Thursday, 2015-05-07

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Oglarunwarthog9: Hello03:23
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warthog9Oglarun: howdy04:00
Oglarunnice you are ther :-)  the first point that make me happy :-)04:04
Oglarunwarthog9: i must have your help for the i2s thing04:05
warthog9I can give you what I can, but it might not be much04:05
Oglarunno problem ... i think you can tell me more for this board file thing ... i dont understand it i am not a kernel developer04:06
warthog9Oglarun: ok04:08
Oglaruntbr tells me i must write a board file for i2s but i have no understanding of this04:08
warthog9so I can show you an example i2c one04:09
warthog9and spi one04:09
Oglarunand i have write a mail on the list ... but no answer04:09
Oglarunthe spi i have running04:09
warthog9i2c --^04:09
Oglarunand the i2c too04:09
Oglarunand i have read the files but the understanding is not much04:11
warthog9remind me, you are NOT trying to hook a codec up to the i2s, right?04:11
Oglarunand i have found a i2s file from chromos ...04:12
Oglaruni must have pcm out04:13
Oglarunnot more04:13
warthog9that board file looks mostly right04:15
Oglarunnice :-)04:15
Oglaruncan you port it for me04:15
warthog9I'm reading04:19
warthog9I don't know04:19
warthog9Oglarun: no I can't port it04:28
warthog9the board file / driver you are pointing to is not for Linux, it's for coreboot04:29
warthog9prpplague: you awake?04:30
Oglarunthis tell me i must switch to coreboot ?04:30
warthog9I doubt he is awake04:30
warthog9coreboot is a firmware, it's not really going to help you in this case04:30
Oglarunyes it is a uefi replacemant04:31
Oglarunand i am not a frend of uefi ... it makes many problems04:33
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Oglarunwarthog9: wat you think i have for a solution ?04:53
warthog9Oglarun: no05:22
warthog9Oglarun: I'd need to bring it up with the audio guys, as I don't know05:23
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Oglarunok warthog9  thank you for doing this :-)  have you read my mail on the list ?05:28
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warthog9I probably saw it05:57
warthog9but I had a hard drive crash yesterday05:58
warthog9and it's been a bit of a mess since then05:58
Oglarunwarthog9: oh yes i know06:00
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warthog9ahhh that's better06:06
Oglarunwarthog9: new hdd ?06:13
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warthog9Oglarun: no fixed the accounts on my znc server and installed a real cert06:23
Oglarunwarthog9: ok06:30
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Oglarunwarthog9: good night !07:39
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xkonniintel firmware site down... was just about to flash it. does anybody have the newest version and can upload it somewhere?08:00
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xkonnior i'll just wait... ;)08:02
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HoloPedHey all13:04
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HoloPedwe have problems with running the OS from a USB or SD13:05
HoloPedit always eventaully corrupts and won't boot anymore13:05
HoloPedeither gets stuck during boot, or it reaches the login  and shuts down13:05
HoloPedI've set it to boot to text mode13:06
HoloPedthe OS is Ubuntu 14.1013:06
ahollersounds like it needs more power13:44
HoloPedunable to find a medium containing the live file system14:06
HoloPedthats the latest error14:06
ahollerwhich PSU?14:13
freqgive it 2-3 amps14:20
HoloPedPSU was set to 2.3A14:25
HoloPedraising it to 3A now14:26
HoloPedvoltage supply didn't seem to be dipping unless it was a very fast transient14:26
HoloPeddidn't help14:30
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warthog9HoloPed: what USB / sd card are you using?17:13
HoloPeda whole slew of them17:28
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wmatHoloPed: is the USB plugged into the USB2 or USB3 port?  Make sure it's in USB2.17:42
HoloPedwmat, why does that matter ?17:44
HoloPedwe tried in both ports17:44
HoloPedbut maybe it got corrupted ?17:44
warthog9HoloPed: are these actually good usb / sd cards?17:45
warthog9I ask as some of the cheap ones do not handle being a rootfs well at all17:45
* warthog9 nods17:45
warthog9I haven't seen any issues :-/17:45
wmatHoloPed: I'm not sure why, but I've seen that solve problems before with Linux Live images on thumb drives17:47
HoloPedwe are seeing a host of errors after a clean install and a reboot17:47
HoloPedplymouth stuff ?17:47
HoloPednot sure what that is17:47
HoloPedand 'unable to find a medium containing live file system"17:48
HoloPedI'm install MINT now17:48
HoloPedto see if that makes any difference17:48
wmatHoloPed: how are you creating your image on the thumb drive?17:50
HoloPedinstalling from another drive17:50
wmatHoloPed: also, if you stick the usb key into another computer, can you boot using it?17:51
HoloPedwould that work ?17:51
HoloPedI mean, doesn't it have to be the same hardware or something17:51
wmatwell, it's just a live linux image right?17:52
HoloPedwe boot from an installation image, then install to a usb drive on the board17:52
wmatoh, i see now17:52
HoloPedi'm not sure if that is a "live image" or not17:52
HoloPedHow do I get a live image to become the permanent OS ?17:53
HoloPedthat will boot automatiically without me having to run grub in efi ?17:53
wmatHoloPed: did you use these instructions:
HoloPedand these instructions are out of date17:55
calculusmakerfaire bay area is coming soon, I can't wait to see prpplague and warthog917:55
HoloPedthey refer to Ubuntu 14.0417:55
warthog9calculus: only get to see me17:55
warthog9prpplague: is heading home before maker faire17:55
wmatHoloPed: not out of date exactly, just specific to Ubuntu 14.0417:56
calculuswarthog9: ok, but bummer about prpplague not coming17:56
calculusthere goes my next question too17:56
calculusI was going to ask if he is bringing his kids17:56
warthog9calculus: hehe17:56
warthog9no we've got IoT World up in SF next week17:57
warthog9then I'm sticking around for Maker Faire to steal, I mean borrow, I mean acquire demo ideas ;-)17:57
calculuswell I am still in the area should the two of you want to get together with me17:57
wmatwarthog9: make K-9 fly ;), that's be a great demo18:02
wmatwarthog9: a K-9 drone18:02
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HoloPedHave you seen this ?18:15
warthog9wmat: making the big K-9 fly would be.... complex18:15
warthog9I mean he *WEIGHS* *40lbs*18:15
wmatwarthog9: yes, but it would be impressive18:19
wmatHoloPed: saw that. It doesn't ship for a year :(18:19
HoloPedif ever18:42
HoloPedit is a ks18:42
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tbrwarthog9: making it fly would be rocket-surgery, literally19:32
meflinthere is also pupy k919:34
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prpplagueBryanstein: did you make any progress with that module?23:14
warthog9meflin: I'm closer to lifting the puppy than the big dog23:16
freqyou guys rock23:29
warthog9freq: what did we break now?23:31
freqnothing that i know of23:33
freqthis board has been on sid since i got it and it's more stabel than anything i've owned23:34
freqstable even23:34
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warthog9freq: :-)23:55
warthog9freq: tell all your friends ;-)23:55
warthog9ohhh hey prpplague has ipv623:55
* warthog9 is suitably impressed23:56
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freqwarthog9: yes, my geek friends at irc all want one23:59

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