Thursday, 2015-06-18

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JimF_Hi guys. I'm looking at the board layout. The BoM says the RAM is 4 chips (MEM1, MEM2, MEM3, MEM4) but the PCB only has MEM1 and MEM2. Any idea what the deal is?15:24
tbrlook at the bottom layer?15:25
JimF_looking now.. still dont see the footprint15:28
JimF_but it does look like the pins are there15:29
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prpplagueJimF_: the second set of chips is directly below the first set15:37
JimF_prpplague: thank you15:46
JimF_maybe i have a view setting wrong somewhere15:46
JimF_because they dont show even when i flip the view to the bottom15:47
JimF_i still only see the top layer components15:47
prpplagueJimF_: yea sounds like you don't have something set correctly15:47
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JimF_i'll have to look into it. thanks.15:50
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JimF_prpplague: got it. silk screen is by default off for the bottom layer16:15
JimF_thanks for your help16:16
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calculusysionneau: rooibos fusion, I only ever had rooibos tea in south africa, is that where you are?18:31
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ysionneauit comes from south africa I think yes18:41
ysionneaubut in France at least, you can buy it quite easily18:41
ysionneauit's imported18:41
ysionneauit's also called "red tea" even though it's not tea at all18:41
ysionneauyes I would be surprised if one cannot buy some at local stores :o18:47
ysionneauit's pretty common18:47
meflinrather fond of it for a nightcap18:48
meflinyoutube and other probably need a way to get links to the ads so you can share them18:59
meflinoops wrong tab19:02
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warthog9hmmmm I can make iced tea in my cube19:53
* warthog9 blames ysionneau and meflin for me concocting this plan19:53
ahollericedtea from source or binary?19:56
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HoloPedHey all19:59
HoloPedwe have a lot of problems with the OS on the MBM, cutting power corrupts Ubuntu and it will pause in the boot, either just getting stuck or waiting for keyboard input (which is a problem with a headless system).20:00
HoloPedAnyone got ideas where to go from here ?20:00
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ahollerwhich fs?20:00
HoloPedfs ?20:01
HoloPedthe OS (Ubuntu Server) is on a USB3.0 drive20:01
ahollerfs = filesystem20:02
aholleralso that's just secondary. if you have expect power cuts, you need to prepare, e.g. by using a read-only root20:02
HoloPedI think read-only boot is the way to go20:02
HoloPeddo you have any tips on how to do that ?20:02
ahollerdebian has a wiki-entry for that20:03
warthog9HoloPed: I'd be concerned about the filesystem you are using as well, regardless of the read-only root20:42
warthog9most filesystems these days shouldn't, badly, corrupt on an unclean shutdown20:43
aholleri would say only extN survices such regularily20:44
ahollermost others are pretty bad in handling it20:45
aholleri would suggest a powercap and some power-sensing stuff20:54
ahollerto shutdown20:54
ahollermaybe it makes sense build a small ups as lure. I've seen such for the rpi and liked it20:57
ahollerwasn't much more than a little lipo-load-chip a connector for those small lipos20:58
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warthog9aholler: btrfs is actually rather corruption resistant, xfs is at least on par with ext[34]21:55
warthog9at least on the boards I'm running Fedora on, I've been using btrfs w/ compression turned on21:56
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ahollerxfs on par with extN in regard to powerloss?22:28
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ahollerthat must be a joke.22:29
ahollerand do ypu've used btrfs across several powerlosses? I did.22:30
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ahollersorry, but xfs is one of the worst ones in regard to a sudden powerloss22:32
ahollerand with btrfs I've regularily missed several files after a powerloss22:33
ahollerbut really, one should use xfs together with an ups.22:34
ahollersurviving a powerloss is a special discipline and something different than what stable means22:41
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HoloPedwarthog9, is doesn't fully corrupt, it just stops for this or for that, for a disk check, for a recovery23:36
HoloPedalways waiting for keyboard23:36
HoloPedits driving me crazy23:36
HoloPedits a freaking server23:37
HoloPedit should NEVER wait for keyboard23:37
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