Monday, 2015-05-04

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freqi enabbled ddr50 support for my sd card and i am just shocked at the speed increase02:55
freqwarthog9: did you have to enable anything in the bios to allow the 128gb sd card to work?02:55
freqi could not even get mine to work with fedora02:56
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warthog9freq: I did nothing, I just stuck it in03:49
warthog9freq: what firmware are you using?  If you have something like 0.71 or somewhere around there you MIGHT still have DDR50 turned on, and that would screw it up entirely03:50
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supuHello I am trying to build the 2013-ww49-minnow board-1.0 following the build insutructions. The test fails at "." with  resource busy error. I tired make clean but does not solve the problem. I am newbie. Any help would be appreciated09:26
tbrwhat is a " 2013-ww49-minnow board-1.0"10:08
supui got it from this website sorry I am newbie10:16
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warthog9tbr: i think that's the old MinnowBoard firmware, wonder if supsu realizes that...20:02
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Bryansteinwarthog9, I saw someone was having issues with i2c and sensors like the mpu6050. They aren't being discovered but I didn't see anything else on the subject. Any clues?20:16
freqwarthog9: i thought having ddr50 enabled was the goal20:18
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warthog9Bryanstein: single master i2c bus?20:23
warthog9freq: I doubt we can get DDR50 enabled on the MAX20:23
warthog9freq: there's a fundamental flaw in the SoC that it will likely not work for much of anything20:23
warthog9freq: short version is, silicon went to tape out with an early version of the DDR50 spec, sadly a timing changed while it was in flight20:24
warthog9there's a *FEW* cards that work, but I don't have any20:24
freqwarthog9: i have a sandisk ultra 64gb and i noticed quicker boot time20:25
freqi also noticed that the browser pulled up quicker20:25
warthog9it might be fixed in the newer stepping of the CPU (the D0s)20:25
warthog9do you have DDR50 turned on?20:25
warthog9D0 cpu?20:25
freqi followed that mas emailing20:25
freqwarthog9: i'm not sure what that is.20:25
freqlpss and scc DDR50 support enabled20:26
warthog9# cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i stepping20:26
warthog9likely higher than 320:27
freqit's at 3 in btoh instances20:27
freqstepping: 320:27
freqstepping: 320:27
warthog9second, have to find something with an old cpu on it to compare20:28
freqi have an A20 cubieboard20:28
freqit runs an sd card20:28
warthog9apples to oranges20:29
freqit's arm, yeah20:29
freqwhat bites me is that i can't get that 128gb card to work. possibly now after the ddr50 has been enabled itwould work?20:29
warthog9only system I've tried the 128G card I've got on has DDR50 disabled20:30
freqwould msata be much quicker than an sd card?20:30
warthog9by far20:30
freqthe silverjaw lure is looking quite secksy20:30
freqwifi too! ;)20:30
freqcomes with standoffs and all of that awesomeness20:31
warthog9fastest sd card I know of peaks out about ~90-95MBps20:31
freqnowhere near usb 3.020:31
freqat least not my buffalo drive20:31
warthog9a not horribly fast msata card tops out around 520MBps20:31
freqthat's around 45020:32
freqoh god. i'm gonna get that lure20:32
warthog9msata is basically sata2 without the sata interface20:33
freqi can easily see the speed increase on my atom D2700 when i added msata to it20:33
freqso, are antennae needed for a wifi card if the transmitter is nearby?20:34
warthog9the little nubs are not intended as antennae, and if you don't pull them out you stand a chance of creating a standing wave there, and potentially burning out the transmitter20:36
freqthought so. very similar to cb radio20:37
warthog9lol exact same thing20:37
warthog9radio isn't really different at different frequencies20:37
warthog9(says the man with a HAM)20:38
freq:) well, 11 meters is the freeband afterall20:38
warthog9well 900mhz, 2.4ghz and 5ghz are all free for alls20:38
warthog9assuming you are under 1w20:38
warthog9unless you have a HAM20:38
warthog9then you have to stay under 1kW20:39
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* warthog9 whistles innocently20:39
freqhehe. are there any voice radios that transmit on that long distance20:39
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freqi would have never thought ot transmit over the same freq my cordless phone and wifi are on20:40
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freqi mean, would have never thought to talk on a radio with a handheld mic. i dunno... all in the same realm20:41
freqi guess i transmit on those all of the time, just not with the traditional methods of cb and ham20:41
freqyou're one of those genius types, aren't ya haha20:43
warthog9freq: s/genius/evil genius/ maybe ;-)20:43
freqlol, i'm after that title one day20:43
warthog9I mostly ponder it as a way to drown out wifi signals around me20:44
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freqi know, those suckers can really disturb the subconscious20:44
freqAre you ever going to do the dishes?  Or will you change your major to biology?20:46
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Bryansteinwarthog9, sorry, got taken away. Yes only one device is connected via pins 13 and 1521:30
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warthog9should work, mpu6050...21:35
warthog9thought I had one of those here somewhere, might be at home waiting for me to solder the headers on21:35
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Bryansteinwarthog9, can you get anything to be detected on i2c?21:35
warthog9Bryanstein: yup21:36
BryansteinI have a bmp180 too no dice21:36
warthog93.3v capable devices?21:36
BryansteinSad thing, I soldered one into my tadpole hehehe21:37
Bryansteinwarthog9, it sees my tv on hdmi21:39
warthog9well the Calamari has an i2c eeprom21:45
warthog9we know that works21:45
warthog9I've got an i2c pwm at home that I know works21:45
prpplagueBryanstein: what device are you working with?21:54
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prpplagueBryanstein: i have the mpu60x0 working with max22:37
prpplagueBryanstein: no issues there22:37
Bryansteinprpplague, I'm wondering if my devices have both somehow died, even though I get a light on my mpu showing it has power. There is no communication22:51
prpplagueBryanstein: is this a sparkfun module?22:52
BryansteinI actually made a video of the modules working on minnow v1 ages ago22:54
prpplagueBryanstein: can you link me to the module you are using?22:55
* prpplague looks22:55
prpplagueBryanstein: so you have VCC connected to +3.3V, and GND, SDA and SCL all connected?22:57
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Bryansteinprpplague, I'll find one of my other boards and test to see if they work there23:05
prpplagueBryanstein: i am not see the schematic for that board, but the pictures i am looking at don't seem to include pull up resistors for the I2C lines23:05
prpplagueBryanstein: the sparkfun module has them onboard23:05
Bryansteinprpplague, well it works like a champ on v123:06
Bryansteinwell let me say worked...I disconnected it and soldered it up to test the sensor on a rc car23:06
prpplagueBryanstein: V1 had a different configuration for the i2c and spi23:07
prpplagueBryanstein: with regards to the pullup resistors23:07
prpplagueBryanstein: ok found the schematic23:08
prpplagueBryanstein: it does have pullups23:08
prpplagueBryanstein: so that's not it23:09
BryansteinWell I'll test it on a bbb or something. Kinda hard to believe that both sensors are kaput but they were in the same breadboard so who knows23:09
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prpplagueBryanstein: yea, sounds like something else is going on23:11
BryansteinHrmm...lemme dig for my other sensors and see what's the deal23:12
electrogluei cant get pwm to work on minnow max. i have pwmchip0 & pwmchip1 but when I enable them i see no pwm on pwm pins23:12
electrogluedo i have to export gpio too or something. very confused23:18
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