Friday, 2015-07-03

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tereanyone know best way to buy minnowboard max if your in canada toronto15:48
prpplaguetere: the best way is through one of the distributors15:57
prpplaguetere: such as avnet, arrow or mouser15:57
tereyea but they are US based. Im gonna pay an import duty tax ontop of whateer other taxes and fees as it has to cross the border15:59
terecantbelieve google turns up nothing for minnowboard max in canada16:00
prpplaguetere: you'd have to pay that anyway, just that a local distributor would have it added into the price16:00
terewell depends how they order it.  Example is the Nexus 4/5 or
teremost thigns on the .ca version match in price to the .com16:01
tere(after currency conversion) without extra fees16:01
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prpplaguetere: if you have a vendor in canada that you like, i'd recommend them contact about becoming a distributor16:39
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