Thursday, 2015-05-21

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warthog9yay for interns getting dotstars working on the MAX and writing up nice libraries to interface to them!16:33
speltreally>? yay16:35
hrwhow good kodi works on minnowmax? under debian or ubuntu16:35
speltyay for xombrero16:35
warthog9hrw: kodi being the renamed xbmc?16:37
smurrayhrw: I installed it on Fedora, seemed fine16:37
* warthog9 still isn't used to the new name16:37
hrwwarthog9: yes16:37
warthog9hrw: yeah should work great, the GPU has hardware decode for most of the common codecs16:37
hrwsmurray: fedora is distro which I can use on desktop but never for multimedia use16:37
warthog9(and assuming you have va-api installed, etc)16:37
hrwwarthog9: so time to finally boot it and solder fan pins for sata power16:38
smurrayhrw: rpmfusion provides the missing media bits in my experience16:38
hrwsmurray: I know. just do not like16:39
* hrw is fedora developer16:39
speltnot that i can't make one myself, but is anyone selling a simple plexi "case" open side with roof and floor16:40
warthog9spelt: not that I know of16:40
speltif i could make em fast enough, i'd design something16:41
warthog9spelt: you on the west coast with access to tap plastics?16:42
hrwwarthog9: sweet16:42
warthog9hrw: yeah, I need to go poke on the fedora kernel again to get spi, i2c, etc compiled up and available as modules out of the box16:43
* warthog9 needs to go do that for most of the distros sadly16:43
speltwarthog9: i'm on the east16:43
warthog9spelt: hmmmm16:44
speltwarthog9: i'm about to add you on g+ if that's ok16:45
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warthog9freq: got for it16:47
freq:D g+ is my geek hideout since everyone is on facebook16:47
* tbr still wonders why ubuntu 15.04 doesn't boot on that particular image... it does in qemu16:48
warthog9freq: all the geeks use g+16:49
freqim putting debian on the nand of my cubieboard216:50
hrwwarthog9: is there a bug opened for adding those in fedora?16:51
freqit was laying around and i need a small server16:51
warthog9hrw: no, I wanted to get it working so I can just send a patch16:52
warthog9hrw: asking for things only gets you so far (even for me), having a patch usually gets you a lot further16:52
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Oglarunhello @ all20:31
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Oglarunwarthog9: have you a bit time20:44
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Oglarunwarthog9: please lock a bit to the i2s audio thing ... i must have it working ... by me it is deep night sorry21:25
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