Friday, 2015-05-08

freqi always tell them that there is no better computer than one that is opensource, always updating and getting better and has friendly developers00:00
freqi told them you went out of your way warthog9 to buy an sd card to test at my request00:01
* prpplague drinks tea, license to technotrance music, and tries to reverse engineer cabling on the WITCH00:03
warthog9freq: you also got lucky and Amazon had an amazing sale on the Lexar one when I went to look ;-)00:04
warthog9($60something or low $70s)00:04
warthog9freq: but that being said I put 3 more officially on order for work / testing today00:05
freqwarthog9: i'm just gonna stick with you being the man.00:05
freqi've had a more personal experience moving to linux and now even more personal with open hardware00:06
freqi feel one with the atoms flowing through the wires00:06
freqlike a fairy with glitter. just less like that00:07
warthog9freq: careful or you'll start wanting to test my network booting over the internet stuff ;-)00:07
freqif you guys need any testing help, i'm available00:07
freqgive me instructions and i will try it00:07
freqi have a small network of dev boards going here. what's another project?00:07
warthog9that's boot media that should work on a classic bios00:08
warthog9I haven't tested in EFI yet00:08
freqso basically on a t43 thinkpad00:08
warthog9boot one of those up, see if something happens00:08
freqi have one of those with kali on it00:08
warthog9I do my testing in a VM00:08
freqyou might call me crazy, but my minnowboard is my main box00:09
freqmost powerful machine i have :p00:09
warthog9I'm not sure where on the list it is in my house00:10
warthog9it might be below some of the WAPs I have00:10
warthog9or some of the nics00:10
freqbanana pi r1, cubieboard2, raspi2 all up on the network now00:11
freqthe r1 is the router with openwrt on it00:11
warthog9nice, and low power00:11
freqi have 4 raspi's that arent doing anything00:11
warthog9you are very likely beating me on least power consumed00:11
freqgonna make a webcam soon for the porch00:11
freqlol that's the plan00:11
warthog9ok heading home, bbiab00:12
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warthog9little longer than a bit ;-)03:10
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freqhow does arch run on the max?04:26
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ahollerso you have to be a kernel hacker to pay 65 (150-49-4*9) for a prerelease alpha c.h.i.p.? crazy world05:42
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Oglarunaholler: and the NDAs hehe05:44
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ahollermaybe i should make a kickstarter for a slot-computer. insert coin to code a hour ;)05:53
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Oglarunfreq: nice but spi and i2c and i2s are not in the standard kernel06:41
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xkonniwarthog9: had some troubles building low-speed-spidev, so i changed the makefile a bit. think this is worth a pull-request?
xkonniwarthog9: or would you prefer commenting on a pull request over irc? then i'd do that in the future ;)09:32
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warthog9xkonni: send a pull request17:18
warthog9I'm not seeing anything majorly bad but I need to finishing kicking my brain into gear17:19
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ka6soxwarthog9, 0.77 is late enough to run SilverJaw right?17:27
warthog9ka6sox: should be17:28
prpplagueka6sox: anything after 0.7417:28
* ka6sox goes back to scratching his head on why Debian is being a pill17:28
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Bryansteinprpplague, I updated my firmware and it's all working now as expected19:34
prpplagueBryanstein: working as expected? or not working?19:34
Bryansteinprpplague, I can see the sensor and get data from it19:35
prpplagueBryanstein: oh!19:35
prpplagueBryanstein: i thought you were still stuck with it not working19:35
Bryansteinprpplague, well after chatting with you I went upgrading and thumping around. You pointed me to the right device for the newer firmware19:36
prpplagueBryanstein: oh good19:36
* prpplague sighs with relief19:36
prpplagueBryanstein: i hooked mine up with no issues this morning19:36
prpplagueBryanstein: so i just wanted to follow up with you19:36
BryansteinI thought something was wrong on my end. That's why I wanted to test someone else's kernel to make sure my build wasn't funky19:37
BryansteinNow all I have to do is make a body so that it fits in my rc car and won't fly out when the then flips and crashes19:37
Bryansteinprpplague, so umm that tadpole contest, any chance you know when the drawing will take place?19:38
BryansteinIt was supposed to happen at 9am PST19:38
prpplagueoh, i had forgotten19:38
prpplaguelet me find out19:38
BryansteinSeems I was the only entry :oP19:38
BryansteinThus, I won Woooohoooo \o/19:39
meflinBryanstein: never thought someone would make me feal good about my perpetual 3rd ;)19:44
Bryansteinmeflin, thanks! Are you doing something cool with your minnowboard?19:46
meflinnot so much19:46
meflinto much work to do alot with them right now19:46
BryansteinAh, that's always the problem. A lot of ideas but not a lot of time. I have one max for my media center/server that runs 24/719:47
BryansteinIt's not that exciting but when it comes time to watch a movie, it comes in quite handy19:48
meflincurrently besides running a whole ISP I'm building 5 new severs19:48
meflindown time I've been like meh tech go away .. hellow netflix19:48
Bryansteinmeflin, you spend a lot of time in the data center aye?19:49
meflinnope ... mostly remote19:49
BryansteinOh so you're building those servers using out of band management?19:50
meflinthese ones no .. but usualy yes19:50
meflinhard to get iLO on a minow tho ;)19:51
BryansteinCool, so being that you help run an ISP, are you going to give your new friend Bryanstein free service, hahaha?19:51
BryansteinOn what?19:51
meflinwhat you want and your skills and why I should19:52
meflinI host a few free things19:52
meflinknow a few places that host more ;)19:52
Bryansteinmeflin, well...I actually ran a free shell for quite some time. It's still there but it's in locked out from logins now.19:53
meflinwhat do you need??19:53
BryansteinWell I can always use a vm for failover19:54
meflin5 servers is part of building that cluster ;)19:54
meflinso not yet19:54
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Bryansteinmeflin, what distro are you using?19:55
meflincentos and ubuntu19:55
meflinalso maxOS, fedora, andriod ;)19:55
BryansteinSo are you running planning on running Xen, Openstack or something of the sort?19:55
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BryansteinOh, I actually know one of the guys that has a hand in that19:59
meflinjust one? ;)19:59
meflinit would be interesting  to throw up 20 minnow's for a cluster20:01
Bryansteinmeflin, yes my initial Xen tests didn't quite go so well but I got virtualization going with kvm20:02
BryansteinI even did it with FreeBSD20:02
BryansteinFreeBSD Bhyve virtualization that is20:02
Bryansteinmeflin, there is a cluster out there already. I was hoping to make one last year but it didn't quite come to materialization20:03
Bryansteinmeflin, well if you want a hand on something that you might not know pm me. I might have some experience in it, such as LDAP and Radius for instance.20:06
meflinfall season at best20:06
ka6soxI'm booked till spring sweeps20:09
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Bryansteinprpplague, any word?21:05
prpplagueBryanstein: sorry no i have not heard back21:05
prpplagueBryanstein: a lot of people out of the Hillsboro intel offices work from home on fridays21:06
prpplagueBryanstein: but i'll keep an ear out21:06
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calculusBryanstein: I entered too21:52
calculuskind of, I don't have a twitter but I made something and posted it here21:52
calculuswarthog9 said I put a smile on his face21:53
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Bryansteincalculus, that looks cool...nice tuna too btw23:06
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