Wednesday, 2015-05-13

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freqwhen using msata, will the uSD card slot become like a normal sd card slot for mass storage?04:11
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warthog9freq: the msata port has no real effect on the sd card slot04:42
warthog9the sd card slot is always an sd card slot04:43
freqok. how can i test the performance increase04:43
warthog9what increase?04:43
freqwell i switched to msata04:43
freqthe silverjaw lure came in and i reinstalled debian. i'd like to see the speed increase over sd card as hard drive04:44
warthog9I assume you are going to run some sort of disk benchmark?04:44
freqyes, i'm sure i can find something04:45
warthog9so the sdcard slot will continue to show up at /dev/mmcblk004:47
warthog9assuming you've installed to the msata device04:47
freqyes. i want to set up persistent backup with rsync to the sd card04:47
freqyes, i am running on it now04:47
warthog9so I assume you are treating /dev/mmcblk0 as just another block device04:48
warthog9I.E. no different than a /dev/sdN04:48
warthog9so I guess I'm confused on the sdcard slot would be special in any case before/after the addition of msata?04:48
freqi'd only like to know the i/o comparison04:49
warthog9that can be roughed out, what msata drive and sd card do you have?04:49
freqit's a samsung. trying to find it now04:50
freqDrives:    HDD Total Size 3068.6GB (8.9% used) ID-1 /dev/sda model SAMSUNG_MZMPC064 size 64.0GB04:51
freq           ID-2 USB /dev/sdb model HD size 3000.6GB ID-3 USB /dev/sdd model Cruzer_Fit size 4.0GB04:51
warthog9rough paper napkin math, the msata drive should be ~500MB/s to roughly04:52
warthog9errr sorry msata looks like it clocks in at roughly, 473MB/s reads, ~143MB/s writes, overall about 257MB/s04:53
freqwhich is blazing fast in comparison to the 4 mb/s of a class 10 sd card04:53
warthog9your usb stick is one of the slowest on the market ;-)04:53
warthog9but it is impressively small04:54
freqyeah, i like the nub. it's gonna be a tails stick04:54
warthog9the sd card, assuming it's a grey/platinum looking pro card tops out at 90MB/s04:55
warthog9well 90MB/s reads, 50MB/s writes04:55
freqyea it's grey and red04:55
warthog9orange perhaps?04:55
freqhmm red and grey pretty sure04:55
warthog9sure it's not a sandisk?04:55
warthog9what's the drive info for /dev/mmcblk0 ?04:56
freqsandiskc ultra04:56
warthog9slow but super reliable04:56
freqi don't have it plugged in, i need to partition it later04:56
freqi have the 128gb XC1 sandisk also04:57
freqso much memory. sorting through it today to see what to toss and what to keep04:57
warthog9yeah the ultra tops out at 48MB/s04:57
freqit lagged like a mofo. this is a great upgrade04:58
freqi've gotta hit the hay. nice talking to you, warthog904:59
warthog9yeah I've been snagging the sandisk extreme pros, lexar high0performance 633x, or the samsung pros lately04:59
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warthog9freq: good morning18:13
warthog9for what little morning there is left18:13
freq:) hello18:14
freqwarthog9: i will be installing arch to the mbm today18:14
warthog9should be fun18:14
warthog9I'm led to believe by the Interns who liked Arch that it works18:14
freqsomeone mentioned a speed increase and no metapackages18:15
freqi'm down!18:15
tbrtangential topic. Are there good resources about setting up bot loaders on EFI systems?18:20
tbrlike what goes where, how does autoboot of something happen, how does the efi shell script thing fit in18:21
* tbr would like to RTFM and learn about that18:21
tbrAlso it seems like I have to tell some canonical engineers how to do their job of creating a bootable UEFI system image18:22
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warthog9tbr: if you search for startup.nsh you can likely find all the info you could care about18:40
warthog9tbr: yeah, what's going on with Canonical on that?  I've seen a bunch of stuff that the MBM is not the only platform completely borked with 15.0418:41
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tbrwarthog9: haven't tried the traditional stuff, just the "snappy" route, which is completely broken. it comes with a UEFI partition but without the grub binaries18:42
tbrnow they added some, but it comes without a boot script and somehow the engineer claims that his test system boots without that18:43
tbrwarthog9: actually, I copied a qemu-kvm installed 15.04 server to a SD card and that seemed to boot ok on the MBM18:43
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warthog9so why is the installer botching that badly on the MAX?18:44
warthog9the MAX isn't *THAT* weird18:44
tbrhaven't tried the installer18:44
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tbrI did the server install on my laptop in a vm as I needed a minimal 15.04 as the fixed image building tools are only available for 15.0418:45
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tbrbut then when the ssnappy image failed I tried by writing the image to a SD card and the server install booted18:46
calculusprpplague and warthog9: hi, I hope you are enjoying SF :)18:55
warthog9calculus: sorta ;-)18:55
warthog9SF is awesome18:55
prpplaguecalculus: hehe you know me... hotel -> conference -> hotel18:56
calculusprpplague: throw a bar in the mix and now I know you ;)18:56
prpplaguecalculus: hehe you know me... hotel -> conference -> hotel -> hotel bar18:57
calculusprpplague: too bad you are leaving before maker faire18:57
prpplaguecalculus: yea i kind of wanted to stay for that but didn't really have the budget to stay over the extra days18:58
calculusI got a yocto shirt from the intel booth last year18:58
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calculusI also made a wand with rolled up paper, a coin cell, copper tape, and a rather large led also from the intel booth19:02
prpplaguecalculus: cute19:03
calculusone of these guys,
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wmatOpenBSD on MAX if anyone is interested:
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