Wednesday, 2015-06-17

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hrwaholler: this way module can have connectors on side for mechanical stability10:07
ahollera 2x8 connectiom on either side would be very stable too. I've never managed to break one of the often used 2x5-connectors. ;)10:46
ahollerbesides the small plastic thing which holds the cable, if a cable is used10:47
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ysionneauI just received my minnowboard MAX, I'm trying to install Debian Jessie amd64 via usb, I can see the GRUB and select "install" but then I get error: no suitable video mode found.16:22
ysionneauis it possible to install Debian on minnowboard MAX without HDMI? (just serial link)16:22
ysionneauother question: where can I download the Angstrom image for minnowboard max? I ordered from Mouser and they didn't send any SDcard16:23
ysionneauthe link on the wiki seems dead16:23
ysionneauother question, I've seen someone on the list saying "you need 3 or 3.5 A power supply", but on the FAQ it says "2.5A" so maybe you want to edit that page to make it consistent16:25
ysionneauI've bought a 2.5A power supply according to that page, I hope it will be enough16:25
prpplagueysionneau: the minnowboard max doesn't ship with a sd card or image, that was the original minnowboard16:31
ysionneauall right :)16:31
prpplagueysionneau: you can get distro instructions from the main wiki page16:31
prpplagueysionneau: the power supply is dependent on what devices you have plugged in16:31
ysionneau ?16:31
prpplagueysionneau: many people are powering hard drives and other devices from the minnowboard max, therefor they require more power16:32
ysionneauso far I only plugged the 3V3 TTL ftdi uart cable + usb stick16:32
prpplagueysionneau: you should be fine with a 2.5A power supply16:32
ysionneauok good16:32
ysionneauI followed the wiki page, to install debian jessie, but I get this video mode related error16:32
ysionneauwell, I didn't exactly followed it, since it says "select graphical install" but I don't have HDMI cable16:33
ysionneaushould I understand the only supported way of installing is the HDMI?16:33
prpplagueysionneau: i suspect only the graphical install was tested, you might check on the debian irc channel or the debian support pages to see if there is a headless install16:34
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ysionneauso that I can install Debian without HDMI, I think I can do : get some "sdcard image" to dd, boot from USB with it, connect via SSH (ethernet) then do a debootstrap of debian to sdcard, then reboot on the debian sdcard16:35
ysionneaudo you know of any Linux image somewhere that I can "dd" on a usb stick?16:36
ysionneaulike angstrom or whatever16:36
prpplagueysionneau: there are no prebuilt images i am aware of, but you can build one via yocto/oe16:36
ysionneauah yes16:37
prpplagueysionneau: the ubuntu server edition is pretty good, but does require installation16:37
ysionneauI might try that then16:38
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ysionneauthanks very much!16:39
prpplagueysionneau: the wiki is an open wiki16:39
chetcoysionneau: fwiw I used the debian graphical install without issue16:40
prpplagueysionneau: feel free to register and contribute16:40
prpplaguechetco: but with a display attached? correct?16:40
prpplaguechetco: ahh ok, ysionneau doesn't have a display attached16:40
ysionneauchetco: with hdmi?16:41
chetcoI see. There should be a headless option too16:41
chetcoyes hdmi16:42
ysionneauthanks for the intel chetco :)16:42
chetcoyour welcome16:42
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ysionneauI just went to the next door informatic shop and bought a hdmi cable...17:23
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ysionneaugraphical installer boots fine so far17:26
chetcoysionneau: great I hope it works. If it complains about firmware you may be able to ignore it. I never had a problem ignoring it at least.17:27
ysionneauit asks for a firmware to put on usb stick yes17:28
ysionneauwhats "funny" is that whatever I plug when board is running : be it USB keyboard, USB stick, SDCARD, or even ethernet cable : the board reboots17:28
chetcoI have not had that..17:29
chetcothe devices may need more power17:30
chetcobut I cant say about sdcard17:30
ysionneaueven just a single usb stick :x17:30
ysionneauand I have 2.5 A17:30
ysionneauanyway, it's not too big a problem for now17:31
ysionneauis it OK to run a linux server without RTC? no issue at boot time (between boot and clock adjustment with ntpd?)17:33
chetcoysionneau: The device powering off could be related to firmware, I would try updating it whenever you get a chance17:39
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ysionneauok , will do that17:39
ysionneauhowever I think I found the issue17:39
chetconot sure about rtc either17:40
ysionneauI used too big a power jack (my power cable has several jack diameters)17:40
ysionneauand when touching the board it made the power lose contact17:40
ysionneauI chosed a smaller power jack and it seems OK when I touch the board now :)17:40
warthog9chetco: so a hot plug event causes a reboot?17:40
chetcoI see, thats good you fixed that17:40
ysionneauwarthog9: so plugging anything made me touch the board and "vibrate" it a bit17:41
ysionneautherefore power jack losing a bit contact17:41
warthog9and it jostled the connector17:42
* ysionneau not native speaker17:42
warthog9easy enough fix at least :-)17:42
ysionneauyes :)17:42
ysionneaunow I can unplug/plug usb stick17:43
warthog9any other questions before I have to sneak off to my next meeting?17:43
ysionneauI think I'm good right now17:43
ysionneausdcard is detected by installer, network also17:44
ysionneauI think I will manage to get it installed :)17:44
ysionneauthanks !!17:44
chetcoysionneau: good luck17:44
warthog9ysionneau: good luck!17:46
warthog9give us a shout if you have any other problems17:46
ysionneauI surely will do!17:46
ysionneauI will also tell you if it works ;)17:46
ysionneauargg lvm+encrypted install needs to write random data on all the sdcard ... 32 GB, that will take hell lot of time :)17:50
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warthog9ysionneau: that sounds like coffee time17:54
warthog9ysionneau: or
ysionneaumy gf has this tshirt (or me maybe, don't remember)17:55
* ysionneau just made a rooïbos infusion17:56
ysionneauanyway, what do you folks do with your board?17:56
ysionneauI plan on doing a home hosted mail server17:57
ysionneauI chosed it because : no fans, no noise, low power, Intel processor (no ARM or MIPS crap)17:57
ysionneauI wanted to install an *official* and *well supported* Debian, not some crap maintained by 2 people in a garage17:58
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chetcoysionneau: well I have been using it to teach myself to interface with various hardware, mostly adafruit products18:03
ysionneauah good18:04
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hrwysionneau: I made mediacenter18:22
hrwysionneau: and those 'ARM or MIPS crap' boards have official and well supported Debian as well18:23
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ysionneauwhich ARM board is officially supported by Debian?18:36
ysionneauI searched a bit and found none18:36
ysionneauI know that Debian supports officially "MIPS" and "ARMv7a"18:38
ysionneaubut When I searched for a list of boards (and not a list of arch) I didn't find a lot of resources (none in fact)18:38
ysionneauanyway, I think it's fair to say, x86/x86_64 are the best supported arch for Debian18:39
ysionneaumore packagers, more developers, more debugers18:39
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tbrysionneau: that's a bit like asking which x86 machine is supported by debian though.19:35
ysionneaux86 PC-compatible is much more standardized than ARM19:38
ysionneauyou can support ARMv7a, but what about supporting the ARM SoC in iself ... + other chips on the board19:38
sjoerdActually if you look at the debian install manual for arm there is a list in the second chapter19:38
sjoerdSo if you found no resources you didn't look very well19:38
ysionneauyou have the link?19:39
tbrIn the end it's enough to bring a working kernel19:39
tbruser space will be the same19:39
sjoerdthat's not complete though, a buch more boards are supported just not necessarily tested with the debian installer19:39
ysionneautbr: well, supporting the micro-architecture is not enough to have the kernel boot correctly, you need to support basic stuff in the SoC as well19:41
ysionneauso basically the kernel needs to support the board's SoC19:41
ysionneauthen also what's on the board, and how it's wired up (through device tree those days)19:41
ysionneaubut I agree, user space should be board agnostic19:42
tbrysionneau: yes, that's all kernel things. just like the MBM might also need kernel specifics19:42
ysionneautbr: yes sure19:42
ysionneauanyway, I think I just needed to be reasured with a list of known to be working boards19:42
ysionneauthanks for the link sjoerd19:42
ysionneauI found it before, but I stopped reading at the arch <table> ...19:43
sjoerdtbr: in theory it's the same in practise it's different as there is just far more variatoin in the arm world19:44
sjoerdthins are getting better for a bunch of soc families though, luckily19:45
tbrsjoerd: yes, aware of that.19:45
ysionneauall right folks, Debian is installed, I just successfully booted it from sdcard19:45
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