Friday, 2015-07-10

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sysop2having trouble getting my getting my MAX to boot.  I  was having problems with my last max booting to sata but it booted to usb with no problems no I cant get my new MAX to boot to either, and its the same hdd as the old max.02:49
ka6soxsysop2, what TZ are you in?02:54
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warthog9sysop2: can you detail the problem more fully?03:15
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sysop2when I hook it via sata I get nothing. but if I take the same drive and hook it up to a usb reader it shows up on the MAX.03:56
sysop2but when I try to boot to the MAX it saws  something that goes by so quick I read read it. something about loading, then its gone and I am back at the efi prompt03:57
warthog9sysop2: what are you using to power the sata drive?03:57
sysop2an external power supply.03:57
sysop2on sata, on the usb reader the power from the reader03:58
sysop2and I see the data light flash like its hitting the drive but just the quick message and the shell again.03:58
sysop2and it booted fine on the old MAX from usb and this is the same drive.03:59
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warthog9sysop2: hmmm04:00
warthog9can you get to the efi shell?04:00
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sysop2sorry brb04:10
warthog9sysop2: do you get to the boot loader at all?04:16
warthog9or does it just loop back to the efi shell?04:16
sysop2doesnt look like grub to me.04:17
sysop2hold on let me try it one more time and see  if I can read the text.04:17
warthog9video you can slow down btw04:18
sysop2failed to open \efi I think04:19
sysop2but it goes by too fast.04:19
sysop2actually /efi I think.04:19
warthog9you might try using the boot manager in the system shell04:20
warthog9see if you can boot the hard drive as sata04:20
sysop2the problem is on sata it doesnt see it at all. on usb at least it sees it.04:21
warthog9sata disabled in the firmware?04:21
sysop2cant open /efi/boot something04:23
sysop2and I am sure I do not have boot secure turned on.04:23
sysop2nope it looks like its turned on to me.04:24
sysop2well it says sata port 0 and sata port 1 not installed but sata port 0 hot plut is enabled.04:25
warthog9sure your sata cable is good?04:27
sysop2tried two, one of which was brand new.04:27
sysop2hold on let me try it on sata again brb.04:27
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sysop2whats sata test mode?04:29
warthog9no idea04:30
warthog9is that in the firmware?04:30
sysop2ok got farther. it recognizes the drive now.04:31
sysop2I turned off some secure boot stuff.04:32
sysop2but I still get the same messages it looks like.04:32
sysop2hold on I can film it and upload it to youtube if you think that might help04:32
warthog9could be helpful04:32
warthog9I'm trying to picture what's going on and where you are getting doesn't entirely jive with my mental model04:33
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sysop2np hold on had to delete a bunch of stuff off my phone to get space to take the video brb04:40
warthog9hehe I know that feeling04:40
sysop2I hope that helps. the right side is a little cut off but its readable.04:49
sysop2its around the 6seoncd mark, it was easier to pause on my phone, but if you can get it paused at the right moment you can read the text. it really goes by quick.04:51
sysop2I cant get it to pause on that point in the webbrowser, you might try downloading the file and using a mediaplayer.04:52
sysop2ok was able to make a screen shot.04:54
warthog9not sure what to make of that04:54
warthog9and the same drive boots fine when it's used as usb?04:55
sysop2and whats weird is it worked fine on the old max.04:55
warthog9you on the latest firmware?04:55
sysop2whats the lastest, I just bought it but I will check04:56
sysop2well ttyl I will check the firmware on the webpage in the morning. ttyl. thanks for looking at it warthog905:01
warthog9sysop2: give me a ping if you can't get it working tomorrow05:01
warthog9I might be working on the house tomorrow / this weekend05:01
warthog9so my response time might be poor05:01
sysop2home and health come first ttyl.05:04
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jimfhi guys, im curious about the dimenisons of the minnowboard max13:49
jimfthe wiki says 3.9 x 2.913:49
jimfbut im looking at the CAD files and they show 4.2 x 4.213:50
jimfwhy the descrepancy?13:50
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tbrbut mine is 26 x 26!13:57
UlrikeYou sure you're looking at the right cad file?13:57
UlrikeThey left. Boring.13:58
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warthog9I'm not sure how the cad file is claiming 4.2 x 4.216:51
calculusold minnowboard vs new max, maybe?17:05
warthog9that would make sense17:10
* warthog9 wasn't thinking the v117:10
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