Friday, 2015-05-22

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hrwyay! my mmax works again ;d14:29
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hrwand cheap chinese serial-to-arduino works too14:30
wmathrw: what was wrong with it?14:31
hrwwmat: RMA was due to firmware issue14:31
wmatglad it's working again14:32
hrw+usb wireless keyboard +usb wifi14:37
hrwtime to ssh in, update and check how kodi works on xubuntu14:38
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hrwand have to move to sata disk asap. microsd even uhs1 is not my favorite storage ;d14:49
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hrwforgot how much 'fun' vdpau intel driver is...15:51
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hrw20-35% of cpu use with 1080p movie in kodi. fine16:05
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Bryansteinhrw, it should be using vaapi not vdpau.17:00
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hrwdisabled vdpau leaving only vaapi in kodi. feels the same. vdpau anyway is not working in ubuntu on intels ;d17:02
hrwanyway need to buy some cables, adapters etc17:04
Bryansteinhrw, are you running kodi now?17:04
Bryansteinhit o and it will let you know if you're actually using vaapi17:04
hrwsolder J2 pins, adapt sata power cable, grab other hdmi output17:04
BryansteinWell alrighthy then :oP17:05
hrwdrop:3 skip:1817:05
hrwwith 1080p movie17:06
BryansteinYea you're using it for sure17:06
Bryansteinhrw, do you have a fancy case figured out?17:06
hrwBryanstein: wooden box 20x20x10cm17:06
hrwBryanstein: 2.5" hdd and minnow goes inside17:06
hrwhave to make holes for power and video out17:07
hrwand video out will be tricky as I need to have full hdmi there... so some wires willl be needed17:07
hrwbut now time to go17:07
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electrogluecan someone help me with pwm on the minnowmax I dont seem to be able to get it to work correctly22:51
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