Monday, 2015-06-29

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warthog9ysionneau: nice!17:46
* ysionneau is leaving gmail17:54
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warthog9ysionneau: a noble goal, if complicated19:34
* warthog9 runs his own mail servers19:34
ysionneauI actually bought the board just for that :)19:46
ysionneauworking good so far19:47
wmatwarthog9: you sysadmin wizard you ;)19:47
ysionneauexcept when I unintentionally remove the sdcard during operation :p19:47
wmatysionneau: are you using a Silverjaw in your setup?19:48
ysionneauI don't know what this is :x19:48
chetcowmat: probably not if using sdcard19:48
wmatah, didn't notice that19:49
wmatdon't make me read scrollback ;)19:49
ysionneauI only use sdcard yes19:49
warthog9wmat: it's only a wizard till you realize I'm just the janitor cleaning up the messes that everyone else is making ;-)19:49
ysionneauno SATA, no USB stick19:49
ysionneauso far I don't have any backup strategy19:50
ysionneauI should find one19:50
wmatwarthog9: that's the basis of modern work19:50
ysionneaufor now, if my appartment burns in a fire with my laptop inside, I lose my emails19:50
wmatysionneau: i suspect you'd live ;)19:50
ysionneauwell if I die in the fire, indeed I don't care that much about my emails backups :p19:51
wmatysionneau: you could try tarsnap; I've heard good things19:51
ysionneaubut if I do survive, I would like to have the m:p19:51
* ysionneau notes19:51
ysionneauhum Amazon19:51
ysionneauI would like to be able to backup on my own dedicated server19:52
ysionneau(and encrypted backups)19:52
wmatysionneau: i guess it all depends on the size of backups you require19:52
ysionneauand able to do incremental backups19:52
wmatysionneau: backup to a big thumb drive perhaps?19:52
ysionneauwith a few years mails can go up to ... 2 GB I guess19:52
ysionneauyep but the thumbdrive will most likely also be at my appartment19:52
ysionneaufor those backups I think online is good19:53
ysionneauI just don't like Amazon :p19:53
warthog9ysionneau: I think my personal mail spool is hovering around 20G right now19:53
warthog9but that's 20yrs of e-mail19:53
ysionneauok so my dedicated server is enough for 20 yrs19:53
ysionneauand in 20 yrs hard drive will get biggers :p19:53
warthog9ysionneau: one would hope :-)19:54
ysionneauso far I have 1 To available on my dedicated server19:54
warthog9probably enough ;-)19:55
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* bcran runs his own mail server too - postfix/maildrop/spamassassin etc. on a FreeBSD 10.1 RootBSD VM20:49
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bcranysionneau: I'm sure you already know this, but watch out for the write endurance of the SD card20:54
bcranfrom memory, things like atime can cause excessive writes20:55
ysionneauah yes good point20:57
ysionneauI should add noatime then on the root fs20:57
bcranjust checked - atime isn't used for Maildir but mtime is:
bcranaha! looks like it's mbox that uses atime21:00
ysionneauif you're on BSD, you might wanna try OpenSMTPd then :)21:00
ysionneaumbox ?21:00
* ysionneau is using maildir in $HOME/mails21:01
bcranysionneau: it's the mail format that has a single file - as opposed to maildir which has a file for each message21:01
bcranysionneau: nah, I'm familiar and happy with postfix for now :)21:02
bcranand I have it configured to scan for spam during the smtp session, and wouldn't like to have to figure all that stuff out again for opensmtpd21:02
ysionneauopensmtpd configuration is very very simple21:03
ysionneauI very easily set up imap+smtpd+spamassassin+dkim21:03
ysionneauI find opensmtpd config much simpler than postfix21:04
bcranhmm, I might take a look sometime when $JOB isn't in the way so much then21:05
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wmatysionneau: you're server is Linux right?21:40
ysionneauyes Debian Jessie21:43
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wmatysionneau: I'd be interested in comparative setups with BSDs23:16
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