Monday, 2015-05-25

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holoplothi all, someone knowing how to change i2c clock frequency?11:50
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hrwheh. looks like I am getting out of sata cables14:43
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hrwlooks like minnowboard will get some old crap from my beagleboard times ;D15:14
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wmatholoplot: what OS?15:32
wmatholoplot: googling for minnowboard i2c clock frequency will get you some good info15:33
holoplotwmat: either ubuntu or arch. I did google whole day but I don't get this to work. I found this link, which has no answer as well :
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holoplotand I changed clk_freq on i2c/busses/i2c-designware-platdrv.c , compiled kernel again and loaded the modules, still 400kHz15:38
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wmatholoplot: yeah, i saw that thread as well.  I'd try posting to the mailing list as there are more people on it then there are in here.  Plus then we can get a solution in writing ;)15:38
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tripzeroprpplague, ping21:01
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SplitframeGood evening21:36
SplitframeDoes someone here knows how fast the network file transfer speed on the Minnowboard MAX v2 is?21:37
SplitframeI tried to search for some benchmarks on this, but just couldn't find anything21:38
SplitframeOh file transfer from a hard drive via SATA I mean.21:39
smurrayistr that iperf testing gave > 900 Mb/s, so the storage device will probably be the limiting factor21:43
smurrayI could probably experiment a bit when I get home, have a mSATA hooked up21:44
SplitframeHi, on my BananaPi ( also Sata and Gbit ethernet ) the limiting factor was the cpu. Mainly because the Linux Samba only supports 1 core per connection. I was limited to 40Mbyte/s21:44
SplitframeThat would be cool smurray.21:44
smurrayis samba what you're interested in? I could try to set that up, not something I normally use at home21:46
Splitframeyes, I'd like to use the board as a file server. And I saw that the board can run Win8.1 and now I try to find out if Windows8.1 supports multi core file transfer :321:48
smurraywarthog9 might have done some benchmarks, if he doesn't pop up, I'll try something tonight at home21:54
smurrayhow were you testing, just timing a cp, or something fancier?21:54
SplitframeI hooked up an SSD to the BPi via Sata, formated it in ext3 ( also ext4 ) and opened a samba share and then pushed a 8GB file over and then downloaded it again. The result was 32Mbyte/s when writing to the BPi and 40Mbyte/s when reading from it. All the time one cpu core was at 100%22:05
SplitframeI uploaded and downloaded via Windows, which shows me the current MB/s22:05
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SplitframeMy hope is that the minnowboard somehow manages something around 100Mbyte/s, even if I have to install Win8.1 for it22:08
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warthog9smurray: what benchmarks?22:43
smurraySplitframe is interested in samba performance numbers, have you happened to try it?22:44
warthog9not specifically, should be relatively good22:44
warthog92G of ram for caching, and sata2 + pci-e attached gbe22:45
Splitframehi, I wanted to know if it's possible to hit the 100Mbyte/s with the minnowboard. With my Banana Pi the limiting factor was the cpu22:45
SplitframeI searched for benchmarks or infos on this online but didn't find any :(22:46
warthog9Splitframe: I don't think anyone has done any samba benchmarks22:46
Splitframeaw dang :/22:46
warthog9we've got solid ethernet numbers22:46
warthog9and sata2 is sata222:47
prpplagueSplitframe: ethernet saturation info -
SplitframeThe Banana Pi has Sata2 and GBit ethernet but only reached 40Mbyte/s with 1 cpu at 100% :/22:47
prpplaguetripzero: pong22:47
warthog9and 100Mbyte/s is actually fairly hard to do in general22:47
warthog9seeing as that's 800mbps22:47
tripzeroprpplague, ever use electrodragon for pcbs?22:47
tripzeroto make* pcbs22:48
prpplaguetripzero: no, not used them before, lately been using pcbway.com22:48
prpplaguetripzero: tremendously good prices22:48
prpplaguetripzero: and 1 week turn around22:48
warthog9Splitframe: there's a lot of variables with respect to samba too22:48
warthog9lots and lots of knobs to adjust between storage, networking and samba itself22:49
tripzeroprpplague, nice!22:50
tripzerolooks a bit more expensive than electrodragon, but a lot more options.22:50
prpplaguetripzero: so far i would recommend them for cheap quick turn boards22:50
SplitframeI searched through many forums for file transfer for the Rapsberry and Banana Pi and came up with some instructions. Like the filesystem and so on and could crank up the performance from 24Mbyte/s to 40.22:50
prpplagueyea, i like being able to get different color soldermask without extra charge22:50
SplitframeI just hoped there is a board with a minimum energy footprint that could handle near 100Mbyte/s22:51
prpplagueSplitframe: as warthog9 said there are a lot of factors involved with samba stuff, but consistent results for the gige on the max match those in the wiki page22:52
prpplagueSplitframe: you can google around for some interesting posts as to why many of the low cost arm devices with gige don't have gige performance22:53
warthog9Splitframe: are you talking BIT or BYTE22:54
warthog9as those are VERY different things22:54
Splitframehmm okay, on the Raspberry and Banana Pi the bottleneck always was the CPU. The GBE controller on the BananaPi handles up to 890Mbit and I still only got 40Mbyte/s22:54
warthog940Mbyte/s is 320mbps22:54
SplitframeI know the difference and wrote what I meant :322:54
warthog9there's a lot of people that get them confused22:55
warthog9now I'm curious if my i7 can move anywhere near 100MB/s22:55
SplitframeI tested on my Notebook with a i5-4200M with multiplier locked to 7 ( so 2x 700Mhz ) and could transfer 100Mbyte/s over GBE22:56
Splitframeused throttlestop for that22:56
Splitframegot around 40% per core load.22:56
warthog9my i7 can move an iso to my desktop between 70MB/s and 88MB/s22:56
warthog9(noting that both machines are i7-2600K's, one with Linux one with Windows 7)22:57
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Splitframebut it ain't at 100% load when you do is it?22:57
warthog9one core does spike to 100%22:58
warthog9ohhh hmmm that might be qemu though22:58
prpplagueSplitframe: iperf is specifically designed to test actual transfer rates22:58
prpplagueSplitframe: you should use that as a basis for your testing22:59
warthog9smbd chews like 12% cpu according to top22:59
Splitframeprpplague the thing is, I need that read/written from/to a hard drive and the samba protocol eats up much cpu time22:59
warthog9Splitframe: I assume you are using smb because of Windows?22:59
prpplagueSplitframe: yes, that is true, but if you aren't getting the performance on the iperf side, you will never get it it22:59
Splitframewarthog9 I transfered from windows 8.1 to 10, maybe microsoft introduced multi threaded samba at some point?23:00
prpplagueSplitframe: so it gives you a basis for testing23:00
warthog9Splitframe: I doubt multi-processing the file transfer would help23:00
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warthog9your biggest bottle necks are going to be storage itself, followed by the network interface, followed by the path from storage to network controller23:01
SplitframeI made other experiences as other online did it seems. For the SBCs at least, the bottleneck is the cpu23:02
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Splitframeseems to be*23:03
Splitframemaybe for full blown PCs that is not the case. But for the BananaPi you can search it up the cpu goes to 100% and the moment I overclock to 1.2Ghz I get 50Mbyte/s23:04
smurrayit's possible the SATA driver for that h/w isn't that great23:04
warthog9Splitframe: well you are still comparing apples to oranges (pardon the pun), the Baytrail-I Atom is a COMPLETELY different architecture than the ARMs you are comparing to23:05
Splitframesmurray that really could be true23:05
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*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | GSoC: Ongoing!"23:06
Splitframewarthog9: hmm yeah I guess. More the reason to ask for some benchmarks on the issue don't you think?23:06
SplitframeBecause I'm not going to buy one on the assumption that when the network interface can handle 900Mbit and the sata2 interface with a good hdd can handle it, I will reach the 100Mbyte/s because that is the case with the BananaPi and it didn't reach it.23:07
Splitframeyou see where I come from? I know that the specs around the cpu can handle the GBE, but as the BananaPi has shown that doesn't mean I reach these numbers. So I wanted to ask if someone has benched it.23:08
warthog9Splitframe: best place to ask is the mailing list23:08
Splitframeokay, will do :323:09
warthog9I know of some folks doing storage out there, they might be able to give you some anecdotal information23:09
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