Tuesday, 2015-06-09

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wmathrw: is this the cable you were looking for? http://ebay.to/1KlDVnf00:30
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wmathrw: or this one http://bit.ly/1KlEQEc00:38
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warthog9wheee and the MinnowBoard website is now on fancy "new" hardware :-)04:13
prpplaguetbr: mutation04:13
tbrminnow v1→v2?04:14
* tbr imagines a beowulf cluster of those04:14
prpplaguetbr: picture the brain of an anonymous person connected with lots of wires running a nuclear power plant that has the minnowboard.org server connected04:14
warthog9tbr: I was able to snag a dl380 g6 (an upgrade from the dl380 g5 that it was on) for reasonable money, and went from a dual dual core, to a dual 6 core and 16G of ram to 48G04:15
tbrand then it suddently goes 'mmmm, donuts!'04:15
* prpplague makes vague references to the Star Trek episode "Spock's Brain"04:15
warthog9ohhh and hyperthreading now ;-)04:15
tbrprpplague: yeah, that was a nice one, essentially he instructed bones how to perform surgery on himself04:16
* prpplague is really a brain in jar stashed away in warthog9 's cellar04:17
warthog9prpplague: didn't we discuss NOT telling people that secret?04:17
warthog9now people will think I'm a mad scientist or something!04:18
* tbr has some fish food shipped to warthog9's place04:18
prpplaguewarthog9: what are you going to do? not change my blue water?04:18
* prpplague jokes with warthog9 04:18
warthog9prpplague: cut off your internet privleges04:18
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warthog9yeah, I'm reasonably pleased with the new box04:19
tbrmoar cores is moar good04:19
warthog9tbr: to be fair, I do plan on running the MinnowBoard website on MinnowBoards at SOME point04:19
warthog9just because it'll amuse me04:19
freqhey warthog904:47
* warthog9 waves04:47
freqhas anyone done a liquid cooled lure?04:47
freqi'm gonna try to make one04:49
tbrwhat power hungry thing will you place on that lure?04:52
freqa very simple pump04:53
freqit will just run fluid over the heatsink on some way04:54
warthog9freq: are you trying to liquid cool that max and turn this into a lure?04:54
freqwarthog9: was thinking about it04:54
warthog9freq: have at :-)04:54
freqinstead of hooking a fan up04:54
warthog9freq: I demand pictures04:54
freq:) just a passive pump i'll use04:54
freqit will create circulation of alcohol04:54
freqsince it will be flat, there will be minimal pressure in the piping04:55
freqAdapter: Virtual device04:56
freqtemp1:        +26.8°C  (crit = +90.0°C)04:56
freqAdapter: ISA adapter04:56
freqCore 0:       +51.0°C  (high = +110.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)04:56
freqCore 2:       +51.0°C  (high = +110.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)04:56
freqi wanna see lower! :D04:56
freqi run steam on it and i'm sure after a while it gets quite warm04:56
freqglad i have your blessing :)04:57
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hrwwmat: no. those are microhdmi/m -> hdmi/f and are widely available. I was searching for microhdmi/m -> hdmi/m one07:20
hrwtbr, warthog9: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[]=2256&cmp[]=616 - cpu in minnowboardmax contra n2800 which powers my server ;d07:25
hrwjust 20% slower07:25
hrwprobably other load but it can be handled by using few boards07:27
hrwbb in some07:27
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av500hrw: micro to std hdmi male exists07:44
av500I have a few07:44
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hrwav500: they do exist. just hard to find on market07:56
av500google is full of them07:59
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hrwav500: I do not want 'one month' delivery time ;d08:08
hrwav500: all components I got in 2-3 days. only exception was one thing which took 8 days but it was a test of other delivery08:08
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aholler_how you did that with the max?08:44
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hrwaholler: I already had max and 750GB disk08:56
hrwaholler: and I am not good person to ask for 'how to get max' ;D08:57
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wmathrw: ah, sorry about that12:29
hrwwmat: no ptoblemo12:32
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devunwiredHi all. Is it possible to provision the MinnowBoard for fastboot without using the network? Perhaps over USB or the serial console?14:33
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tbrnow which of the 50 different 'fastboots' did he mean14:57
hrwtbr: the 52nd one14:58
devunwiredHeh, sorry :) I'm walking through this guide for Android bring-up: https://01.org/android-ia/guides/android-5.x-lollipop-bring-guide14:58
tbrhrw: I was gunning for 54 ;)14:59
tbrdevunwired: not many people into android here. Keep in mind that it doesn't have a usb client or OTG port15:00
tbrdevunwired: seeing that the page mentions a fastboot-usb.img that apparently the minnow boots into, you'd probably just go and modify that image15:02
* tbr would suspect that it's the typical linux-kernel + initrd that seems to be so common for x86 android15:04
devunwiredIt is. I can look into it a bit, was just curious if anyone else had tried it. I didn't think of the lack of OTG for the USB side.15:05
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tbryou can get a silverjaw and a usb-pcie card to fix that, if you care that much ;)15:08
hrwI considered android for my project but lack of chromecast emu killed ;D15:09
warthog9devunwired: if you need a usb function/otg/client port there's one that we know works with the mpci-e slot15:11
devunwiredI'd be curious to play with it. Trying to create a "student-friendly" setup, and dependence on a private LAN doesn't float well in most classroom environments.15:17
hrwprivate lan? omg.15:18
hrwpxe is not enough?15:18
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tbrdevunwired: in a student environment I'd say plugging SD cards into the board should be enough. if that's too error prone, then looking at UART is the next step.15:26
hrw+1 to that15:27
devunwiredYou may be right. I liked the idea of getting them to flash the partitions over fastboot, and was hoping there was a way to do so over the serial console. Flashing the SD cards on the host may be a better approach.15:27
tbruuuuh, flashing a whole partition over fastboot/uart? no-way-jose!15:28
tbrkernel, yes15:28
hrwuart is just 115200bps. even kernel output can be faster than that15:29
tbrkeep in mind that common UART is 9600-11500 BAUD15:29
devunwiredgood point15:29
tbrsome people like av500 will run it at 1 MBaud15:29
av500hrw: my UART is 1mbit15:29
av500stop spouting that 115200 nonsense15:29
tbrbut even that is just OK for kernel and smallish partitions15:30
dememorizedav500: I'm pretty certain your UART isn't 1mbit ;)15:30
hrwav500: not checked how fast moschip 9845 is yet15:30
tbrdememorized: I can atest to it being 1MBaud15:31
av500dememorized: ?15:31
tbrdememorized: he's been doing that for years with his bootloaders15:31
dememorizedtbr: haha, I was just trying to be annoying and point out the difference between m and M :P15:31
av500I dont have time to press shift15:31
av500MAYBE IF i LOCK IT15:32
dememorizedav500: ;)15:32
av500AH BETTER15:32
dememorizedav500: Most certainly. Now you speak navy!15:32
av500its 1732 hours here, sir!15:32
tbrdevunwired: in an automated testing environment you could go for a SD-card muxer to switch between a USB writer and the DUT15:33
tbrdevunwired: prpplague designed one of those and I think Linaro also came up with one.15:33
hrwbtw - how to check which speed serial port is set to?15:34
av500which one?15:34
hrwav500: any?15:34
prpplaguetbr: there is a new FPGA based version in the works15:34
hrwprpplague: ahoy15:34
av500hrw: outside of soviet russia, you set the serial speed15:34
tbrprpplague: isn't that overkill?15:34
prpplaguetbr: not really, it is a much more robust design15:35
av500tbr: I bet 90% of the FPGA does dekatron emulation15:35
av500dotn tell15:35
hrwav500: picocom -b460800 connected without changes on any side so hard to tell did it went with it15:35
tbrav500: hehe15:35
av500hrw: then prolly it did not work :)15:36
prpplaguetbr: marex is the one doing the design15:37
prpplaguetbr: Marek Vašut <marex@denx.de>15:39
prpplaguetbr: in case your are curious15:39
tbrprpplague: not currently, but will keep that in mind. you never know when it becomes usefull.15:40
hrwprpplague: when some 1.8/3.3/5v level shifter expansion board?15:40
tbrwill it be oshw or a product?15:40
tbrhrw: only true if it comes with the 2mm maker standard header!15:40
prpplaguetbr: yea15:41
hrwtbr: 96craps ready? :D15:41
prpplaguehrw: it's on my todo list15:41
tbrhrw: jissss15:41
* tbr looks at his minnow, it's all ready and wired up for 802.15.4 experiments... I'd just need to have someone explain to me how to do the boardfile equivalent of a DT-snippet for mapping the additional IRQ and Reset pins for the SPI device. :-/15:42
* tbr never got into the whole boardfile thing, luckily(?)15:43
prpplaguetbr: we have some examples15:46
prpplaguetbr: one sec15:46
tbrprpplague: I found the github thing15:47
prpplaguetbr: which one?15:47
tbrprpplague: please think of me in this context of "beagle level noob requiring exact steps beyond simple c syntax"15:47
tbrprpplague: https://github.com/MinnowBoard/minnow-max-extras/tree/master/modules15:48
prpplaguetbr: yea that one is a good example for adding a device driver15:49
prpplaguetbr: another one i am using is this one https://github.com/kadamski/i2c-gpio-param15:49
prpplaguetbr: i am working getting more examples together15:49
tbrprpplague: as I don't understand the whole concept it's hard to understand how a DT snippet/include maps to it15:50
prpplaguetbr: it's less like a DT snippet15:51
prpplaguetbr: it's more like the old school board files15:51
prpplaguetbr: comparing it to DT functionality is probably not a good comparison15:51
prpplaguetbr: if you look, that i2c-gpio module there was actually written for RPi15:52
tbrprpplague: again, consider that I have zero clue beyond "boardfile defines some peripherals and stuff, somehow" and didn't come up with decent results when looking at how I could reverse map DTSI to a boardfile15:53
prpplaguetbr: ahh ok15:53
prpplaguetbr: soooooooo15:53
tbrthat is what I have15:53
tbrthe board MUST have a IRQ line and a RST line bundled and handed over to that at86rf2xx driver15:54
prpplaguetbr: initially with arm platforms , before DT was forced on us, every piece of hardware on a platform was "hard coded" in a board file15:54
tbrthe spi example just does some unrelated stuff15:54
prpplaguetbr: the problem with this is every platform with a hard coded info was getting added to the kernel source15:54
tbrprpplague: yes, that much I know, but then it's "and the rest is dragons"15:54
prpplaguetbr: so doing the small modules like the i2c-gpio or the othe one you linked to, is a through back to that method15:55
prpplaguetbr: but targeted generally at a single piece of functionality15:56
prpplaguetbr: although it could be used to a complete platform15:56
prpplaguetbr: look at the i2c-gpio as an example15:57
tbrthanks, I will. that one I hadn't seen yet15:57
prpplaguetbr: for your at86rf2xx15:57
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prpplaguetbr: as the i2c-gpio requires you to pass two gpio numbers15:58
prpplaguetbr: so it would be a similar item as what you need15:58
tbrprpplague: yeah, that's essentially what I'm unclear about at the core. I'll try to cobble enough together for it to make sense to me and then hopefully will be able to ask directed questions.15:59
prpplaguetbr: give me a shout when you have questions15:59
tbrprpplague: will do and sorry for the super general entry level thing, simply never had to get into it.16:00
prpplaguetbr: nope no worries16:01
prpplaguetbr: it kind of threw me for a loop a well when i started with it16:01
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electroglue i am trying to get pwm to work on the minnow board max and i am not sure if i am doing it right16:02
electrogluecan someone assist me in this16:02
electrogluefreq: did you get pwm to work on the minnow board max16:05
freqelectroglue: never tried it16:07
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wmatelectroglue: how is PWM not working?16:08
electrogluewmat: well i have the device showing in dev and when I try to measure signals on pwm pins I get same volts16:12
prpplagueelectroglue: and you have those pins configured as PWM in the bios setup?16:13
electroglueyes they are set for pwm16:13
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*** hrw <hrw!~hrw@redhat/hrw> has joined #minnowboard16:14
electrogluei have pwmchip0 in /sys16:14
electroglueand chip116:14
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electrogluemaybe it does not work16:18
wmatwhat does ls /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip0 list?16:19
electrogluedevice  export  npwm  power  subsystem  uevent  unexport16:21
wmatit's not exported for use, i think16:22
electrogluewmat: i tried that too gpio 50416:25
wmatelectroglue: well, if it were exported, you should see a pwmX directory in /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip016:27
electroglueso i tried the to echo 0 to the pwm and I got pwm0 I also tried to export gpio504 too just in case16:28
electroglueecho "0" > /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip0/export16:28
electrogluethat gives me a device pwm016:29
*** diana_olhovik <diana_olhovik!~quassel@> has joined #minnowboard16:30
electrogluewhen I set duty cycle and period I get nothing special on either pin. i export them both16:30
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warthog9electroglue: are you using lse pin 22 as pwm or gpio?16:33
electrogluewarthog9: i have one exported and one not16:34
electrogluesince it never worked for me i export one to test as a hail mary16:34
warthog9electroglue: you may want to look at https://github.com/MinnowBoard/minnow-max-extras/blob/master/calamari/calamari-leds-pwm.sh as an example16:35
warthog9but I suspect you've exported it but not enabled it16:35
electrogluewarthog9: that is what i run except on my own and not in a script16:37
warthog9did you echo 1 into enable?16:37
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #minnowboard16:38
warthog9you should echo 0 into the export16:38
warthog9and 1 into the enable16:38
electroglueyes that is what i mean16:38
warthog9electroglue: lines 7-12 in that script I pointed you to16:38
warthog9electroglue: ok, and what did you set for the period / duty?16:39
electroglue50000 duty16:40
electroglue1000000 period16:40
warthog9and what's attached to lse pin 22?16:40
electroglue22 and 2416:41
electrogluei will copy his script and test to make sure i am no error16:42
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prpplagueelectroglue: if you are serious about doing some PWM stuff, i'd recommend you get an i2c or spi based PWM controller like the PCA968516:59
warthog9electroglue: did you get that figured out?17:00
*** calculu5 is now known as calculus17:02
electrogluewarthog9: testing now17:14
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electrogluesomehow i crashed minnow17:46
electrogluetesting again17:46
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freqmy usb hub stopped powering18:06
freqnow there is a minor lag in typing and other things18:06
freqhas anyone remedied the need for a powered usb hub?18:06
warthog9freq: I tend to not run with a powered one18:07
warthog9but I'm not plugging a lot in via usb either18:07
freqi have a mouse, keyboard, usb SNES paddle and a webcam18:12
freqmy keyboard sort of lags18:12
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warthog9what OS you running?18:23
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electrogluewarthog9: I have to make a better test i will let you know what i find when i find it18:46
freqwarthog9: sorry, was away. it's debian jessie/sid19:14
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Bryansteinwarthog9, you did I ever show you this pic, I took of you at OSCON? http://media.fossetcon.org/u/bryan/m/img-9637/19:26
Bryansteinelectroglue, I'll run a test with my oscope for you but I'm sure it worked and I verified it previously19:26
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warthog9Bryanstein: you hadn't!19:44
warthog9that's awesome :-)19:44
warthog9I totally should have gotten a shave before that ;-)19:44
* warthog9 needs one right now19:44
warthog9electroglue: ok, I'll be around if you want to bounce things off me19:44
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