Saturday, 2015-06-20

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bcranwarthog9: edk2 master03:37
prisoner327is adding ram possible04:37
prisoner3272 more gigs would make this board04:38
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* prisoner327 waits for a lure04:46
prisoner327one problem with lures is that once you have one installed, it's less likely you will be able to attach another for extra features04:52
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prisoner327DevaamoBot: say something05:34
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bcranprisoner327: I suspect you'd need to custom-build your own MNWMAX board to add RAM08:45
bcranwarthog9: would there be any chance of using the minnowboard ML for patches instead of edk2-devel?08:55
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prisoner327bcran: is ther a schematic and kit? :p15:52
prisoner32799% of the components are not solder pencil friendly haha15:53
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tbrprisoner327: there are all files available. If you haven't done such a thing before, I would strongly recommend against it.16:27
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bcranprisoner327: there are schematics available from
prisoner327tbr: i have soldered only larger components16:34
tbrnot recommended then16:38
prisoner327i'd end up with a non working board16:38
prisoner327what battery is used for backup16:38
prisoner327i know the polarity is wrong and all16:38
tbrelinux wiki should know16:38
bcranprisoner327: there is none, though I think there are pins for one to be added16:38
prisoner327yea and a resistor needs to be added16:39
tbrhe's asking for the part id16:39
bcranoops I guess you mean which you should buy16:39
prisoner327it's on a ups, i just want it to be ready i guess16:40
prisoner327or complete16:40
tbrthe battery is only for the RTC though16:40
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bcrantbr: right, because in UEFI settings are stored in NVRAM16:41
prisoner327oh ok16:41
prisoner327ntp will take care of that16:42
tbryes, if you have network or gps16:42
bcranas long as it gets *roughly* the right time, or uses initial mode16:42
prisoner327Sat Jun 20 12:43:06 EDT 201516:43
bcran(i.e. it won't slew from several months)16:43
tbrbcran: I thought more recent ntpd versions had an option to do a hard jump like ntpdate (also that's why ntpdate is deprecated)16:44
bcrantbr: yeah, that's what I meant by 'initial mode' - there's -q or something to set the time then quit16:44
tbrah, yes16:48
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warthog9bcran: it likely wouldn't do much good, I don't have commit privleges into the edk2 tree19:50
ahollerlets ntpd avoid the check for a large difference19:54
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freqdoes anyone else here use tmux on the mbm?22:01
bcranfreq: I don't, but since it runs Linux it should Just Work. Have you found problems?22:01
freqi'm experiencing keyboard lag. might be my usb hub22:01
freqit's not a powered hub22:02
freq*it was, but then the board was taking power from that22:02
freqafter about 4 brownouts i figured that out :p22:02
freqis it hard to add a diode?22:03
bcranfreq: sounds like you hit
yoctiBug 6468: minor, Low, A4 Release, david.anders, IN PROGRESS DESIGN COMPLETE , MinnowMax can be run on power from either USB port22:04
freqyeah, i'm running debian jessie22:05
freqso, will there be a new firmware22:06
bcranprpplague: is there any page/document/etc. that interested people can subscribe to for hardware rev info? For example some might want to upgrade hw rev A1 to A422:06
bcranfreq: sounds like a new board turn. "schematic and board layout are complete. performing design review..."22:06
freqboard turn?22:07
bcranfreq: a new revision of the hardware22:07
bcran(for the USB power issue)22:07
freqid like to make any upgrade i'm capable of22:07
bcranfreq: unfortunately it's a complex board, so few people will have the skills to make those mods22:09
freqdoes the diode go inside of the ethernet port22:09
bcranI'll leave it to others who know more to answer the specific questions :)22:09
freqsee how it skips the first key when i let it sit a minute?22:10
freqalways skips the first keystroke if i don't give it a milisecond22:10
bcranfreq: which BIOS/firmware rev are you running? It might be a bug that *can* be fixed in softare22:12
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freqthe original22:21
freqwhichever came with the board in 201522:21
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prpplaguebcran: the bugzilla entries for the hardware show the know issues that are being addressed for A422:38
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prpplaguefreq: the things that are being fixed aren't the type of thing you hand wire yourself22:39
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bcranprpplague: sorry, I meant in terms of an ETA for availability. i.e. when will the A4 revs be available to buy23:34
prpplaguebcran: sorry nothing yet posted23:34
prpplaguebcran: i expect updates soon23:34
bcrangot it - thanks23:34

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