Saturday, 2015-07-04

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wmatwhew, a whole day at a theme park02:33
wmatoops, wrong channel, sorry02:33
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diabeticgonewildhey I'm a n00b and I doubt anyone is up at this hour, but I am getting a Minnowboard for running MATLAB in like Linux like preferrably Ubuntu, for a proprietary setup09:17
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diabeticgonewildI was wondering if anyone has setup MATLAB on their minnowboard? I am doing it for an open source artificial pancreas project. We are able to control a certain insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor, which I have.09:19
ahollerjust don't kill someone09:24
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ahollerbesides that it's 11:24 am here ;)09:25
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diabeticgonewildI have type 1 diabetes, for 20 years, and I am an electrical engineering student. I have 2 rare autoimmune diseases, to.09:25
diabeticgonewildI actually programmed a sliding mode controller in 2011, when I was 22. See
diabeticgonewildI got a Lizone 40,000 mAh battery which can handle standard laptop DC jacks . I just have to get the right barrel plug adapter from Bix Power (C3 or D3 I think?) to make it compatible, and then it will be 5V 2A. The09:29
diabeticgonewildreason I want to do this "offline" versus via VM in the cloud connecting to my mobile phone via SSH is because I am going on a cruise in a week.09:29
diabeticgonewildAlso MATLAB is my native programming language.09:30
diabeticgonewildAnyone have any tips for getting started with the MB Max?09:36
tbrhow do you attach the pump and sensor?09:37
diabeticgonewildLet me find some YouTube videos to describe it.09:37
diabeticgonewildHere's a video of basically the insertion of the sensor I use:
tbris it that hard to say spi, usb, i2c or anything else, really?09:39
diabeticgonewildThis is basically the pump and the infusion set I use:
diabeticgonewildSo the glucose sensor, is just a USB to micro USB cable (that attaches to the sensor receiver via micro USB)09:40
* tbr is on a slow connection and CBA to try and open YT links09:40
diabeticgonewildThe pump basically is issued commands via a program, called OpenAPS, via bash shell scripts, using cron to schedule the dosing every 15-30 minutes or so, but MATLAB calculates it via bash shell execution09:42
diabeticgonewildthrough those two USB connections for the pump and the CGM (glucose sensor, aka continuous glucose monitor)09:43
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diabeticgonewildbased off of the CGM readings, the pump is dosed.09:43
tbrshould be pretty easy then, just plug things in and go09:44
diabeticgonewildSo 2 usb connections, and I will probably need to have a USB splitter at one of the ports with the MB max, in order to have a 3rd USB port for WiFI, for SSHing in.09:45
tbrusb hub09:47
diabeticgonewildyeah. I will need an unpowered one.09:47
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diabeticgonewildThis is what I am looking for with respect to a USB hub (of course unpowered)
diabeticgonewildSo anyone used the MB Max on the go, without AC power??09:59
tbrthe device has a 5V DC input.10:03
diabeticgonewildYeah, I am using a Lizone battery, which can power laptops for 60 W, up to 4.5 amps I think.10:04
diabeticgonewildSo voltage, I'm good.10:04
diabeticgonewildSee, check this out
diabeticgonewildThen you just get an adapter to fit the DC barrel plug for the MB Max10:05
diabeticgonewildI think this is the barrel plug I need, and it's rated for the right voltage and current.
diabeticgonewildYeah so the battery can do up to 20 V in.10:07
diabeticgonewildIt's complicated, but it can be done.10:10
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