design data? Thanks!18:33
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warthog9aley_asset: Rod is somewhat monitoring it19:47
warthog9I don't know how closely19:48
warthog9I do try to punt things over there to make sure they are aware19:48
warthog9but I also don't speak for CircutCo19:48
warthog9aley_asset: while I'm thinking of it, let me go grab one of the jtag/itp lures and compare it against the schematic19:49
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aley_asset@warthog9: Thanks! From a critical to function standpoint, what I see is that, for Rev A1, a BSH-030 properly mounted (with pin 1 at the SE corner), it should work. But the photo in the wiki shows the BSH-030 somehow mounted with pin 60 in the SE corner!!19:52
warthog9picture on the wiki may be HORRIBLY out dated19:53
aley_asset@warthog9: and, the Rev A1 silkscreen matches that improper mounting.19:54
aley_asset@warthog9: on the other hand, the Rev A2 moves the mounting holes so that it's no possible to mount the BSH-030 with pin 1 in the SE corner.19:54
aley_assetnot possible19:54
warthog9I've got an A2 labeled board in front of me19:55
warthog9picture on the wiki is for an A119:55
warthog9J2 is in fact rotated 180deg between the two19:55
aley_assetwhere is pin 1 on the J2 board?19:57
warthog9the A2 board?19:57
aley_assetwhere are the pin alignment holes?19:57
aley_assetA2, yest.19:58
aley_assetcan't type: yes, the A2 board.19:58
warthog9assuming I'm looking at it in the upright orientation, so the HSE is at the top, the itp connector is at the bottom19:58
warthog9pin 1 is towards the bottom left19:58
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warthog9if you are looking at that picture, pin 1 on the A2 is where pin 60 is on the A119:59
warthog9so J2 has been rotated 180 deg19:59
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aley_assetI guess that (180 degree difference) is what I expected, but the thing I'm still puzzling over is the position of the NPTH for the alignment pins20:01
aley_assetthe Samtec footprint shows them in on the centers of the row of evenly numbered pins!20:02
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warthog9aley_asset: ok I've got the eagle file open20:08
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warthog9aley_asset: has is the right part number20:12
warthog9and the datasheet shows the connector being offset towards pin 1 to me20:13
warthog9aley_asset: if you need I can poke prpplague see if he can confirm, but it looks right to me20:15
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aley_asset@warthog9: alright, then. I can't argue with any of that. So, it must be the Samtec footprint is in error!!20:21
warthog9aley_asset: you are seeing what I'm talking about in the datasheet, right?20:21
aley_assetyes, the datasheet and the "print" ( seem to agree. but are you seeing what I'm talking about in the footprint (
warthog9aley_asset: agreed20:26
warthog9not sure why that is20:26
aley_asset@warthog9: the thing that made me question the print in the first place is that I have other hardware in hand (Intel-built, as it happens) that has parts mounted with footprint that matches the Samtec footprint!!20:33
aley_asset(alignment pins on the pin 2, notched side)20:33
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aley_asset@warthhog9: samtec says the footprint is correct and that it matches the datasheet (alignment pins on the pin 2 side) ...20:59
aley_assetsince you have the Rev A2 board there, can you take some photos of top and bottom sides?21:00
warthog9where's the two triangle notches supposed to be on the footprint you pointed to?21:01
warthog9the odds or even side?21:01
warthog9our pinning matches
warthog9I.E. what's in the eagle files21:02
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warthog9aley_asset: the only way things make "sense" to me is if the pin numbering on the footprint is backwards21:04
warthog9otherwise that footprint is wrong21:04
warthog9or it's for the wrong connector21:04
warthog9yeah samtec has multiple things that claim pin 1 in different spots21:06
aley_assetsamtec claims that the print/ datasheet you cite shows the alignment pins on the pin 2 side ...21:10
aley_assetsince you have the Rev A2 board there, can you take some photos of it: top and bottom sides?21:10
aley_assetthe photo on the wiki needs to be updated anyhow :-)21:11
warthog9aley_asset: it's going to be a day or two before I'd get the photos up and dealt with21:14
warthog9aley_asset: and the eagle file that's up concurs with what I can physically see21:15
warthog9the datasheet I pointed to concurs with our pin numbering21:15
warthog9the footprints do not concur with what I'm expecting for the numbering given what I can see, and the datasheet21:16
warthog9and both the footprint and the datasheet come from samtec and are seemingly backwards to each other21:16
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aley_asset@warthog9: OK. I think I finally convinced myself that the Samtec drawings are in agreement (as they claimed) ...21:26
aley_assetwith ref to the print you cited as follows
aley_assetwhat you see from top, then down and then right are the following views: top, front, right21:29
aley_assetso, the alignment pins are shown on the pin 2 (notched) side ...21:30
warthog9except that on the physical item I'm holding the alignment pins are on the odd, pin 1, side21:31
aley_asseton the other hand, with ref to the print that I cited:
aley_assetwhat you see from top, then down and then left are the following views: top, front, left21:32
aley_assetagain, the alignment pins are shown on the pin 2 (notched) side ...21:33
aley_assetyour observations of the physical item are odd, indeed :-)21:33
warthog9what I'm seeing on the physical aligns with what's on the board files for the lure21:34
aley_asset(with apology for the cringe-worthy pun, I couldn't help myself ;-)21:34
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warthog9aley_asset: we are all about the puns here ;-)21:34
warthog9aley_asset: I mean come on, we are talking about a lure ;-)21:35
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aley_assetok. well, I can certainly wait, but I would certainly appreciate the photographic evidence to share with Samtec.21:36
warthog9I suspect the confusion is why the A1 was backwards21:36
aley_assetdo we concur now that, at least, the Samtec drawings are self consistent?21:36
warthog9if you follow the footprint, the connector comes out backwards like you can see in the A121:36
warthog9actually that would explain a lot21:37
aley_assetplease note that I have a different physical item (an intel-built CRB) that matches the Samtec footprint21:38
aley_assetso what seems to need to be explained is how did CircuitCo end up with backwards parts?21:39
warthog9I suppose it's possible that someone's done a knock off connector that's compatible and that's what I've got?21:39
aley_assetmaybe they got the from a source other than Samtec21:39
warthog9yeah, that's what I was just thinking21:39
warthog9are there any markings on your connector?21:39
aley_assetI'm looking at it now21:40
warthog9beyond some notches all I can find is a marking of 333421:40
warthog9on the long side at the bottom of the lure board (so the short end)21:41
warthog9and my triangles are on the even pin side21:41
warthog9with the hollow one in the upper left, and the filled one on the upper right (assuming the bottom is towards the short side of the lure)21:42
aley_asseti see a mark but I need to get a magnifier to read the digits21:42
aley_assetlooks like both of the ones I can see have digits 3571 (upside down, on the odd side, and toward the right end = away from pin 1)21:55
aley_assetthe triangles match yours. filled at pin 60 and hollow at pin 221:58
aley_assetto be clear- the digits are on the long side = what's shown as the front view in the Samtec data sheet21:59
aley_assetif your marking is on a short side, that's a clear difference; not to mention the side-swapping of the alignment pins, of course.22:00
warthog9my digits are on the long side at the bottom22:00
warthog9so opposite side to the triangles22:01
warthog9and the bottom of the digits is facing the plug side (not the solder pcb side)22:01
aley_assetok. I see. you were saying short end of the Lure, not the short end of the connector ...22:01
aley_assetok. sounds like the placement of the digits is the same22:02
aley_assetI'm supposing that it's a tool number22:02
aley_assetI'm going to order some samples from Samtec ... (free)22:03
aley_assetthe Samtec chat rep suggested it ...22:04
warthog9easiest way to be sure22:04
warthog9hard to argue with a physical thing in your hand22:04
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prpplaguewarthog9: the pin numbering is incorret on the pcb, and the version of the samtec connector used doesn't include the bottom pins22:11
prpplaguewarthog9: you can order the samtec connect in several combinations including without the bottom alignment pins22:11
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aley_assetit looks like the mystery has been solved (thanks prpplague)!22:22
aley_assetthe JTAG lure is built with BSH-030 that doesn't have the alignment pins ... so that it can be rotated 180 from the position it would be forced into if it did have the alignment pins ...22:24
prpplaguealey_asset: exactly22:25
aley_assetanother way of saying it is that the JTAG lure uses a footprint that doesn't conform to the Samtec drawing, at least with respect to the position of the alignment pins ... thus the need for the alternative (non-standard) part configuration ...22:28
prpplaguealey_asset: yea22:28
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aley_assetany chance we'll ever see a revision A3 of the board with a conforming footprint?22:33
aley_asset(still speaking of the JTAG Lure, of course)22:33
prpplaguealey_asset: that would be up to circuitco, so they would have to answer that22:34
aley_assetprpplague: of course, thanks. hopefully they'll get back to me soon ...22:37
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