Sunday, 2015-07-12

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fisukHi all, I wonder if there's a mirror for the intel flashing tool as it appears that is down?08:14
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zentrumhmm, quite hard to believe in UEFI:
bcranzentrum: UEFI, or just Secure Boot?11:24
zentrumbcran: to be honest, i do not really need a secure boot, but uefi allows trajans to be not visible by  operating system11:25
bcranzentrum: smm has always allowed them to be invisibie11:26
zentrumbcran: you are right, but it does not make it better :(11:26
bcranunfortunately it's something built into all Intel CPUs11:26
zentrumat least you could buy appliances/SoC, which does not rely on uefi and SMM11:27
bcranAnd with things like vPro it's only getting worse11:27
zentrumbcran: exactly!11:27
zentrumcurrent atom generation will depend heavily on things like that11:27
bcranzentrum: but it's not UEFI itself. ARM processors can use uefi and don't have smm11:28
zentrumbcran: right, was not as precise as needed11:28
zentrumim also using GPT without UEFI11:28
bcranme too - on a mini-itx nas box that I've repurposed for dev work11:29
zentrumbcran: the worse thing is, you do not even have the chance to disble SMM11:30
bcranmeh, I don't worry about it11:30
zentrumfor me, its not soo bad as i do not run available OSes on the systems, so i expect they get no infection during running11:32
zentrumbut who guarantees you the SMM is not infected during production?11:32
bcranwho guarantees that the microcode the CPU is running hasn't been tampered with?11:33
bcranor that the NSA hasn't persuaded Intel to build in a backdoor?11:33
zentrumbcran: I agree, but at least you have a smaller attack vector then11:35
zentrumyou cannot proove microcode for sure and you will live with it, but making SMM is a very evil point to intercept11:36
bcranat some point you just have to trust the CPU11:37
zentrumfor microcodes sure, but SMM? you can easily intercept an appliance and infect it11:37
bcranso why aren't there lots of SMM attacks already?11:38
bcranwe've had it for what, over 20 years already?11:38
zentrumbcran: no one knows how many attacks were already done, no one could even see how it works, now, you can have more or less a full functional tools box to tailor your smm trojan11:40
zentrumi expect, we will see a lot of attacks in the next two years11:40
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