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diabeticgonewildNot much. I should use Octave more. Plus it's free!01:35
diabeticgonewildcalculus: also my apology for the late response. My blood sugar went super low this afternoon and I saw your message, but I was pretty much sleeping off a diabetes hangover...01:36
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calculusdiabeticgonewild: no problem about response time, irc is more of an idle and respond thing instead of instant messaging02:56
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nicksydneywarthog9: is there any reason why Android-IA for L is using 3.14.33 compared to KK version which is using a newer kernel 3.18.2 ?05:34
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zentrumI bought a v2 max board and tried to pxe boot with ipxe and it does not work, any idea what I did wrong?06:12
zentrummy local environment seems to work, as I'm booting all the other appliances via (i)PXE too06:13
zentrumi'm using the original firmware (0.8.1)06:14
warthog9nicksydney: no idea06:26
warthog9zentrum: we are a pure uefi environment, so you need to make sure you are using a uefi compatible ipxe image06:27
bcranwarthog9: oh, since you're here - I was wondering if the GSoC project to fix the gcc build system was just about the MNW2 scripts under Vlv2TbltDevicePkg or if the scope is the entire edk2 build system?06:27
bcranand, has anyone applied to do it yet? Wondering how much effort I should put into fixing things myself06:27
zentrumwarthog9: i mainly wanna use the minnowboard for developing a new OS, so UEFI still not there. Is there any chance to boot legacy kernels too?06:43
bcranzentrum: take a look at the wiki: there are 3rd-party legacy BIOSes available that you can flash iirc06:44
zentrumwarthog9: we are developing with (cedar trail) ATM, but we want to update our dev env06:44
* bcran finishes up his experimentation with building the BIOS with -O3 for now06:46
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zentrumbcran: yes, looked at coreboot for example, but they are not able to boot via sd card07:14
zentrumbcran: we do micro kernel development and the first thing we tried is to make minix run on it07:15
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zentrumwarthog9: the ipxe guys were not aware of the minnowboard at all. I think, they would support you making the ipxe GSoC ipxe task work10:32
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zentrumok, looks like ipxe is working for minnowboard started from sd card15:09
zentrumcan i change between efi 32 bit and 64 bit?15:10
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sjg1zentrum: You could take a look at U-Boot which has SDMMC.16:42
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zentrumsjg1: hmm, i think installing coreboot using an usb stick for booting the ipxe should be the easiest way17:04
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zentrumhmm, maybe coreboot and ipxe via usb make the trick already17:10
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warthog9zentrum: coreboot w/ ipxe should work17:49
zentrumwarthog9: does it boot legacy OS' too?17:49
warthog9zentrum: should, coreboot = seabios is a full legacy bios17:50
warthog9it should be possible to boot dos 6 on it, though don't get your hopes up for driver support for some things that far back17:50
zentrumgreat, saves me a lot of time to make sure we can upgrade our test env17:50
zentrumwarthog9: have to boot minix on it for the first run17:51
warthog9brb need to reboot my laptop apparently17:52
zentrumwarthog9: does it help you to get the test results of ipxe.efi on minnowboard?17:52
warthog9zentrum: well coreboot won't17:52
warthog9bit if you've got ipxe.efi that *should* work on the stock firmware17:52
warthog9if it's not let me know17:52
warthog9it's on my todo list, but I haven't gotten to testing ipxe.efi yet17:53
zentrumi tested it today on stock firmware, 0.8117:53
zentrumbooted via sd card17:53
warthog9didn't work?17:53
zentrumit was working17:53
warthog9ahhh good :-)17:53
zentrumeverythings fine so far, so putting it into flash should be the next step17:53
zentrumah also made the tests mentioned on ipxe.org17:54
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zentrumso, you can definitely boot an efi based kernel via ipxe so far17:55
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warthog9I need to remember to get mcb a minnowboard to make sure we've got support17:58
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zentrumwarthog9: good idea :)18:18
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warthog9zentrum: I've been known to have a couple of those18:46
zentrumwarthog9: was quite hard for us to get them, im living in germany...18:49
zentrumwe used the pc engines stuff quite long, then we decided to do intel again18:50
warthog9the MAX is a very compelling board18:52
zentrumits pretty compelling, yes. but its a little bit hard to make it work (from an OS point of view)18:52
zentrumfor us its great to have two cores (testing multiprocessing) and its 64bit18:53
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zentrumwe do quite special micro kernels and theres nothing like bare metal...18:54
zentrumqemu/vbox/xen, more or less everyone has flaws and is not as strict as hardware is at the end18:55
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bcranthe great thing about the MBMAX (and qemu) is having access to the source code right down to the BIOS and a few KB after poweron18:56
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zentrumbcran: yes, but especially USB is a mess with emulators only18:57
zentrumand having a spec does not mean hardware takes caution ;)18:58
bcranzentrum: ah, I've fortunately not run into that because I work with PCI drivers18:58
zentrumbcran: i work also with pci drivers (host controller for usb)18:58
bcranyeah - emulation is great until it's not :)18:59
zentrumyes, i already fear our intel edision adventure ;)18:59
bcranotoh, I've found bugs in *our* code after loading a debug build of OVMF and finding it asserting on gRT->GetTime() being called at too high a TPL19:00
zentrumbcran: i know what you mean :)19:01
zentrumour new dev boards are too expensive and they are just not robust enough (, so MB could be our replacement, its a quite good ratio between features and price19:02
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bcranThe problem with the GetTime bug was convincing the dev lead that it's not so stupid fetching the time requiring locking etc. - unlike other systems there's no regular bookkeeping to keep a global variable up-to-date19:05
warthog9bcran: is  that in the firmware?19:06
bcranwarthog9: yeah, it's a function in the spec. I think on most boards it does a full read of the RTC19:06
warthog9makes sense19:06
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tripzerowhat populates /sys/class/pwm/* ?19:50
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tripzeromaybe I'm missing a kernel module for pwm support on the max?19:50
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tripzerois this channel logged at all?20:14
prp_plaguetripzero: yea20:15
prp_plaguehalstead: where are the logs for this channel?20:15
prp_plaguetripzero: halstead should be able to give you a url20:16
halsteadprp_plague, It was at but that doesn't seem to be up.20:16
prp_plaguewarthog9: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6620:16
prp_plaguehalstead: isn't the log done with yocti?20:17
tripzeroprp_plague: you don't remember off the top of your head what modules are required for the pwm chip on the max to work?20:17
prp_plaguetripzero: sorry not off the top of my head20:17
prp_plaguetripzero: i generally don't use the on board pwm as their range and duty cycle are extremely limited20:17
halsteadprp_plague, If you can get pointed back at you can see them.20:17
prp_plaguetripzero: i normally use a pca9685 if i need pwm20:18
prp_plaguehalstead: thanks20:18
prp_plaguewarthog9: can you take care of that asap?20:18
halsteadwarthog9, Who takes care of dns for
prp_plaguehalstead: that'd be warthog920:19
tripzeroprp_plague: is that the IC on the max for pwm?20:20
tripzeroi get 2 pwm for free on the max20:20
halsteadtripzero, If you add "" to your /etc/hosts you can visit right away.20:20
tripzeroi don't remember what kernel module I need to get that20:20
tripzerohalstead: I may be able to wait until warthog9 fixes it20:21
prp_plaguetripzero: no the pwm on the max is part of soc20:22
prp_plaguetripzero: the pwms from the baytrail are intended to control the backlight of lcd panels and LEDs20:23
prp_plaguetripzero: so they don't have the range support to do things like motors and such20:23
tripzeroprp_plague: kk.20:25
warthog9halstead: minute20:26
warthog9halstead: ok DNS updated it'll obviously take a while to propagate20:27
tripzerotoo much toob cloggage20:31
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warthog9tripzero: use toob cleaner!20:48
tripzerowhat we really need is to get rid of this distributed DNS nonsense.  We need one giant DNS server.  As an added security measure, we'll democratically elect the IT staff who will maintain it.20:49
tripzeroafter all, the ignorant masses know who is the best IT guy!20:49
* tripzero hides20:49
ahollersingle points of failure are a great idea ;)21:05
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