Friday, 2015-06-19

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warthog9HoloPed: there's only a few cases where I know that distros stop and demand keyboard input for fsck, what distro are you using?02:26
HoloPedwarthog9,  Ubuntu server02:37
warthog9HoloPed: errr that's even weirder, and I agree why is it asking for keyboard input...02:39
prisoner327HoloPed: what arguments did you use02:59
HoloPedarguments for what ?02:59
prisoner327in bash02:59
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calculusheh, I had ubuntu ask for keyboard input during fsck boot06:03
calculusalthough it was an ubuntu desktop install and not server06:03
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aholler_a server need to ask too before doing dangerous operations07:14
aholler_just destroying your disk in order to not ask isn't an option07:15
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jamesfuocoanyone have any experience with increasing the RAM of the minnowboard?14:20
jamesfuocodoes it run up to 8 GB reliably like the Atom datasheet suggests14:21
ahollerHoloPed: your problem just might be the wrong time (no rtc)14:26
ahollerthat confuses most startup-scripts and forces an fsck14:27
ahollerblame the hw-devs ;)14:29
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bcrandamn, no wonder BIOSes have a reputation for being buggy. Can't even get a simple typo fix committed :(15:22
ahollerforgot to sign a nda?15:23
bcranaholler: first time I forgot to waive my rights to copyright, but fixed that a couple of days ago15:24
ahollermaybe I should metion that this isn't really possible in germany ;)15:25
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ahollerone of the rules from the dark age where some people still thought15:27
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warthog9bcran: which firmware you trying to get the fix into?22:34
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