Thursday, 2015-05-14

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freqalternative to terminator?03:39
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Bryansteinwmat, I did that back in Nov/Dec last year also...coreboot with OpenBSD03:52
BryansteinThat nic should work but it doesn't, it gets the wrong irq. I saw some stuff on a list somewhere about getting serial console and other things working on openbsd for the max03:52
warthog9wmat: is that openbsd using uefi or coreboot?04:43
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* tbr ponders if the on disk nvvars file could influence the EFI boot menu list, that isn't entirely clear and can't find docs07:25
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hrwI have to finally take my mbm from a box and check it09:49
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zumbi_hrw: heh.. it works nicely :)10:10
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hrwzumbi_: I know. used one. then it failed, RMA and sits on desk since return11:37
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wmatwarthog9: coreboot13:16
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programmerqso, I figured the minnowmax could handle a minecraft server in addition to all the other junk I want to run on it.15:02
programmerqit can15:02
programmerqbut then I discovered the dynmap plugin.15:02
programmerqand that pegs the cpu15:02
programmerqguess that means I need two minnowmax boards.15:02
programmerqlooks like I can tune it-- some folks tune it down for running a minecraft server on a rpi15:03
Hrtzprogrammerq: hmm15:07
Hrtzminecraft is neat, so is minetest15:07
programmerqI've never really played it before.15:08
programmerqI decided to set up a server so my 5-year-old could play15:08
programmerqbut I'm having probably more fun than he is.15:08
Hrtzdo you run windows on it15:09
programmerqon the minnowmax? no. it's a debian jessie host.15:09
Hrtzsame here. how did you get minecraft to work on debian15:09
programmerqit's just the server part, and I'm running it in a docker image.15:09
programmerqitzg/minecraft-server is the image I'm using.15:10
Hrtzoh neat15:10
programmerqtbh, it's not the best docker image as far as the docker best practices that I prefer, but I have a minecraft server with not a ton of effort, so I shouldn't complain too hard about best practices.15:11
Hrtzi've just set up mpd to run15:11
programmerq(I am a big fan of, and work for docker. I got the minnow because it's the lowest powered affordable board I could find that can run docker)15:11
Hrtzfresh jessie install since yesterday w/ i3-wm15:11
programmerqwell, officially run it. technically there are forks that run on arm15:12
Hrtzyes. i like the official packages available on x86-6415:12
programmerqyeah, that's the kicker.15:12
Hrtzi like my cubieboard alright for a garage computer15:12
Hrtzbrowser, chat and music15:12
Hrtzit's nice for looking up things when i'm tinkering and i dont care if it gets destroyed15:13
Hrtzbut this is a real desktop, mbm15:13
programmerqI still need to get my stuff migrated over to the minnowwmax, solder my custom lure, get my i2c screen working with the max, and finish making my custom case for it.15:14
Hrtzspeaking of all of that, i need to get my irc server back up on my raspi215:14
Hrtzraspi1 actually15:14
Hrtzprogrammerq: very cool. i just bought the silverjaw and switched over to msata on the minnow15:14
programmerqI'm just using an old laptop drive I had laying around.15:16
programmerqI'm thinking about putting the OS on a microsd card, and then the hard drive will be for /var/lib/docker15:16
Hrtzsounds like a lot of space is needed for docker15:17
Hrtzor maybe it will take the load off of the sd card15:18
programmerqnot for docker directly15:19
programmerqbut I want to run a bunch of docker containers with various images.15:20
programmerqplus my workload isn't conducive to an sdcard, so load sharing is a concern.15:21
Hrtzah nice15:21
programmerqplus, I'd like to have all my stuff be essentially disposable15:21
programmerqso configs or whatever will be checked in to git15:21
programmerqand if I lose that mechanical hard drive, I just drop another blank one in its place15:21
programmerqI might lose some stuff in progress, but I should be able to re pull all my images and pick up where I left off15:22
programmerqassuming I do my job right when I set everything up15:22
Hrtzyou will15:22
programmerqsome stuff, like mysql data, will need to be restored from backup of course15:22
Hrtzi'm gonna set up rsync to back up my msata to my sd card15:23
Hrtzmaybe even double backup... i have a 3tb drive15:23
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programmerqhrw: so minetest is a open source minecraft clone?16:18
programmerqlooks like it is in c++16:19
programmerqit'd be nice to not be running java.16:19
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hrwprogrammerq: ?16:22
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programmerqsorry, meant to tab complete to Hrtz16:36
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ahollerdocker runs as good or bad on ARM as on x8616:50
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Oglarunhello @ all20:52
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freqCPU~Dual core Intel Atom E3825 (-MCP-) clocked at 533 Mhz Kernel~4.0.0-1-amd64 x86_64 Up~14 min Mem~282.4/1914.4MB HDD~3064.6GB(8.9% used) Procs~120 Client~Irssi 0.8.17 inxi~2.1.2823:09
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gabrbeddI have a minnowboard max, and I made a yocto build for it. I can't get it to boot. Anybody been there/done that?23:38
gabrbeddPrep'd SD card like this:23:38
gabrbeddsudo ./poky/scripts/contrib/ /dev/sdb build/tmp/deploy/images/intel-corei7-64/core-image-minimal-intel-corei7-64.hddimg /dev/mmcblk023:38
gabrbeddUsing yocto-1.7.1 (dizzy)23:39
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wmatgabrbedd: what happens when you insert the SD card and power up the MAX?23:58
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