Wednesday, 2015-06-24

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freqdid anyone try broadcom crystal HD in the silverjaw lure?04:12
tbrthe max soc has good built in acceleration, why would you need an external accelerator?04:14
freqbecause the code has been released by broadcom to linux04:19
tbrand the vaapi on the baytrail is not open source?04:22
freqi don't know if the entire code is open?04:22
tbrI vaguely remember trying the crystalhd on my intel exopc years ago and it was crap already back then.04:23
freqis that why they are only $17 on ebay?04:24
tbrwouldn't surprise me04:27
freqi'm not bashing the gpu on this board at all04:27
freqi'd be stoked about mini pci nvidia though04:28
freqsomething with a gig of ram04:28
tbrif you'd have some really old hardware that you want to use for specific media content, then the crystalhd might be worth a look. otherwise no.04:28
tbrfreq: get a mpcie to pcie 1 lane converter, hook it up to an off the shelf nvidia card.04:29
tbrenjoy the 1x pcie 'performance'04:29
freqwould it neet its own power supply?04:29
tbrpossibly. I'm not clairvoyant and generally don't know much about nvidia cards04:30
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freqso, the polarity is wrong on the RTL spot. does that mean the adapter would not work if it were soldered in?05:48
freqor is it just mislabeled05:48
freqi know it need a resistor also05:48
warthog9freq: no it's just mislabeled05:49
freqawesome. digikey has the part i think05:49
warthog9last i saw they did05:49
freqi figure i will get one of those when i order some geek things05:49
freqthanks warthog9. you're always helpful05:50
freqadafruit has so much stuff. my eyes are watering05:51
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warthog9freq: I try to be16:04
warthog9though today I'm dead tired ;-)16:04
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freqtired is expected17:13
warthog9freq: yeah, closing on a house tomorrow17:47
warthog9and dealing with the last minute freak outs, panics, and wrong things on various forms17:47
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freqwarthog9: woot!19:38
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warthog9freq: it's something21:31
warthog9freq: at least the process is nearly complete21:31
freqwarthog9: luckily i inhereted a house21:32
freqi'm just setting up computers and modifying raspis while i wait for my job to restart in a call center21:32
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