Friday, 2015-06-12

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nicksydneyhi .. i have question for Android... for Android-IA as per the instruction here does this mean that the lollipop version ONLY support minnowmax ? ..for KitKat version any baytrail process device can boot up but seems like for lollipop i've tested does not work ...are there any specific requirement ?08:44
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nicksydneyhmm...plugging the UART cable to the device provide some more insight...seems like fastboot is booting but something is not working08:56
nicksydneythis is what i'm getting
nicksydneycould this be the problem [    1.155106] [drm:intel_hdmi_get_edid] *ERROR* Get_hdmi cant read edid08:57
nicksydneynever mind fix the problem09:00
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nicksydneyinstalling via fastboot on non-minnow is not going to be will easier if the live_img target that was in KK introduced back to lollipop09:33
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nicksydneyinteresting .. in 5.0.1_r1-ia1 there is a build target liveimage while 5.1 it's removed12:45
nicksydneysorry i take that exist in 5.1 duh :)12:47
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freqi just about die without caffeine22:23
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warthog9lack of caffeiene is a dangerous state22:43
nicksydneytried the image produced in 5.0.1_r1-ia1 using the liveimage target and doesnt' work .. from the serial output seems like something is not right in the packaging..anyone has tried and working before ?22:53
nicksydneyusing fdisk  -lu on both kitkat and 5.1 .img file there is difference22:58
nicksydneythis is the output for fdisk -lu on the live.img file from both version
nicksydneysorry this output  is from android-5.1.0_r1-ia022:59
warthog9nicksydney: downgrade to 0.79 firmware23:03
warthog9android apparently tries to create the same sysfs entry for multiple displays found, and 0.80 enabled multiple displays23:04
nicksydneywarthog9: i'm testing it not using minnowmax but baytrail pc23:04
warthog9nicksydney: same fundamental problem, but I don't have a good answer on how to fix it23:04
nicksydneywarthog9: so 5.1 will require firmware upgrade regardless of what kind of baytrail processor ?23:05
warthog9nicksydney: until someone resolves the android kernel attempting to make the same sysfs entry Android 5.1 won't work (won't get to a graphical screen anyway)23:06
warthog9the fix on the MAX is to back the firmware down to 0.79 from 0.8023:06
warthog9on other baytrail systems, the only solution may be to wait for a fix in Android itself23:07
nicksydneywarthog9: i'm trying to understand that this is relevant to kernel related issue or firmware ? as you mention downgrading firmware works for baytrail ?23:07
nicksydney^^^^ baytrail minnowmax i meant23:07
warthog9nicksydney: lets break this down, you are trying to boot android 5.1 on an MAX, and you aren't ever getting a gui screen ever, correct?23:08
nicksydneywarthog9: no i'm trying to boot 5.1 not on a minnowmax .... i've got a baytrail PC that works with Intel-IA 4.423:09
warthog9but the problem is fundamentally the same, you try to boot and you never get a gui screen?23:10
nicksydneywarthog9: i get the Intel big logo with warning and also message of pressing UP or DOWN arrow..UP for continuing to boot which I did and then after few minutes blank screen it reboots ...was able to get the serial output  from the PC which is this
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warthog9ok, you MAY be hitting a problem we saw on the MAX then23:14
warthog9the problem boils down to Android can't handle multiple hdmi screens23:15
warthog9[    0.626685] ------------[ cut here ]------------23:15
warthog9[    0.631337] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 1 at fs/sysfs/dir.c:52 sysfs_warn_dup+0x86/0xa0()23:15
warthog9[    0.638923] sysfs: cannot create duplicate filename '/devices/virtual/extcon/hdmi'23:15
warthog9[    0.646822] ---[ end trace 81b12b60fe80c104 ]---23:15
warthog9[    0.651458] ------------[ cut here ]------------23:15
warthog9most firmware's have multiple displays already enabled, hdmi and usually something else23:16
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warthog9we tripped over this when we updated the firmware on the max from 0.79 to 0.80, where we enabled support for multiple monitors23:17
nicksydneyinteresting....but what this error23:17
nicksydney[    8.092381] init: cannot find '/system/bin/sh', disabling 'ufo-init'23:17
nicksydney[    8.127239] init: cannot find '/system/bin/logd', disabling 'logd'23:17
nicksydney[    8.133942] init: cannot find '/system/bin/lmkd', disabling 'lmkd'23:17
nicksydney[    8.140336] init: cannot find '/system/bin/servicemanager', disabling 'servicemanager'23:17
nicksydney[    8.148352] init: cannot find '/system/bin/vold', disabling 'vold'23:17
nicksydney[    8.154587] init: cannot find '/system/bin/surfaceflinger', disabling 'surfaceflinger'23:17
nicksydneyseems like it cannot find the filesystem for some reason OR is it because of the HDMI issue it failed to init properlyh ?23:18
nicksydneyas i compared file .img file produced from 4.4 and 5.1 using fdisk -lu and this is the output
nicksydneyfor 4.4 i can see there is a partition23:19
nicksydney./live.img1   *        2048      497663      247808    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)23:19
nicksydneywhile 5.1 no partition inside23:19
warthog9have you checked the md5/sha1 of what you downloaded?23:20
nicksydneyi built from the source23:20
nicksydneyusing the 'minnow_max-userdebug' target from 5.123:20
nicksydneyusing the make command 'make -j8 liveimage'23:21
nicksydneythere isn't any liveimage .img file build that is available from Intel-IA website23:22
nicksydneyall that is available is the fastboot .img file which is not workable for non-minnowmax system23:22
warthog9sadly you've outstripped what I know of in the build process for Android :-/23:22
nicksydneyin kitkat there is a live_img build target that allow dev to boot up system without installing and i think 5.1 replacement for that is liveimage but there could be a bug  or maybe i missed  a step to produce the .img file23:23
warthog9nicksydney: best I can do is point you at the android mailing list, as I'm not sure android-ia@lists.01.org23:25
nicksydneywarthog9:  ok will post there ..thanks for the help23:25
warthog9no problem :-)23:26
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