Sunday, 2015-07-05

nicksydney_Happy Independence Day all !01:35
bcranstarted reading/understanding the MNW2 build system. It's *so* clear it was written by people in an enterprise corporation! :P  It seems to be fighting the edk2 build system instead of working with it.02:03
* bcran has worked on build systems for the last decade or so02:04
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diabeticgonewildI just ordered all of the parts to have a mobile Minnowboard Max 1. 2. 3.17:29
diabeticgonewild 4.
diabeticgonewildI'm super excited! Going to have an artificial pancreas using my MB Max, for my cruise in a week! :D17:29
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: why the toughbook cable?17:30
diabeticgonewildBecause that's the only adapter that will fit the Bix Power converters.17:31
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: hmm17:32
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: i suspect that the laptop output on that is not 5V17:32
* prpplague checks17:32
diabeticgonewildit's adjustable. The tips dictate the voltage.17:32
diabeticgonewildsee: (read first paragraph)17:33
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: very misleading wiki page17:34
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: DC Voltage Output: 12~24 Volts (Max 90W)17:34
bcrandiabeticgonewild: but does it do 5V @ 2.5A?17:34
bcranI got a multiple-pin adapter thingy and it could only do 5V @ 1A or something17:35
diabeticgonewildFrom wikipedia: Contact ratings commonly vary from unspecified up to 5 A (11 amps for special hi-power versions from some companies[1]), with 1 A, 2 A and 5 A being common values.[2] Voltage is again often unspecified, up to 48 V with 12 V typical. The smaller types usually have lower ratings, both for current and voltage. The 'tip' (i.e., the inner17:35
diabeticgonewildconductor) usually carries the positive (+) pole.17:35
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: i think you are mixing up several pieces of info17:36
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: just double check the voltage output with a meter before plugging it into the max17:37
diabeticgonewildgot it. Have a multimeter. Thanks!17:37
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: you can still use that power supply even if it is 12V17:41
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: you'd just need a switcher power supply to drop to 5V17:42
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: or you can use the built in usb port17:42
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: with a cable list this -
diabeticgonewildThank you so much17:42
diabeticgonewildI think this guy is using a 12 volt supply, which is certainly questionable (I am an electrical engineering student)
* prpplague looks17:44
diabeticgonewildno definitive proof though.17:44
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: look in the back of the box, there is a "yellow" piece17:45
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: that is a switching regulator17:45
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: that regulates the 12V down to 5V and 3.3V17:46
diabeticgonewildGot it17:47
diabeticgonewildI found one on Amazon (Barrel jack adapter)
prpplaguediabeticgonewild: just be careful, the max uses a 2.1mm ID jack, so if the specs on the page don't list that, you might want to try another17:51
diabeticgonewildType M connector17:52
diabeticgonewildJust found one at Frys!
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ahollerthis 2mm vs. 2.1mm confusion is a pain19:39
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calculusdiabeticgonewild: just curious how much you have played/coded in octave (as an alternative to matlab)22:20
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