Wednesday, 2015-07-08

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calculuswow, that is very cute01:13
calculusand yes to the leds and oled01:13
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vmrod25hi team question , how do I set up the boot args on the minnow ? I used to do that in grub not sure if is the same on minnow ( i am a little bit tired of type fs0: and bootx64 )15:24
vmrod25( BTW I am ussing yocto )15:25
warthog9vmrod25: if you just want to change the boot order you can do that in the firmware15:25
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bcranvmrod25: via the firmware/BIOS setup, just like a PC15:25
vmrod25thanks warthog9 and bcran .. do we have a wiki for that ?15:26
dememorizedwarthog9: is the person who develops the website european?15:26
bcranvmrod25: I don't think so - it's a fairly standard procedure though15:26
warthog9dememorized: define "develops"15:27
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warthog9vmrod25: it's a little old but
dememorizedwarthog9: haha, git blame on the z/li> :P15:27
warthog9dememorized: the correct answer is me *hangs head in shame*15:28
dememorizedwarthog9: Haha, you're using a ISO keyboard?15:28
warthog9dememorized: should be fixed15:29
dememorizedwarthog9: is fixed :(15:29
warthog9and no, US keyboard, but the m key is right next to the < so I must have fat fingered it at some point15:30
dememorizedwarthog9: but didn't it say z?15:30
dememorizedand z is right next to the < key on ISO-keyboards15:30
warthog9dememorized: said m on my screen...15:31
meflinwrong hand typing syndrome15:31
warthog9dememorized: no you are right15:31
warthog9was a z15:32
dememorized*phew* Was starting to worry about the sanity of languages in general15:32
warthog9no idea how I got z there other than random neural miss-firing15:32
meflinkeystroke in wrong hand15:32
vmrod25thanks a lot warthog915:33
warthog9vmrod25: no problem, if you need a more explicit step-by-step, let me know and I'll add it to the wiki15:34
vmrod25sure .. :)15:34
warthog9though I don't have a minnow in front of me right this second as I'm sitting around waiting for plumbers15:35
bcranwarthog9: just noticed the "Where to buy -> Expansion Boards (Lures)" page seems a bit sparse. Should it link to Minnowboard:MaxLures on now instead of ?15:35
vmrod25warthog9: LOL15:36
warthog9vmrod25: plight of having just bought a house, I'm trying to fix all the things15:36
vmrod25well I have some minnows .. working on the opencv + minnow + webcam + MPI + galileo15:36
vmrod25warthog9: been there done that .. remember 2 years ago when I was in the same situation . .but hey congrats dude15:37
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vmrod25now is your house :)15:37
warthog9vmrod25: thanks, and yeah15:38
warthog9got the rack into it's space last night too15:38
* bcran is currently selling his apartment in the UK, to hopefully get some money to buy a place in the US15:38
vmrod25bcran: If I could I woudl be more than happy to buy that apartment15:38
* vmrod25 loves UK15:38
bcranbtw if people didn't see the email on edk2-devel, I've started putting some UEFI/MinnowMAX pages onto a wiki at
vmrod25nice I will need that15:39
bcranvmrod25: you're welcome to it - I'm glad to have left Scotland with its miserable weather! :)15:39
vmrod25there is a bug with opencv and webcam15:39
vmrod25I can see with lsusb the webcam15:40
vmrod25and dmesg shows me :
vmrod25any clue is more than welcome15:41
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vmrod25btw warthog9 how do you make yocto image lives in a SATA15:56
warthog9vmrod25: i assume you are using the mkefidisk script?15:57
vmrod25I mean in the end this minnow will be the server but they will need a hard driver15:57
* vmrod25 loves that libtle script15:57
warthog9it's "good" though the whole mess is complex15:57
warthog9so from a Linux perspective the sata will be treated as an /dev/sd* devices15:57
warthog9so you'll want to write it out to a /dev/sd and *LIKELY* /dev/sda for the boot device15:58
vmrod25so .. let me see if I understand .. I first boot in my sd card then I copy the image to the sdcard with the script and run the script pointing to /dev/sda ?15:59
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warthog9vmrod25: assuming you boot from an sd card and you are running mkefidisk on the target host16:07
warthog9then, yes, you will want to write to /dev/sd* (where * is the sata device) and you'll want to make the boot drive /dev/sd* as well16:07
warthog9brb going to go deal with something in the attic16:11
vmrod25ok got it warthog916:13
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vmrod25warthog9: question.. have you make the webcam works on minnow ?17:57
vmrod25cause I even isntall cheese and the webcam is not detected17:58
* vmrod25 and strace17:58
dvhartvmrod25, is it USB?17:58
dvhartdoes lsusb list it?17:58
vmrod25hi dvhart18:00
vmrod25yes it is listed18:00
vmrod25let me show you the lsusb and dmesg18:00
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dvhartand do you have the appropriate driver loaded for it? Does the kernel recognize it?18:02
warthog9vmrod25: you on yocto or a normal distro?18:04
vmrod25is not guaranty that if lsusb detects it the kernel did18:04
vmrod25warthog9: yocto18:05
warthog9vmrod25: it's possible that you don't have the right driver compiled into the kernel itself18:05
vmrod25the bb file and local.conf are here :
vmrod25let me double check the make menuconfig18:06
dvhartlsusb can provide details of the device, including vendor product IDs without a kernel driver (same as lspci for PCI devices).18:06
dvhartYou still need the right kernel driver.18:06
dvhartYou can verify you have the right kernel drvier by ensuring it lists the vendor product IDs in it's match table18:06
vmrod25thanks for the clarification dvhart18:07
vmrod25how do I do that part ?18:07
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dvhartvmrod25, I usually grep the kernel sources if it isn't obvious which driver to check18:09
vmrod25you are right dvhart, when I plug the same webcam to my fedora I got this message
vmrod25so yea there is a missing driver18:15
dvhartLooks like uvcvideo is the right driver18:16
dvhartand it's failing to load18:17
dvhartHave a look at that driver and see if it has the vendor product ID in the match table18:17
vmrod25yea .. looks like that18:20
vmrod25thanks dvhart18:20
dvhartyup :)18:21
vmrod25dvhart: I was looking into the kernel
vmrod25but not able to found, however I can find there that the device18:30
vmrod25is supproted18:30
vmrod25uvcvideo: Found UVC 1.00 device <unnamed> (046d:0821)18:31
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vmrod25dvhart: I think I got the problem .. there is no .ko of uvcvideo19:04
vmrod25I was looking for .ko on / in my yocto but find nothing . .were is the .ko in yocto . .in /usr/modules there is no one :(19:05
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dvhartvmrod25, see the various kernel module docs in the reference manual19:24
dvhartyou will need to add it explicitly19:24
vmrod25yea I found that now19:24
dvhartor ensure that kernel-modules is installed19:24
vmrod25problems of yocto newbie19:24
vmrod25but yea in general is that the  uvc.ko video is not in there19:25
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vmrod25warthog9: it works :)22:18
vmrod25web cam on minnow :)22:18
vmrod25runs like a charm22:19
* vmrod25 updating picture to g+ 22:19
vmrod25thanks to dvhart22:19
vmrod25for the help22:19
warthog9vmrod25: yay :-)22:29
warthog9vmrod25: got a link for that g+ post?>22:29
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vmrod25+ you warthog922:52
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warthog9vmrod25: awesome :-)23:07
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